Day Trip to Monterey

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    I was able to convince Stuart to take a drive down to Monterey this weekend.  Logan fell asleep in the car while Connor stayed awake during the drive.  The weather today was beautiful, sunny and warmer than expected.  We arrived at the Dennis the Menace Park first and the boys were excited to see it.  We walked around and checked out this big park.  The boys enjoyed running around the maze and crawling through the tunnels.  The shaky bridge there was a big hit for all the kids.  It was very shaky the first time Logan went over it, so he was scared even though he was holding Stuarts hand the whole way.  But after another couple of times, it grew on him.  Connor was a bit scared but slowly built up his confidence too.  We ended up running through the bridge more than a dozen times during they day, and they would have kept at it if we let them.  After a while, it was time to get the boys on their bikes en route to the Fisherman’s Wharf.  We took our time riding and sightseeing, and had a snack while watching the kayaks and some remote controlled sailboats. 

    We locked up the bikes at the wharf, and took a walk down the pier.  It was a beautiful day and there was some kind of festival going on with live music too.  Connor was enjoying the music, so we finally found a place to get fish N chips while we sat outdoor for some sun and music.  The band happened to take a break but we still enjoyed a meal of yummy fried food.  Afterward we walked down the pier to check out the ocean; Logan got a glimpse of an otter in the water too.  We saw some parrots for people to hold, but neither of the boys dared to try it.  By then we wanted to get the boys back on their bikes before their energy was all gone.  They did a great job riding back to the park that both Stuart and I had had to walk fast or jog to keep up with them.  We returned to the park to play some more before we took the drive home.  Both boys fell asleep quickly even though Connor initially told us that he was not tired.


Bedtime Reading

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      Six months ago, we switched from Stuart reading to Logan while I read to Connor…to my reading to both of them together at bedtime.  I am doing the reading most of the time while Stuart can be freed up to do the dishes.  I do enjoy the bonding time with my boys as we always snuggle together on Logan’s bed to read.  We always read three books each night, and each one of us picks a book.  Both Logan and Connor love the superhero books these days.  They received several of them during Christmas and the boys often pick them.  Connor really pays attention to the books and he knows the stories quite well with his good memory.  The other day while we were playing Spot It, I said the phrase “You are too slow”, and Connor immediately told me to wait for him.  He went to Logan’s room and came back in a minute with one of the books.  He opened it up to a page and pointed out to me “Hulk said “You are too slow” to Abomination.  You and the book said the same thing!”  I was quite impressed that he could recall such a small detail and was able to pick it out from all the books.

     This past trip to the library I picked up a book called Seven Chinese Sisters randomly, and it turned out that we had great fun from it.  The first night we read it, the three of us laughed at one of the drawings, and we ended up cracking up so much that Logan had to beg to stop.  Now we have read it at least four or five times and the boys are still liking it.

Peyton’s Birthday Party

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      We all attended Peyton’s 5th birthday party at a gymnasium on Sunday.  Connor was excited to bring the presents in to the birthday girl while Logan caught a cat nap in the car.  Right when the party was about to begin, since Logan had just woken up, he initially did not want to participate.  But with just a little encouragement, the boys went into the gym area without much hesitation.  Having each other was definitely helpful, and they stuck together the entire time during the warm up and the parachute game.  All the kids had a great time as the instructor was quite entertaining too.

    Afterward, the group was divided into two based on ages, so Logan and Connor were then separated.  I watched Connor first and he did quite well.  He was even the first pair to do the long run and jump into the foam pool.  He was smiley the entire way.  Later I went to check on Logan and he had fun running down the trampoline.  The groups switched later and so the kids had a chance to try both activities.  Connor ran down the trampoline quite fast the first time and fell down at the end of the run, but he did not seem to mind at all.  He climbed back up and continued on. 

    Later the entire party rejoined to watch the birthday girl Peyton demonstrated going through the obstacle course.  Peyton did a great job.  The kids were then encouraged to try out the course.  The difference between the two boys is evident in how they approach new things.  Logan immediately went back to his favorite part, the trampoline, and he basically stayed there doing that loop the rest of the time.  Connor however was interested to explore everything, and had fun doing so.

   After an hour at the gym, it was time for the pizza party.  All the kids got washed up and sat down at the long table.  Both Logan and Connor were hungry and enjoyed the food.  They both were quite self efficient, asking for what they wanted from the hosts at the party.  Everyone then gathered to sing birthday song to Peyton and Connor was ready for cake.  Logan initially did not want any cake as he was full, but after seeing how delicious the chocolate cake looked, he asked to share a few bites with me.  The boys were happy to receive the party favors from Peyton and they claimed that they had thanked her for the great party too.



Parks Hopping

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     As part of our new year resolution, we are trying to do more exercise.  During this three day weekend, we visited multiple parks and the boys rode their bikes everyday.  Logan is a bit less hesitant now and is riding slightly faster.  Connor is quite into riding and often suggested to hop on his “green machine”.   We often have the boys ride around the park first, then they choose to play whatever they like afterward.  Their favorite is definitely running around the structures like pirates with their swords.  Stuart and I are pleased to see how well the boys play together and Logan will often give Connor a hand if help is needed.  This weekend we also played with the toy bloomerangs and Stuart’s Speedminton.  Logan and I dribbled a basketball for a little bit too; he did quite well and maybe I will find a basketball class for him to join in the future.


My Birthday

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image     I had a very nice birthday today.  Stuart and I took the day off together.  After dropping off the boys to school, we arrived at a driving range to warm up first.  It has been at least over a year since we played, and I was happy that my hits were not horrible.  After a big bucket of balls, we moved on to to play at a par-3 short course.  We were following a group of slow playing retired gentlemen, so we had plenty ofimage time to play our game.  Stuart did quite well except a bad hole where he hit the trees twice.  I was very happy with most of tee offs, but my score was up and down as usual.  However I did have a great birdie that I was quite excited about.  After the game, we had lunch and took a short break in the house.  Then we spent a couple of hours shopping for blinds for the house.

     We picked up the kids earlier for dinner.  Connor was so happy at pick up and he was still talking about my birthday that the teachers were well aware of it too.  We had a nice dinner and I was stuffed from a big seafood feast.  We then headed home for the highly anticipated cake.  The boys sang me the birthday song and we ate small piece of cake as we were all stuffed.  At bedtime Connor was asking if it would be my birthday anymore after he woke up from sleep again.  Then he started wondering who would have the next birthday among us, so I told him.  His memory is very good, and since then he has been rehearsing to Stuart and I the order of the upcoming birthdays.




Birthday Countdown

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     The boys are excited for my birthday especially Connor.  He has been counting down each day for me.  Last week he started drawing birthday cards on the dry eraser board.  The past few days during our drive to school, Connor kept asking me the day of the week it was and when my birthday will be.  When he finally got the date down, he then said a few times “Mommy, your birthday is coming up.  Remember that!”.     

     The boys have been talking about what kind of cake to get for me.  Logan of course only loves chocolate just like me.  Connor was happy with the favor too, but when Logan suggested getting an ice cream cake, Connor said “I don’t like ice cream, it is too cold”.  Today Connor just started cheering out loud a couple of times “I am so excited!  Mommy’s birthday is tomorrow”.  Right at bedtime, he reminded me again “Mommy, after I get up from sleeping, it will be your birthday!  I am so excited”.

     Now Stuart is worried that he might be letting two people down tomorrow.

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