Connor’s Promotion Dance

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image   On 5/17/24, the 8th graders were gathered for the last dance at their school.  The organizers for the event needed more volunteers, simageo I volunteered and they signed me up for both set up and during the event.  I took off earlier from work and spent slightly imageover an hour there putting up and decorating tables. Then before 5pm, Connor and I returned to the school.  The vendors and volunteers did a great job decorating the cafeteria and transformed it into a beautiful dance hall with a DJ.  The kids roamed around the outdoor area to play some games, or at the gym playing or watching basketball, or at the cafeteria to dance or listen to music, or eating with all the food that were provided.  There was a photo booth too where I was supposed to staff but I got reassigned to help with drinks.  I could see Connor several times; he was hanging out with different friends spending time everywhere.  Some kids recognized me and once his friends asked me to take a picture with them too. 

     I initially thought three hours were a long time, but all the kids there seemed to be still enjoying their time.  At the end, there was a balloon drop to wrap up the night.  This was a wonderful night for the 8th graders to wrap up their 3 years in middle school.  I am glad that I was there to witness Connor having a blast and was able to capture a few group pictures.


Mother’s Day 2024

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     My wish was to play tennis with the boys on Sunday; they reluctantly agreed.  The boys also tried hard and did not complain as I had requested.  The boys can play quite well nowadays if they put their mind to it, so this was probably one of the best double games we played.  We also went out to grab a dinner of my choice.  I was quite happy with this Mother’s day.


Social nights

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    One Friday night, I met up with my friends for a quick dinner before we did our activity “paint night”.  It was always wonderful to catch up with them and spending time together talking while trying to follow the instructor to make our paintings.  All of our paintings came out nicely at the end.

     On another Friday night, my module pharmacists and our assistant met up for a dinner.  The five of us often chat at work but we never met altogether in person, so it was finally time to do that.  It was good spending some quality time with each other.


Stuart’s Birthday

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image   Stuart decided that he did not need a day off; so both of us worked on his birthday yesterday.  We went out to try a different brewery restaurant for dinner so he could have a drink.  The place was nice and we got served quickly.  We all enjoyed a burger and got quite stuffed with all the fried food.  It was nice to be on a Friday, so Stuart actually took a quick nap after dinner.  Later in the evening, we finally let him opened the presents.  Connor had actually gone on his own after school to CVS and brought Stuart his favorite candies and brought him a gift card for Oculus games.  We wrapped up the night with an ice cream brownie cake.  We definitely ate too much last night.


Tennis season

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    Connor was selected to be in the Team 2 out of four teams this year; I was thrilled about that.  I was hoping he would have more practice each week plus matches, but somehow this year their team only has 1 practice a week.  Then with the weather, some practices and one match were cancelled.  Finally last week Connor had matches against other schools on Monday and Tuesday.  I was in the office on Monday so I could only go watch on Tuesday.  Connor and his teammate Justin are paired this season.  The team they played against on Tuesday was not very strong, so they beat them quickly.  It was still very fun for me to watch Connor playing others in a match setting.


Connor’s sleepover

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   Last weekend, Connor was invited to his friend Neil’s house for a sleepover for a belated birthday.  During the time there, they were also taken to the trampoline place to join more guests for a party there too.  I picked him up the next morning at 10am.  Connor had a great time.


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