Getting into the Spirit

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Playing Wii

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     I forgot to blog about this.  A few weekends ago after Logan ended a game of Mario Kart Wii, he suddenly said casually  “Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win”.  He is still learniimageng how to deal with losing, so it sounded like he was trying to teach himself.  Both Stuart and I had to hold back from laughing after hearing that.

    Logan is actually quite good at the game, often winning the first place.  He will call for my attention and says “mom, look! I am on the top!”  Once during this weekend, he suddenly quit a game before it ended.  I don’t usually play Wii, and I am quite bad at driving, but I picked up his game trying to finish it just for fun.  I barely managed to drive the correct direction when Logan said to me “mommy, use the rocket”.  I told him that I did not know how to do that, then he just said “press the button on the back”.  I can’t believe that I am being taught by my 3 year old son already.

“Mom” and “Dad”

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     Out oimagef the blue, Logan started calling me “Mom” instead “Mommy” the past 2-3 days.   I tried to convince him to change back, but he is very persistent and only rarely uses “mommy” now.  Since yesterday, he also started using “dad” instead of “daddy” too.  Logan must have picked up this habit at school, and with this change, he now sounds like a big boy.  I really prefer being called “mommy”, but I guess it is going to be a lost cause.  Our boy is really growing up!

Happy Thanksgiving

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     Michelle and Ted graciously hosted Thanksgiving dinner this year.  After Connor woke up from the nap, we got ready and headed over to their house.  imageCary, Debbie, Aiden and Sophie drove up from LA and arrived shortly after we did.  Mckayla and Marcus were being good hosts, sharing their toys with everyone.  All the kids seemed to warm up with each other quickly and started playing together.  Logan was not as shy today as usual, and played with many different things.  Connor loved walking around their huge house; he just followed everyone and participated in all the playing.  Aiden enjoyed hanging out with the big kids, Mckayla and Logan, while the little sister Sophie liked to follow and play with Connor.image

     When my prepared foods finished cooking in the oven, dinner was served.  The highlight of the dinner was Ted’s 20lb smoked turkey which was very moist and delicious.  The rest of the menu tonight were homemade bread, cranberry sauce, grilled vegetables, and my scalloped potatoes and corn casserole.  The adults and little ones were assigned to the big table while the three big kids had their little bench.  Logan did not want to sit in his assigned table at first, but after some convincing, he agreed and ended up having a great time with Mckayla and Aiden. Here is a short clip of their fun dining (video).  Everyone enjoyed the dinner very much and we all stuffed oursimageelves with tons of foods.  We had to resume some playing before considering desserts.  Logan had been looking forward to ice cream for a few days now.  After he reminded us “what about ice cream?”, we all gathered to have desserts then.  The kids got to have some ice cream with sprinkles.  Logan enjoyed every bite of his ice cream and was the last to leave their table.  Connor also had a chance to have some vanilla ice cream; he was happy to sit with and be fed by auntie Michelle.  I made my first chocolatimagee mousse cake for the adults.  The cake did not turn out as well as I anticipated, but still quite delicious.  It was perfectly paired with a cup of coffee.  By then, all of us were just too stuffed to consider the backup pecan pie we purchased. 

     The kids went around the house and played some more before we decided to wrap up the evening.  We said our thanks and goodnights, and packed up to go home.  The boys stayed awake during the drive even though it was much later than their usual bedtime.  They went down to sleep very well after the bath.  Stuart and I now are relaxing in front of computers and TV.  It has been at least 4-5 hours after dinner, and I am still very full.  This is definitely another great Thanksgiving.


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     The other day after picking up Logan first, Logan and I then went over to Connor’s classroom.  Connor was happy to see us as usual, he grabbed his lunch bag from the cabinet and was ready to go.  Logan suddenly took Connor’s hand, and started guiding him out of the classroom.  Connor was so happy to be holding by Logan while Logan looked proud being the big brother.  They walked hand in hand all the way from the classroom to the front entrance of the daycare.  This was an unusual and very sweet incident!


Bye Bye Nursing

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     Stuart and I made the decision to wait until after the trip to wean Connor, and the time finally came.  Connor is old enough now that he will actually ask to be nursed (via gestures), thus I totally feel that it is time to wean.  But I have to say that when he asks, it is very adorable as he will rub his chest to make the sign for “please”.  Sometimes he will rub hard and vigorously, and when I agree, he gives the biggest smile and sometimes will even giggle.

     Basically I had been nursing him the past few months only at bedtime and overnight.  Unfortunately since the molar teething which occurred 3 months ago, Connor had started waking up overnight.  Now he just seems to be in a habit of waking up twice a night lately.  After dinner, we now have been giving Connor a cup of milk while Logan drinksimage his, and Connor has been drinking around 2-4oz.  Three nights ago, I decided to stop nursing him at bedtime.  I offered him another cup of milk after bath, but he only had a sip, and started rubbing his chest for “please”.  I denied him and he started crying, but he stopped after just a couple of minutes when I distracted him with brushing teeth.  And he was content as I told him that we were going “night night”.  I sang him his lullaby and put him down.  To my surprise, he just slowly fell asleep without any complaint.  Then the following 3 bedtimes, he only asked for nursing briefly one night, and he cried one night that Stuart had to go check on him quickly.  Otherwise, the bedtime weaning went much better than I anticipated.

    Overnight was as difficult as I expected.  Last night was the first that I quit nursing completely.  I went in initially when Connor first woke up at 2:50.  I ended up changing him since his diaper was super wet.  Connor kept rubbing his chest and was very sad that I denied him.  Stuart came in to take my place.  Connor did not want the cup of milk initially and did not want to go back to sleep in the crib when Stuart put him down.  We just decided to treat it like sleep training again, letting him cry with Stuart checking in on him every 5-10 minutes or so.  Connor did end up drinking 5-6oz of milk.  During all this commotion, Logan needed daddy attention too, so Stuart was busy going between the two kids.  Finally, Connor, after being up for 1 hour and 15mins total, laid back down and returned to sleep until this morning.  We will see how he will do tonight.

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