Merry Christmas

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18 Month Old

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     Yesterday was Logan’s “18th month old” doctor’s visit.  Stuart took the day off work, so we all went together.  After an hour wait for his doctor, Logan had saved just enough patience for the doctor’s exam.  He passed everything on the development checklist, i.e. say at least 7-10 words, throw balls, using spoons, knows a few body parts, etc.  The one thing that Logan needs to work on is to wean completely off bottle.  Guess we’ll start that soon.

image His new stats are:

Wt: 28 lbs (78 percentile, up from 69%)

Ht:  2’10” (92 percentile, up from 89%)

Head circumference: 20” (consistently at 99 percentile)


     On the same night as his Dr visit, Logan became sick with a stomach flu that has been going around at his daycare.  He started throwing up right before bedtime when Daddy was getting the bedtime bottle ready (mommy was out socializing).  Logan ended up not wanting any of his milk and went straight to bed.  After that, he woke up 2 other times and threw up all he had eaten from dinner.  After the last cry at midnight, he slept through the night again.  Today he felt so much better, the usual playful self again but with just a very small appetite.  We were thankful that the illness was brief and he did not have any fever or diarrhea either.  Back to school young man!

Big Island

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    We have just returned from an awesome vacation…a trip to the Big Island with Julie and Robert.  Robert was attending a conference on this island and sinceimage Stuart and I have never been we decided to tag along.  Logan did fantastically well on the flight over.  We were prepared with videos, snacks and toys as Logan had to stay on our laps for the entire 5 hours.  All the distractions worked and our seat neighbors and flight attendant were surprised how quiet he was. 

    We were all so excited when we arrived at the resort.  The hotel was very grand; it had a large beautiful pool and a peaceful lagoon.  For some reason we got lucky and were upgraded to an ocean view suite.  This meant a separate room for Logan to sleep in!  Logan had also started walking just in time for this trip so he had a blast walking image everywhere checking out our room and the facility.

    We were at the Kona side (the west side) of the island.  The land was very dry and rocky here and it looked like we were driving on “Mars” as Robert suggested.  We were told that the Hilo side was very lush though.  I initially wanted to check out the active volcanoes in this island.  But after learning that it would take 3 hours driving each way, and 2 hours of sightseeing, we decided to save the precious time for our beautiful resort instead. 

    For the next 4 days, our routine was very simple and relaxing.  After a delicious breakfast every morning we would play at the beach and also have lunch there.   imageShortly after that we would head back to the room for Logan to take his afternoon nap.  Stuart and I would watch TV and nap during that time too.  We would then hang out at the pool in the afternoon and driving out to dinner in the evening.   Robert and Julie took good care of the evening itinerary, so we did not have to worry about anything and just enjoy the plan.

    Logan had a lot of practice with walking during our stay and, of course, he had his share of falls too.  One bad thump was on our balcony, for which he carried the head bump & bruise for a few days.  But Logan still did not show any hesitation.  He loved exploring different areas and walking on the sand was not a problem for him either.  Logan also became quite efficient in kicking the soccer ball on the lawn. He loved the sand as usual, and this time he loved the ocean water too.  He enjoyed kicking the water and running away from the waves. 

    The vacation finally came to an end.  We were all sad to say goodbye to our room and the resort.  Logan was more restless that day so the flight back home was not as easy.  Thanks to the videos and his pacifier, Logan managed to survive the 5 hour flight back and still received a compliment from the people behind us.  It was very late by the time we arrived home and also not as warm.

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