Plans for World Domination put on hold.

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Report: Bonnie & Stuart’s master plan for World Domination was indefinitely put on hold Tuesday.  First phase in this plan was to complete a puzzle of the world thus learning where all those darn little countries were that we would later conquer and pillage.  Unfortunately it turned out there are quite a lot of countries…and quite a large amount of blue in-between them.

Therefore we will not be taking over the world within the next few months, and will re-address the situation on the next rainy weekend.

Scottie’s Life Ain’t All That

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Time lapse over a few days…not much for a kitty to do.

Scottie Cam Goes Live

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In trying to keep up with the Chang’s a new feature has been unveiled…Live Scottie Cam.  Currently you will find it featured on the Right-Side pane under the heading "WebCam".  It will probably be restricted in the near future by requiring a password, but for now it’s open to the public.   By the way Scottie says…..he waves for $1 and will do a handstand for $5.

ps. Scottie cam is only Live during business hours…that means the hours my PC at home is on.  If you click on the link but it doesn’t connect….that means my PC is off and you are becoming infatuated with Scottie.

Happy New Year!

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It’s the Chinese New Year, and the ‘Year of the Rat’ has begun. We started it off in the correct fashion (so I’ve been told) where we cleaned the house, and went out to dinner on New Years eve. Hope everyone has a great year.

Click here for more info than you wanted to know.

The Director

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Looks like Scottie would rather be a director than an actor.
That’s him behind the webcam checking out the window action.

New site features…and future goals.

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The problem with infrequent Blogging is you start to feel like you can only make an entry when something noteworthy happens. Well I hope to stop all that kind of nonsense thinking with todays post, with an update about nothing but what I’ve added lately to this site..and what I still wish to do.

Recently Implemented

1)The Scottie Cam
I got a scottie cam window now on the right side of this window. Currently it takes a snapshot every 5 minutes or so out of my office window. This is where Scottie (our cat) usually hangs outside so that he can stare in at me. Actually he can’t really see thru the window very well due to the lighting..but he starts to meow at the slightest movement.
This Cam maybe offline, or show oversaturated pics every now and then, but that’s probably cause I’m either playing with the setting….or it’s afterhours. Theres a timestamp on the pic if you click on it.
2) “What I’m Doing…”
This is like a mini-blog, which I can update from an Instant Message app on my phone. Things not worthy of a full blog entry….such as a picture of where we are eating…or shopping. Things that may answer that nagging question always in your head…”what the Heck are the Browns doing right now?”
3) Stork Arrival Meter
I grabbed this from the internet…entered the Start and estimated BirthDate of our future babs….and outcame this meter. Hopefully it’s accurate, cause I still haven’t really calculated it out. I am sure the number of days decreases by one each that’s something.
4) Feedback tab
So you want to make a comment but it doesn’t apply to any particular blog entry. That’s what the Feedback tab is for. ‘course everyone will see it…so be kind.

Future Implementations:

Stuart’s TechCorner
A separate Blog detailing gadgets I’m playing with… Tech hints and tips…and reviews. It will show up as a Tab at the top of this site.
Improved Scottie Cam
The new version will only update the pic when their is movement…maybe add some Videos of the last exciting 10 secs of activity that occured. Well…at least Bonnie will like it at work.
Wizbang Web2.0 Fancy Smancy Eye-Candy stuff that makes you go wow! Not sure what..but I’m always searching.

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