Logan at the Mall

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babymall Saturday morning we experimented with the "Go Mall Shopping with Logan" concept.  We decided to go early (before 11am) since it’s still pretty quiet at Valley Fair around that time and the parking is easier.   True to form we arrived on time and the mall seemed mostly populated with other families that had the same idea.  

Logan did us proud and hardly made a whimper throughout the event, Which surprised us a bit because he’s not a huge fan of the stroller yet.   When we go around our block with the stroller…he’s good for about 15 minutes but starts to get a bit antsy after that.  But at the mall he was looking around for awhile then it was lights out until we got back to the car.  I think it’s the ambient noise of the mall, and the smooth carpet ride that he likes.

I’m not sure if we got anything for Logan, but Mommy got a new watch, and Daddy got a Puma jacket.  Bonnie thinks this might be something she could do when I’m at work….uh-oh.

My Day Off Work

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I took today off work so we could get some errands done….inject

  • We took the Camry to get it’s 10k maintenance done…(really just an oil change)
  • We took Logan into Kaiser to get his 2 month maintenance done (three shots, a few tears, and expectations of crankiness for up to 48 hrs).
  • Bonnie told me since we were in the hospital I might as well get my tetanus shot as well.  (one shot, a few tears, and ongoing crankiness)
  • Got a Haircut (I should get a discount)
  • Costco Trip.  This was actually pretty fun because I got to wear Logan in the Bjorn.  You get a lot of smiles from the ladies when you have a cute baby strapped to you.  Not that I didn’t get the ladies smiles before…bah..who am I kidding.  I coulda used a Logan back then.

Logan’s stats from the Doctor’s visit have his percentiles at:
Weight = 81%
Height = 82%
Head Size = 88%
That’s all B+’s in my book.

Hoangs Join our Circle

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Welcome to the Hoang’s Blog whom I have now added to the RSS Friend Feed update section !

So a shout out to Ky, Lisa, James and Ryan.  We hope to see many future posts.

Two Months Old

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2month Logan’s now a big boy two-months old, and he’s starting to do big boy things.  He went with his Mommy to the movies this week, and not a little boy movie like Dumbo or Bambi (showing my age there).  He saw "Vicky Cristina Barcelona".
Actually it was a ‘Diaper Days’ event they run at the theater every week, where all the poor movie deprived mommies get to go in with their little screamers and watch parts of a movie, and maybe chat a bit with the other mothers.  I think Bonnie enjoyed it, and I heard that Logan settled down after the first 30 minutes and was quiet thereafter.   Although he was reportedly the loudest one there.  That’s my boy!

ps.  If we really are keeping track of month birthdays….  I turn 484 months old in a couple days.  I expect Gifts!

Sleep Experiment

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We tried an experiment last night…..keep Logan awake and active instead of his usual 6pm nap.  He played imagealong with it pretty well and didn’t even get cranky…although his eyes did look a bit tired occasionally.  When he hit his next nap time he sure conked out, and I had to kind of wake him for his midnight feeding.  (“kind of” means I unwrap him from his swaddle and occasional tummy rub or foot massage until he starts to come around).

During the night he slept for almost 4 hours straight.  While this would seem like a good thing for Bonnie, she has to get up anyways to pump…so it’s kind of break even.

So although the experiment was a success, we aren’t sure if we will try to keep him awake again tonight.  It seems a little mean to keep such a sweet one from his snoozy friends.

Mommy and Me

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Post from Assistant Editor: Bonnie

momandme Logan’s feeding time today allowed us to attend the Mommy and Me group at Kaiser for the first time.  Logan was a good boy; he did well throughout the drive there and back.  He also behaved well for the 2 hours we were in class; he slept, ate and cried just like other babies there.  He allowed mommy to listen and talk with the other mothers.  It was fun to share the good and tough experiences; it made me feel more relief and confident that Stuart and I are doing the right things taking care of Logan.  From the group today, we also learned some other activities that Logan and I can do together too, and we’ll be sure to try these soon.  Logan and I wrapped up the good outing with lunch and a nap at home afterward. 

It was a good day!

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