A Tough Week

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From the desk of Bonnie:image

    Logan had a very tough week from this RSV infection.  He had a fever for many  days, constant coughing and difficulty breathing. He was lethargic; did not want to eat much, and did not want to sit up, play or even smile.  He visited the doctors 4 times in one week.  During one visit Logan even had to be placed inside a plastic shield to keep his arms up for an x-ray to rule out pneumonia.  He did not like any of his treatments; the nebulizer treatments, nasal saline and suction, nor the Tylenol. 
    Later on he developed a secondary ear infection, so an antibiotic was added. The antibiotic made his appetite worse and gave him constant diarrhea.  However, he turned the corner two days ago and the little smiling boy we knew started to re-emerge.  We were so happy and relieved that he was going to get completely well again as sometimes we had doubts.
    From the follow up appointment today, we learned that Logan has lost 1.5lbs (almost 10% of his wt), and he still has some wheezing, therefore, we have to continue his nebulizer treatment for another week.  But the toughest part is over.  Logan will be so happy to see his teachers and buddies at daycare soon, and we hope to have some good night sleep again.

Name of the bug

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   Logan’s been sick for a few days now…..the most irritating symptoms being fever, coughing, wheezing, and heavy breathing.   This has made him very uncomfortable, instead of his normal happy baby self.   After a couple of visits to the Doctors and waiting for the lab results we finally have them a name for the problem.  Logan is positive for RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus)

   The good thing is we now know what we are up against…the bad thing is it can take one or two weeks for the symptoms to clear.  If he still has his fever tomorrow we may have to take him in for lung x-rays to see if he has pneumonia as well.  Right now we are doing the home remedies of: Tylenol (alternating with ibuprofen), cool/warm misters, nose suction, and every 4 hours performing a nebulizer treatment (the hospital lent us the device).

Not nice to see our little one so unhappy.

Logan’s Playdates

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image    Once a month a few ladies Bonnie met at the Kaiser "New Born Club" have a get together at one of their houses.  Today it was our turn to play host.  What this means to me is that I’m forced to clean the house the day prior.. but on the plus side I get to play on the computer for a couple hours while they do their cult activities.
Everyone, of course, brought their kids: Nalini, Alex, Syrus, & Logan.
   I stopped in on them a few times to make sure Logan was being treated ok, and they all seemed to be having a good time.  It was interesting to be part of the playdates that I’ve previously only heard about.  It looks like the main activity is putting the kids in a circle, watching them try to eat various toys, and sharing stories of mommy-dom.  Since the kids are all roughly the same age it was fun to hear how the others are progressing and see find out how Logan’s milestones compare to their own developmental stages.

After the kids started getting a bit cranky and everyone went home, Logan had a big ol’ afternoon nap to recover.  

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