Logan Turns 6 months old

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Just like the rest of us…Logan is getting old quick.  He turned 6 months old on Sunday, and to celebrate we went to dim-sum in the morning with a bunch of Kaiser people (ie Bonnies coworkers/friends).  Actually the event was unrelated to Logan as it was a Kaiser Christmas get-together, but don’t tell Logan, we told him it was all in his honor.   Usually he falls asleep in Chinese restaurants (he loves the constant background noise) but this time he stayed awake the whole time.   He wasn’t too antsy though, as he was getting a lot of attention from the attendees.

Afterwards the Browns and Changs got together to jam a little on Guitar Hero World Tour.   Robert saved the Band from being booed off stage a few times with his stellar lead guitar work, Julie kept everyone on the beat with her twirling Drum action, and I floundered on the Bass.   I later gave the drums a shot and man thats tough….white man got no beat.   Bonnie was even able to get into the fray for a while taking over the bass spot.    We need more practice, but I fear the band doesn’t have the commitment it requires to hit the big time.

Keeping with our tradition of eating something fun on Logan’s milestones, Bonnie made yummy cupcakes.

Are We Wasters?

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After logging into the PG&E website to see if I’d paid my last bill, I noticed they had historical information, not just on our payments but on the gas and electricity usage for the last couple years.    I was just about to export that info and make a pretty graph, when I noticed they already have that done for us as well.  Below are some screenshots…

I’ve always had a suspicion that our Gas/Electricity usage is way high compared to everyone else…so I thought I’d ask you:

How does the below chart (clickable) stack up to yours?

image image

The TV being on a majority of the time, along with an always running Tivo, and other various techie stuff sucking up the juice may attribute to our electricity usage.   For gas it’s our water heater and furnace.   Maybe I shouldn’t set the thermostat it so I can constantly wear shorts during the winter.

Thanksgiving: Late Edition

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What we did for our Thanksgiving Holiday,  by Stuart Brown. Thanksgiving Feast

     Our trip to LA for Thanksgiving started with the long drive down.   Usually I like to make these kinds of long trips late at night, when there’s hardly anyone on the road and AM radio sounds interesting.  However Bonnie thought that since this was Logan’s first long drive, we should do it during the day as there would probably be many stops on the way. We left early in the morning and Logan did great all the way down.  We only stopped a couple of times so Logan could fill up (our other Hybrid could have made it all the way down without a stop).
     We arrived at Logan’s Grandparents house and he received many a hug and kiss.  Grandma was happy she could show him her garden and computer.  Granddad was happy that he had an immobile audience to listen to the stories of his last round of golf.  My brothers family (Andrew, Julie, Trevor, & Jacob)  showed up soon after so we could all settle down to our Thanksgiving feast.  Thanks Mom!
     The next day we headed over to my brothers house, where we hung out and Logan got to spend some more quality time with his cousins.   Looking at Jake and Trevor makes me wonder how tall Logan will become one day.  This was also the first time Julie and Andrew met Logan, and he took right away to being carried and coddled by Julie.   I was surprised that Andrew did so good with Logan.  Guess he hasn’t lost his touch with babies…and Logan got his first stern verbal discipline warning for squirming too much.
I should also mention that I got my geek on by hooking my Mom’s Tivos up to their new cable boxes, and failing at fixing Andrews PC dvd-burner.  However, we didn’t have time for the Band to play together led by my awesome vocals.  Maybe next time we’ll have a reunion session.
    Our trip was a short one, so on Saturday we headed back…but this time at night after Logan had his last feeding and bath.  With only one stop we made great time, and Logan didn’t get cranky until the last 30 minutes, but by that time it was quite understandable.  

     It was a great first road-trip for Logan.  Both to meet his other family members for the first time and for his Grandparents to see how much he had grown in 5 months. 

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