Sleep Training

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     Since Logan was weaned from pacifier few months ago, Stuart had become his new pacifier, falling asleep with him every night.  However, for the past couple of weeks, we were able to not sleep with Logan.  imageStuart tried to read more books with him at bedtime to get him tired, then it would still take a lot of convincing to get him down.  The past few nights, Logan had a new request.  He already had a cup of milk before bath, and now, he has been asking for another cup after reading books.  Stuart had asked Logan why he wanted more milk, Logan just simply said “I like milk!”.  Before we agreed to go get the milk again, Logan always promised to have his teeth brushed again and would go down to sleep on his own.  And so far, Logan has been keeping his promise.  We are happy with this new trend even though he is drinking a lot more milk than the doctor recommends.  The cute thing each night before he lays down is that he always will say “Goodnight Connor, goodnight Scottie, goodnight Daddy, goodnight mommy, goodnight Logan” in various orders and with repeating names sometimes.

     Just a side note, Logan has his funny way of counting.  He has been counting with “one, two, three, four, eight, nine, ten” for a long time, many months.  Now he can definitely count up to four with no problems.  But he still has trouble with “five”.  If we made him do the counting slowly, he might be able to make out the “five”, then suddenly would be able to mumble all the way up to “thirteen”.

Coughing again…

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     Connor was finally over his long lasting cough like two or three weeks ago.  However, he came down with a mild cough again since last Tuesday.  Yesterday the cough became more forceful and he also started to sneeze.  imageOn my day off today, I originally decided to keep Connor with me so I could take him to the potluck at work.  However the cough is now very bad.  He is coughing every other minute and they are moist and deep.  The cough must be hurting him that he would cry sometimes.  His nose is also dripping non-stop and he hates being wiped.  We have used up almost a box of Kleenex.  In midst of all these, Connor is still trying to play and smile.  We are doing everything we can to help him, i.e. hydration, steaming room and humidifier.  Hope our little one will get better soon!

Birthday Dinner

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     We went to Maggiano’s for dinner on Saturday night to help celebrate Scott’s birthday.  It was a group of almost 20 people.  Logan was as usual demanding snacks as soon as we got to the restaurant.  Before the food arrived, he was already filled up with snacks.  imageHe started to be restless until we pulled out the iphone for videos; then he ended up remaining in his seat and had some dinner too.  Connor was good in his booster and had some peas for dinner.  He was content for a long time with his toys, and later had fun watching other kids.  It was 8:15pm after the birthday song and cake.  Connor began to become very tired and Logan started to be hyper, so we knew it was timeimage for their night-night.  We rushed out the restaurant after saying goodbyes, and found lots of people walking on the streets.  It was a mild evening and it was Saturday night, Stuart and I then remembered that the night had actually just begun for everyone else.  Our lives have changed so much the past years that we don’t hang out late anymore.  All four of us ended up enjoying the short walk to the parking lot.  We decided that we should go hang out at Santana Row sometime again soon.

First Sick Day from School

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     Connor woke up with a mild cough yesterday, since I did not have any major things planned for my day off, I decided to keep him with me.  Connor was very good all day, sitting and playing independently.  He watched me cleaning house and making dinners.  He also tried papaya for the first time and liked it.  However, by the time we were about to go imagepick up brother from school, Connor started being fussy and being warmed.  He had a low grade fever (axillary 99.6).  So Daddy went to pick up Logan instead.  Connor was not too hungry for dinner; and after dinner, he threw up everything he had the past few hours.  After the bath, he went down to sleep as usual.  He had some coughing throughout the night, and woke up twice.  At the 2nd up (4am), he did not want to return to his crib, so he went to sleep with daddy and mommy. 

     Because of last night, we decided that Connor needed to stay home again today.  Stuart has been very busy with work lately, so I called in sick and this would be the first time calling in sick for Connor.  This morning, he still had a low grade fever, and he has been very different from yesterday, fussy and tired.  He is taking his 2nd nap of the day already.  Hope he will be better very soon!

Our boys with girls…

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Sicky Saturday

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     Stuart got up early to be with Logan yesterday, but shortly after he came to tell me that he did not feel well.  Stuart was very nauseated and having stomach issues.  So I got up to let him return to bed.  He continued to feel sick all morning and was either vomiting or wanting to.  We had no idea the cause of his illness; Stuart had not been exposed to anyone sick like that, so it might had been the two glasses of wine he had along with the chicken the night before.  So for the few hours in the morning, Logan, Connor and I just hung out on our own, mostly watching TV.  I did try to get Logan to do some craft work with a kid scissor, but his attention span was about 15 minutes on that.  Finally we had decided that Stuart was too sick to go to Marcus’s 1st birthday party.  I then got myself and both kids ready for our adventure.  This was the first time I went out with them by myself other than going to school.  We managed to survive at the party and both kids behaved quite well.  Logan was a bit anti-social as usual, and wanted me to go with him to play together.  Therefore, Connor and I were not able to socialize with others that much either.  First we went running around their huge backyard, after lunch, we played at the family room while everyone else still hanging out and eating in the back yard.  We did get to play with Mckayla at the beginning even though Logan was not very friendly to her initially.  Also thanks to Michelle’s mother who volunteered to hold Connor for awhile so I could get a plate of foods to share with Logan.  During lunch, Ashlyn shared half of her avocado with Connor.  At one point, I was feeding a bite of noodles to Logan, a spoonful of avocado to Connor and a mouthful of pulled pork to myself.  We managed to have a good lunch and we headed home to see Daddy after singing birthday song to Marcus.  Stuart was still very sick, but instead of nausea and vomiting, he was now suffering from a bad headache and body aches.  However, Stuart managed to stay with Logan while trying to get him to go to his afternoon nap.  image

     Connor developed a fever yesterday too.  This was actually the first time he had a fever.  He was quite uncomfortable that he wanted to be held most of the time and did not want to be put down for naps.  For the rest of the afternoon, poor Logan just got to enjoy even more TV since Stuart was too sick to play with him and I had my hands full as well.  Fortunately Stuart started to feel better by end of the day; he was able to put Logan to bed after I bathed both of the kids.

     It was such a relieimagef today when everyone was well again.  We were able to attend Theresa’s birthday party all together.  I had a great lunch while Connor sitting nicely by my side and Stuart assisting Logan to eat.  It was fun talking with people and watching all the kids.  Logan was a bit shy and not very generous in sharing his cars with others.  Connor, on the other hand, was perfectly fine sitting in the middle of kids/adults playing with a water bottle or watching people.  We once again packed up to leave after the birthday song, so we could have our somewhat late family afternoon nap.

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