Last Day of Class

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     Today was the last day for Connor in the Infant Room and Logan in Pre-School 2.  For Logan, he had a good year.  There was a frequent turnover of teachers at the beginning of the school year until they found Miss Jen and Miss Jill.  Logan has become quite attached to both of them over times.  Himagee talked about them at home, and he liked to hang out with them during any activities at school.  The teachers helped Logan to be potty trained and be ready for this coming year, so we are appreciative of that.  We also received a cute photo album of Logan playing in school as a gift.

     Connor also had a good year in the Infant Room since he started daycare in January.  He always seemed happy when I picked him up at the end of the day.  Miss Mollie and Miss Megan had transitioned him to one two-hour nap daily for one week nimageow, so he will be ready for group naptime with the other toddlers next week.  I had asked the teachers to wean Connor from bottle since last week.  We discovered that Connor is a very stubborn boy.  He drinks water from sippy cup fine, but he just refused to drink milk from it.  Last week when Connor was suffering from the GI bug, it was good that he did not want milk, but up to today, he still rather not to drink milk from the sippy.  So far, Connor has not had any whole milk for over a week.  What a stubborn boy!  As a gift, we received an electronic collection of Connor’s photos throughout the past months (130+ photos) from the teachers.  It was so cool to see what he had done and how he interacted with other kids.

    Now we will wait and see how both boys will do in their big boy classrooms after the long weekend.

Our son is growing up!

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     I think since Logan turned three he has become more chatty and more outgoing.  He now can carry on short conversations, describe to us what he saw or did, and even tell jokes.  He told his first knock knock joke a couple of weeks ago.  “Knock Knock”, “who is it?”, “poo”, “poo who?”, “poo at the door”.  He would then crack up on his own afterward.  Sometimes what he says are funny to us.  There were a few times when Stuart looked around for Teddy with Logan, and Stuart would ask Logan where the last time he saw Teddy was.  Logan would quickly answered “in my hand”.  The other morning when Logan asked me to sit next to him to watch TV with him, but I told him that I had to go shower.  Then he put up his sad face and said that “I himageave no friends”.  I asked him why he said that, then he answered since I had to go and he had no one to play with.  So dramatic!  I often ask Logan to help carry lunch bags and water clothes bag when I pick them up.  When I try to push too many on him, Logan would say “mommy, I only have 2 hands.”  Smarty pants! 

     Logan is also less shy as well.  This morning, he and I went to Pump It Up for a birthday party.  It consists with 2 big rooms with different kinds of jumpy house activities.  Logan imagewas willing to try everything.  He wanted me to play with him most of the time, but toward the end he would even be doing some of the obstacles by himself too.  This afternoon when we went to a block party, Logan bonded with one of our neighbor’s son who is around 19 years old.  Both Stuart and I did not see how it happened, but all of sudden, we found Logan playing with him along with another 4 year old gimageirl.  They played tag and with the soccer ball, rolled around the lawn, and just sat and talked.  They must have been playing for over 30minutes together, and Logan just came check in with us occasionally.  This was very unusual.  Stuart was enjoying the freedom, but at the same time was missing his little buddy.  I guess we have to start getting used to our little boy growing up and doing things on his own soon.

Yet Another Call

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     Stuart got a call from the daycare about Connor today again.  Connor had 2 episode of watery stools in the morning and he had a rash on his chest.  The call was close to noontime when Connor was ready for his only nap of the day (he is being transitioning to one nap a day), but because of the illness, Stuart had to pick him up as soon as possible.  Poor Connor ended up trying to sleep whenever he could, during the drive home, at home for awhile, then again during the drive to the doctor appointment.  I met up with them before the doctor appointment.  The doctor thought that Connor had caught the GI bug that has been going around.  The rash was due to his sensitive skin reacting to the current illness.  She gave us advice how to prevent dehydration if the diarrhea continues. 

     Stuart gave Connor the BRAT diet this afternoon, and Connor was interested to eat.  He also drank adequate water to stay hydrated.  On the other hand, Connor was more whiny than usual which was tiring to handle.  He ended up having 2 more watery stools in the afternoon/evening.  Hopefully he will be better very soon.  Connor won’t be able to return to school until he has a solid poo, so Stuart and I have made a tentative plan for tomorrow.  Will keep our fingers crossed.

Fever Again

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     Connor had a fever again (100.4) on Friday afternoon, and so Stuart had to go pick him up from school.  He was a bit lethargic initially until we gave him a dose of ibuprofen.  Other than his fever, Connor did not have any other symptoms.  I emailed the doctor since this was the 3rd occurrence of fever in the past 3 weeks.  The doctor saiimaged that since the temperature was not high, they were most likely due to germs from school and nothing to be concerned about. 

     This morning, Connor was still warm (101), therefore, we decided to keep him at home.  He was a bit more whiny, but otherwise, no other problems.  I did notice that one of his upper molars is about to come out.  Connor is still eating very well.  He was fine all day except becoming warm again whenever the ibuprofen’s effect waned.   After eating well at dinner Stuart picked him up from the chair and he was quite warm, up to 103.  We immediately gave him another dose of ibuprofen.  He was looking very sad and lethargic then.  He was leaning on daddy’s shoulder most of the time.  We quickly bathed him to cool him down and I fed him, he went to sleep quickly.  We hope that his fever will resolve tomorrow, otherwise, I will call the Advice Nurse for help.


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     Logan went to the circus for the first time today.  Our neighbor Rebecca asked us a few months ago if we like to join them and helped us purchase the tickets too.  It was initially meant to be a family event, but last minute Sam needed to go on a work trip and Connor had a fever.  So it ended up being just Rebecca, Caleb, Logan and I going to the circus together.  image

     We carpooled and got to the Pavilion early.  Caleb and Logan were both very excited.  I was going to have Logan walk around the Pavilion until the show started, but he was so interested in the stage that he decided he’d rather sit down for 20 minutes watching the pre-show activities.  Logan was quite into the show after it started.  He was pointing to many things to me and clapped whenever people clapped.  After 30minutes, his enthusiasm went down a bit, losing attention slightly during some longer segments.  He ended up sitting on me for awhile too. 

     After the intermission, his excitement went back up again.  The show actually lasted 2 hours, and Logan watched it the entire time.  He did finally ask about going home and seeing daddy 15 minutes before it ended.  Logan seemed to enjoy the faster pace segments, like the clowns, acrobats and the jugglers, but not as into the horses or the tight rope artists.  The music there was quite loud, and so I guess it was for the best that Connor did not come with us.  Overall, it was a good experience and we all had a great time.

Evening with Daddy

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     I left the boys at home to go to an orientation for Logan’s new classroom this evening.  Logan will start Pre-School 3 on Sept 5.  The school has a plan to slowly transitioning the imagekids to the new classroom over the next two weeks.  Logan will have a bigger class, up to 24 kids, and he will learn more independent skills in the upcoming school year.  He will also have a chance to go for field trips which should be an exciting time.

     Daddy had to take care of the two boys by himself for the entire two hours that I was gone.  He did a great job; he fed them, pimagelayed with them and bathed them too.  Connor apparently was more needy tonight and often wanted to be held, so he made it a bit more difficult for Stuart.  When I got home, Stuart had just finished dressing both of them in their PJ’s.  They both were so happy to see me, quickly came to me and both kissed me on my face.  Afterwards, I managed to quickly feed Connor, put him down for sleep, and took over the reading with Logan, so I could squeeze in some mommy time tonight too.

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