Apartment Life

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     Our time in apartment is coming to an end.  Being cramped in this 1000 square feet place definitely took some time to adjust to, but this apartment has a few things that I will miss: the beautiful lake, the onsite VTA and the swimming pool.  The thing I love the most is definitely our daily walk after dinner.  Logan has gotten used to walking and seldom complains about tiredness now.  Connor loves his bike and learned how to bike during our stay here.  Fortunately with these walks, Stuart and I do not feel as bad that we have not done much of any other exercises.  The daylight is getting shorter now and the timing is just right that we are moving away from this summer excursion.


Connor’s Sick Day

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    One thing I failed to mention earlier.  When Connor was awaken with the fever on Friday night, his breathing was loud, like barking.  So we suspected that Connor had the croup.  During the weekend, Connor was fine, no fever, except for the barking cough.  His appetite decreased a bit on Sunday too.  This morning, Connor’s cough was coming on less frequently but still sounded quite bad.  Since I was off today, and to avoid spreading germs, we decided to keep Connor from school today.  He was happy to stay with me; fortunately Logan did not get too jealous.

   image After dropping Logan off, Connor and I did some errands.  We dropped Scottie off at the vet for a comb out, then we went to the bank, the post office and did some grocery shopping.  We then went to the new house to drop off some stuffs.  With Connor around, I was not as efficient in lining all the cabinets in the house.  Connor however was good playing by himself sometimes, and other times helping me sweep the floor and bringing things up to the second floor.  We had lunch and snacks there too. 

    After naptime, we returned to the house to finish up with my chores there.  Connor loved hanging out in the new house too.  Connor is very expressive, and he often says to us “I love the house!”.  By the end of the day, his cough sounded much better but I feel like I did not get to pack much at all. 


Western Day at school

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     The boys had a Western day last Friday.  They were both excited and wore their cowboy hats and jeans to school.   Unfortunately within thirty minutes of drop off, I received a call that Logan was not dressed appropriately for school, so I had to return with his uniform short and had him change out of his jeans.  Here is a photo of our cowboys along with one with their school-made cowboy vests.


Abrupt Awakening

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    After bath last night, I noticed Connor’s voice was a bit scratchy, but other than that, he was acting as usual.  But at 1am, both Stuart and I were woken by Connor’s crying.  He was very upset and was crying for me.  I noticed that he was burning hot.  I brought him to our room, so Logan could try to return to sleep.  Connor kept crying as he was so uncomfortably.  Stuart brought an ice pad for his forehead and we offered some water, so Connor finally felt better.  He also took a dose of Tylenol after some convincing.  His temperature was up to 101.5.  I kept Connor with me so I could make sure he cooled back down.  He finally fell asleep in a few minutes.  Stuart ended up staying over with Logan as Logan was upset too due to the abrupt awakening.

    Today Connor seemed well.  He had a slight cough, but no more fever.  He was eating as well as usual and showing no signs of illness.  But we chose to take an easy day today.  We also wanted to have the last lazy Saturday morning in our apartment.


Our New House

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     We got the keys today and the house is finally ours.  Stuart went to pick up the keys during the day to check on the few repairs.  I picked up the boys at the end of the day, and we all went to see our new home together.  The boys were so excited and kept asking if they could jump around inside our new house. 


I Spy

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     The boys are so interested in playing "I Spy" lately.  Logan brings it up for us to play often during dinners or in our car ride.  He prefers to give us clues, but he occasionally does the guessing too.  He is doing quite well these days with the letters.  Connor also wants to have his share of fun.  He fights to get his chance, so we often take turns among all of us.  Connor gets very excited at his turn; he says "I spy with my little eyes something that starts with" and he always says "A".  We try to play along and guess "A cup", "A paper", etc.  Eventually we would guess the word or Connor just says "Yes" so we can move on.  We do like seeing the pleased look on Connor’s face to be participating in the game.imageimage

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