Visiting the Acostas

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  We drove up to El Dorado Hills, along with The Hashiguchis, to visit The Acostas over the weekend.  The Acostas have a big and beautiful house with an incredible backyard, more than enough space to handle multiple visitors.  We spent two days hanging out imageand enjoying the facilities and company.  Another family also joined the party the second day as well.  The house was filled with people and kids.  We had up to 10 kids at one point and Logan was the second youngest.  He had a great time just watching the older kids and playing with their toys when an area had vacated.  Logan would go with the flow sometimes, sharing toys and watching TV with everyone, but at times he would rather just play with daddy one on one. 

  The weather was much hotter in Sacramento, so playing in the heat did make all of us a bit more tired.  Logan stayed up until 10pm on the first night (2 hours past his usual bedtime) without much of a fuss and went to sleep in a strange bed all by himself.  He imagedid however wake up at 2am and took Daddy a bit of an effort to make him return to sleep. 

  The next day was another play day.  Some kids spent a bit of time in the pool, but since the water was still quiet cold, Logan and Daddy ended up having fun with the play structures instead, however Logan did enjoy himself relaxing with me poolside.  After the second day of fun, we wrapped up our visit to drive home after dinner.  Logan did as well as the drive there by sleeping through almost the entire ride.  We all enjoyed the little trip and had a good nights sleep recovering.

P.S. Pics from trip have been added to our photo album.

First Dental Visit

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Logan had his first dental visit yesterday.  Stuart felt that it was too soon for Logan to see the dentist, but I was very glad that we did.  The pediatric dental office is very nice and well decorated with children’s toys and TV monitors.  There were a couple of kids just relaxing with headphones on and staring up at the TV monitors in the ceiling while keeping their mouths wide opened for the dentist.  Logan was doing fine there initially; we watched some TV and walked around the room to check out the toys and imagedecors.  But he did not want to open his mouth or show his teeth to the assistant.  So I was taught how to allow Logan to sit on me and lean him down toward the dentist’s lap when he arrived.  Logan did not enjoy that part, but it was just a quick couple of minutes of looking inside his mouth.  The dentist confirmed that his last 2 molars are showing now.  His teeth, gums and bites all checked out fine.  I was given a lot of good information about dental hygiene, and I will definitely ensure we do a better job in brushing his teeth.  Logan received a balloon, a toy and some stickers when we left, so he was quite happy too.  We will be back in 6 months.

After School Fun

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Logan and I have settled into a bit of an after school routine.   When Bonnie comes home with Logan and he’ll immediately be looking from his carseat waiting for me to come out and get him (I see them pull up from my home-office window).  As soon as I free him from his seat he’ll say “golf golf”.  We get his golf club out and a take few practice balls and he’ll start swinging away.   He’s come along way with his swing in just a short time.

Week1                                                          Week4








We are not putting all our eggs in the “turning golf pro” basket, so Logan and I also play baseball, soccer, frisbee, and basketball usually one after the other.  We sometimes even try a little bit of kiting in case that becomes a lucrative sport in the future. 

It’s nice that we can now spend time playing before dinner.  We’ve got a whole summer of daylight ahead of us to work on his game.

Non-Silent Nights

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The past couple of weeks Logan has broken from his solid sleeping pattern (8pm to 7am).  We are hoping that his last two molars, which are still to arrive, are the reason for this change.  He has been crying out at around 11pm or 1am and then a few times on and off.  Sometimes it will take like an hour to get him completely fall back to sleep.  Another change is that previously when Logan woke up, he would sit quietly in his crib for a little while playing with his pacifiers.  But nowadays, he cries out “momma, momma, momma” until we go see him.  The funny part is whoever goes into his room, he will start asking for the other person.  So when he sees me come in the momma, momma, momma will turn into daddy, daddy, daddy.  He can also be quite loud sometimes.  Maybe Logan is just trying to prepare us for the sleepless nights ahead with the new baby.

On the pIMG_3821ositive side, Logan loves school.  He has been getting many compliments from teachers when he has good days there.  When I pick him up at the playground, Logan always runs over to me with a big grin and is excited to say bye bye to the teachers.  We will run back to his homeroom to pick up his bag and he will walk like a big boy to the car.  But right when he should go inside the car, he will suddenly want to return and say “play play” while pointing back to school.  Sometimes it can take some convincing to get him into the car. 

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