Pacific Grove (late post)

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    Since Connor was feeling better, we kept our plan to go to the beach trip on 4/12.  We had stayed in these cabins at a trip in the past and we really liked it; thus we made another trip this time.  This place was very dog friendly which was awesome for us.  We took Buddy to the beach each day, and he just loved going there.  We had allowed him to run free a couple of time, and he had a blast.  image

   We were able to leave Buddy in the cabin, so we could go out on our own.  We spent some time on the beach each day; and it was much more relaxing without holding on to Buddy.  The weather was great and we had a good time hanging out.  One day the four of us played softball for quite awhile and it was so much fun.  It gave us great exercise and we were exhausted afterward.

    In the late afternoon, we spent one day walking in the small downtown of Pacific Grove.  We found a restaurant with outdoor seating so the boys could get the pizza they requested.  The next day we hung out in Monterey; we walked around the Fisherman’s Wharf and enjoyed some treats.  Then we went over to the Cannery Row to check out the stores.  We also decided to have dinner there at a seafood restaurant. We brought cards with us; we played Big Two before our food arrived.  We stayed in to watch movies in the evening.  It was a relaxing trip that we needed to wrap up our spring break. Here are our photos for the trip.

Invisalign (Feb 2023)–late post

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     Connor started his braces journey beginning of this year.  He got his first set of Invisalign in on 2/16 and he took home several sets to change out every 2 weeks.  He was given guideline how often the Invisalign can ne out in 24 hours and how to keep clean. We are proud how well Connor has been doing with this whole thing and how careful he is with the routine.  Who knows what a stricter Connor can be too!


COVID #2 Round

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   Connor once again became sick right when the break happened.  He had a sore throat on Friday after school and had a mild fever on Saturday morning.  He was nauseated and threw up his breakfast, so we tested him.  Lo and behold, Connor was tested positive for COVID.  Thus the isolation began.  Connor did not feel great the entire weekend until his fever subsided.  Fortunately he did not have any more vomiting issue since the Saturday morning.  He remained to have some congestion for a few more days after that.  Connor did not mind being isolated in his room; i think he enjoyed the room service.  I am not sure if it was lucky to have the illness during the school break as Connor would not need to worry about missing school, but again I had to cancel several things that were planned, like his tennis practices and dental appointments.  I was still traumatized with how tough it was back in February when the rest of us were sick, so I was preparing myself for the worst.  Fortunately the rest of us did not get sick and we stayed negative for the tests.  We previously were suspecting that Connor was Patient 0 in February but likely he was so resilient then but finally got hit this time. 

Buddy’s new daycare

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   The place we took Buddy for daycare in the past was shut down due to a fire adjacently to it.  Since then, we have not found him an alternative.  A few months ago, I had taken him to one place for evaluation but unfortunately Buddy did not pass as he was too stressed there.   This time I decided to try a place with an open huge yard that would provide lots of room for exercise.  I scheduled and took Buddy in on a Sunday for evaluation.  The lady owner thought that Buddy was a good boy; he was just a bit overweight, out of shape and a bit uncoordinated when he started running.  All these can change with more exposure there.  The place is only offering daycare two days a week, so I had signed him up last Monday to try a full day.  It was a bit of a drive for me, but Buddy seemed to have fun and hope to get some good exercise there.


Glass project (late post)

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   I found this glass studio and wanted to try it out; fortunately I was able to recruit Kathy, Michelle and Robyn to join me and we were there one Saturday morning in March.  The owner Cindy was very nice and showed us the different options.  Then we spent the next few hours making our projects.  Fortunately I had made us some food to munch on, otherwise we would have been starving as we were there for hours.  I took the longest as I had to replace the mosaic pieces on the coasters after I decided on the pattern.  Overall we had a wonderful morning!  I was exhausted physically and mentally afterward.

   All the pieces came out very nice afterwards.  We have been using the coasters on our dining table every evening since then.  Unfortunately Michelle’s piece got broken later; so Michelle will be going back another time to re-create her art piece.


Trying out for tennis

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     Connor tried out for tennis team at school this season.  The rain season this year delayed the start, but eventually it happened.  Connor was called back to the 2nd call back day; according to Connor, he was competing with one player til the end, and he eventually missed the last spot for Team B.  Thus he was assigned to Team C for the five teams this year.  The one main difference is that he only has practice one day a week instead of two.  So in the meantime, I looked around and found Connor a place to have a group practice one day a week in addition.  Just one week later after all these, we feel that Connor has improved quite a bit.  We had a good hitting around with the boys yesterday.

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