Halloween Day

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    Logan seems to be building up his confidence in walking, willing to let go of our hand and walk a little longer each day.  This morning, he was able to walk through the hallway, turn the corner and continue to walk into our bedroom to follow me.   We took him to a Gigante’s Halloween Party at a stadium for the afternoon.  Logan had a blast there.  He watched the donkeys in the petting zoo, took pictures with the Berenstein Bears, decorated a little pumpkin and played at the hay maze.  He especially loved the maze; he was so excited and was basically leading us by the arm to find the way out.  Logan also had a break through today.  Probably because of the big open area or being in his little brave pirate costume, Logan seemed a lot more comfortable to walk on his own.  He walked multiple long distance there along side with us.  When he returned home, he continued to take some walks more willingly.  He also took a walk with his trick and treat bucket too.

    On a sad note, when Logan was walking from the kitchen to the bathroom for his bath tonight, he got so excited and started picking up speed.  At the last few steps to us, he tripped.  Logan was falling so fast that I could not respond, he hit his head on the frame of the door.  There was an immediate bump on his right eye brow.  This could have been the biggest fall he had thus far.  He cried loudly, but was calmed down quickly with his comforting pacifier and icing.  I hope that his bruise will not be too bad and that he will still want to walk on his own tomorrow.

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Weekend Trip to Southern Ca

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Stuart and I took a few days off from work for another mini vacation.  This started by taking a day off work (without Logan) for our 4th anniversary.  We played tennis in the morning after imagedropping Logan off at school.  We had a nice relaxing lunch at Santana Row and even did some shopping.  It had been a long time since we were able  to thoroughly browse through a store without a little one getting bored.  We then wrapped up our celebration with an afternoon nap, then picking up Logan and started packing for our trip the next day.

On Friday we drove down to the grandparents in southern CA.  Logan did very well on the drive and we only had to stop once to stretch his legs.  Since he had a big nap during the trip, Logan was well rested to spend some time with the grandparents.  Logan started a bit clingy to us as usual, but he enjoyed playing with grandma and watching grandpa.  image

The next day, we went to Corona to see Logan’s Uncle, Auntie and cousins.  We hung out at their house for a while before heading out to the nearby park.  Logan rode in a wagon for the first time while the other boys threw around a football.  Stuart and Andrew had another match of Subbuteo to wrap up the evening.

On Sunday, the grandparents took us to a hillside to watch airplanes taking off from the airport.  Spotting airplanes in the sky has been one of the most thrilling things for Logan lately; therefore, he had such a blast pointing to all  the planes that seemed so close.  In the afternoon, we went to Hermosa Beach imageto hang out.  It was the second time Logan played at the beach; and so he started in on his fun time quickly.  We all had a wonderful time watching Logan and enjoying the sea breeze.

With all the love, attention and toys Logan received, it was time to wrap up the fun trip and return home on Monday.  Stuart and Logan did very well on the drive and made it home in 6 hours.  Scottie was glad to see us all again. 

Click here to see more photos from the trip.

Other October photos have also been added to our album.

First Parent-Teacher Meeting

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Yesterday, while dropping Logan off at school, the teacher casually asked me to set up a meeting to discuss Logan’s development.  I got nervous as I imagined all the possible reasons for the meeting, therefore, being the impatient me, once I got to work I arranged for the meeting on the same day. 

When I arrived for the meeting the director of the daycare had to give her little spiel about how they are different from other daycares and how they help with kids’ development before she finally told me the reason for the meeting.  They felt that Logan does not seem very interested in walking without assistance.  He would walk with the pushcart or walk along furniture, but if he was asked to walk over to the teachers, Logan would rather go down on his knees to crawl.  Sometimes he may even choose to stay where he was instead of trying to walk.  Logan is a bit “too content” according to the teachers.  They suggested us to explore the situation with the doctor to ensure that there is no specific reasons for the lack of interest. 

I was relieved after learning that their concern was not a major one.  The meeting turned out to be quite nice since I got to learn about some things Logan does at school, like how he is with the group activities, how he follows the routines and what he does at naptime.

Today after school/work, we were hanging out in the yard.  Logan was very excited to practice walking; he walked short distances between Stuart and I multiple times.  He walked slower pace and more steady now.  He must have heard about the meeting we had and wanted to avoid another confrontation.

Quick Scottie Update

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We took Scottie in for a 3 month Vet visit after his recent dramatic weight loss.  The Doctor gave him a physical exam and then took Scottie to the back for a weight check.  The plan was to re-do the blood panel if his weight continued to drop.  The good news finally arrived that Scottie actually gained 0.5 oz within the past 3 months, therefore, he was able to dodge the sting of the needle.  Good job Scottie!  Yay!

Logan’s Fun Weekend

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IMG_1503 IMG_1511 IMG_1469 IMG_1474 IMG_1496 IMG_1502

Meet Abby!

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Scottie’s new cousin, Abby, an adorable puggle.


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