Me Not Colicky !

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cryinbabe Logan had been a pretty good boy so far.  He cries a bit, but that’s usually just before feeding time or maybe we’ve kept him up to long.  All of a sudden as soon as he turned one-month old, he had crying fits.  He wasn’t really hungry, so we tried everything else in our arsenal….rocking, white noise, bouncer, walking, exercise ball, dryer running, etc, etc.  But if he wasn’t sleeping or eating he was either fussing or crying. 

Along with this new attitude also came a change in his pooping and gaseousness.  After a few days of this Bonnie decided to call the Kaiser Advice nurse.   The nurse stated that since he was still young and it was a quick personality change we should go in later that day for an appointment.  So off we schlep to the doctor and he gives us the news that it’s probably Colic.  But no worries, he’ll probably get over it in a couple of months!  Argh…months.
The timing of his sudden upset got us thinking….why now…just when he turned one-month.  Then we realized something big.  The previous post in this Blog has a big clue.  Go look at the picture….I’ll wait.   Go on….look at the picture from the post “Logan Turns One Month old”.  You back?  Ok, figure it out?   No, nothing to do with his proximity to an open flame.
The birthday cake was mostly Ice cream which Bonnie has been enjoying each night since.  I guess Cows Milk gets passed on the kid thru breastfeeding and it’s also one of the things that can cause baby gas and a long with it, a fussy little boy.  We hoped this was indeed the cause.

So far last night and today he’s been more content, sleeping longer and hardly crying.  We even went on a big adventure to the grocery store which he slept right through.

Keeping our fingers crossed……oh, and the rest of the cake is all mine.

Logan Turns One-Month Old

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Future soccer/basketball/tennis/golf star, Logan Brown, turned 1 month old yesterday.  He celebrated by allowing Momma to get him a tasty ice-cream cake and then watching us eat it.  He further celebrated at midnight with a Poop and Pee during a diaper change by Daddy…he calls it the ‘Fountain Spectacular’.

A lot has happened in a month, but it feels like it has flown by.  He’s a big boy now, over 10 lbs I’m sure, and he’s starting to become more aware of his surroundings.  At times, he’s also getting a bit more cranky during the day and feeding is no longer the solution to every outburst.  I have a list of things I go through to soothe him…with the last resort being the pacifier…but that is starting to move up the list.
Logan and Dad’s special time is from 10:30pm-12:30am.  Momma has done her last feeding and gone to bed to try to get a few consecutive hours of sleep.  Logan sleeps pretty well at this stage and I start to slowly let him wake him up around 11:15pm.  It’s much more fun to wake a baby up than trying to get a fussy one to sleep.  So we have Daddy/Baby bonding and I get to give him the bottle, change him (probably twice), and put him to sleep.  After this he will sometime gives momma another full 3 hours before waking her up…..sometimes.

He had his first outting (other than Hospital) over the weekend, which was a visit to Robert & Julie’s house.  He behaved pretty well and did his best not to poop when someone was holding him.  The other aspect to visiting the Chang’s was a tennis match between Robert & myself.  Unfortunately I lost 7-5 and I think the deciding factor was my 135 unforced errors versus Robert’s 120.  Needless to say we need more practice.  For some strange reason, the loser gets a Hawaii vacation T-shirt and the winner’s wife has to go out and get everyone Korean food….so it was probably a good strategy to lose after all.

BlueSteel Pose Down

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The often elusive “Blue Steel” look that Logan likes to flash was finally captured on the phone-cam.

Here’s the side by side comparison.

Logan_blusteel blusteel

I’m telling ya…he’s destined for great things.

PS.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you have to check out Zoolander

Bluetooth Headset Suggestions?

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scala500Although as a rule, I don’t talk on the phone when I’m driving…I can forsee a need to do so in emergency situations which of course will now require handsfree operation.   Maybe I’d use the headset for non-driving usage, where I can walk around in public acting like all the other crazy, annoying babblers.

About a year ago, I purchased a Scala-500 Bluetooth headset for Bonnie.  However, soon afterward we purchased the Toyota Camry with the built-in bluetooth/phone speaker/mic system and the Scala-500 was relegated to my tech pile of unused items.  That was until last week when I try to test it with my phone.   I guess the fact that we didn’t plug it in for a year killed the rechargeable batteries as it now will not hold a charge and is basically useless.   I tried putting it on my ear anyways and pretend that I really am an important person talking about important things and shouldn’t be out of touch with anyone even for a moment.   However, that doesn’t quite fit the ’emergency’ need I spoke of earlier.

So does anyone have a Bluetooth Headset that they have nothing but good experiences with?  What’s the Model #, and how often are you required to charge it?  Yes, I could look to Amazon for reviews, but I’d prefer to blame someone I know.

Quick Catch-Up

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It’s been a while and a lot has been happening…so a quick synopsis would be:

  • Logan popped out on 6/21 (see prior post)Cryin 
  • We stayed at Kaiser for 2 nights, which we actually enjoyed.
  • After the first few days Logan lost a bit too much weight and had a touch of jaundice, so we’ve been going back to the Kaiser Newborn club at least once a week.
  • My parents arrived and gave Logan lots of hugs. Cooked me meat and potatoes and all things manly.  Bonnie continued with her Chinese dishes (as prepared by Julie & Robert)
  • Logan regained his weight back…shook the jaundice and is getting into somewhat of a pattern of feeding, sleeping, and pooping. (fun to watch his face as he does the last one..he really concentrates)
  • My Parents leave and Bonnie’s Parents arrive a few days later.
  • Bonnie’s Parents constantly cooking, Scottie constantly hiding.
  • Dee stops by with some Scott cooked tri-tip sandwiches for me. Yum.
  • I go back to work.  Bonnie has first outing with Logan to Kaiser without me :(  But she does well and is able to handle the stroller/car-seat on her own. (There goes my usefulness).
  • Bonnie found time to upload pictures of Logan’s first two weeks of earthly fun.  See the “Our Photo Album” link on the top banner.

On the Geeky side of things:

  • Logan Cam was successfully implemented, but it’s hardly ever running at the moment.  It’s also password keep the weirdos away.  Weirdos may only watch Scottie!
  • A Combo Feed of our friends blogs can now be found on the right side under “Friends Recent Posts”. This saves me time finding whats new at each site.
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