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    Connor has been pretending that we are a restaurant.  After he finds oimageut what I am cooking each night, he writes out a menu for us.  He also names us “Ling’s House”, and “Chow Fun House” on the night when we had Chinese carryout.  He cleans up the table, sets up the placemats and utensils with napkins.  The latest menus have been more advance with pictures as well.


Shape Poem

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image     Logan’s recent home project was a “Shape Poem”.  He chose to write about a pickaxe from Minecraft.  He wrote the poem with a little assistance from Stuart and he made the artwork.

Pickaxes are dirty, heavy, shiny, sturdy and hard.  It makes a boom sound when it hits the ground.  Pickaxes breaks rocks to find diamonds and gold.  They also make holes and can cut down trees.  Pickaxes are in my favorite game.  Maybe that is why I like Pickaxes.


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    The boys had some great times hanging out with their friends this weekend.  Rohan came over to play with the boys on Saturday afternoon.   He brought his laptop, so all three of them were on their laptops most of the time except during a break they took in the backyard.  After over 3 hours of playtime, they finally had to say bye to Rohan.  As they waved goodbye to Rohan, they saw their new neighborhood friends on the street.  Both boys immediately wanted to go out there to play.  Other than the two boys they knew, there were two older brothers, who were probably in high school, also playing.  So all 6 of them ended up taking turns playing 4 squares for quite awhile.

   On Sunday morning, the boys were requested over to Maxim’s for an impromptu playdate.  The boys were excited to go play at his house, and in addition, Connor wanted to go see their dog Percy.  He kept saying that Percy is his BFF.  Three hours later, after Stuart and I played tennis and went shopping at Costco, we picked the boys up.  In the afternoon, once again, they went down the street to play 2 squares with a couple of boys.  With the boys’ play time, it allowed Stuart and I do some front yard errands and play some pingpong.  It was a win-win for us all.


A Lazy Friday Off

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    I had asked for last Friday off, and for once I did not need to volunteer at school.  Other than dropping and picking up the boys and our appointment with the financial guy, I was free.  I was so excited having this three-day weekend that Thursday became a great day as well.  On Friday after I dropped off the boys and enjoyed another cup of coffee, Stuart and I took off to our appointment.  We then went to a couple of stores to look at a grill before getting lunch.  Later I had planned on running more errands while Stuart was in a work teleconference; however a nap after lunch was more tempting.  After picking up the boys, the rest of the day we just remained lazy and ordered in for dinner.  It is great having a lazy day sometimes.


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    Last Sunday morning, Stuart decided to work on the dresser we bought for Connor while I took the boys to school to play.  I played with the boys at 2-square until another child joined them, so I shot basketball by myself until it was time to go home.  The dresser involved so many stepimages that Stuart worked on it all the way through early afternoon.  Afterward, Connor and I were so excited to organize his clothes into the new drawers.  But these days with his clothes being so much bigger, quickly we filled up the drawers and had to find more space.

   In the afternoon, I had to go grocery shopping.  While I was out, Stuart took the boys out on the street to play with the other neighborhood kids.  Two boys and ours had fun playing 2-square together, and i think this will turn into many hours out there in the warmer days soon to come.

    Once I put away everything, it was time for me to head out for dinimagener with the girls.  I went to pick up Kathy and we drove to the restaurant to meet up with others.  This was a dinner to celebrate Theresa’s and Jennifer’s birthdays, and all 8 of us were able to be there.  We enjoyed a big dinner trying many different entrees, and it was fun catching up with all of them.  I managed to get home in time to see goodnight to the boys.  Logan was almost asleep and gave me a hug with his eyes closed.  Connor on the other hand was still so awake and told me all about the two shows they watched during dinner.


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image   When we went to Ikea last week, we finally bought the tent to add on to Connor’s bed.  Connor was very excited with it while Logan was envious with his bed.  We suggested that Logan could have a sleepover in Connor’s room, and they both were excited for the idea.   Logan chose to stay on the bottom, and Connor was happy to set the mattress and the sheet up for Logan.  After bedtime reading, they both quickly went to bed.  But they did not go to sleep as they continued to talk for another hour.  It was finally quiet before 10pm.  The next morning, we heard both of them talking again at 5 something, but shortly they must have gone back to sleep and finally up just before 7am.image

   In the morning the boys told us that they enjoyed the sleepover and wanted to do it again.  When we asked them what they were talking about before they went to bed, Connor told us that they talked about different video games they played.  Logan’s response was that he forgot, so there was a chance that it was only Connor who was doing the talking.

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