Home for a month

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    Buddy has been with us for a month now.  He is adapting to us very well, and learning the new routines.  He is doing great with potty training and always keeping his crate clean.  Logan loves Buddy and goes pat him whenever possible.  Connor is getting more comfortable with Buddy, and he wants to take turns with Logan to feed Buddy.  Buddy is learning too; he is not as jumpy now and not as grabby with his mouth.  He is great with “sit” and getting better with “stay”.  He is already very comfortable with us; his new evening routine is sleeping on or by us on the couch while Stuart and I watch TV.  He completely lays happily on us without being on guard.image

    Today Stuart brought Buddy to the vet for his 3rd round of shots.  Stuart was given good news that Buddy can now walk outside and socialize with the public.  He also gained 6 lbs and now he is 33.5lbs.  As a reward, Stuart took Buddy out for a short walk.  According to Stuart, Buddy was so excited and smelling everything on the way.  He was happy to see people on the way too. 


School Pictures 2019

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     There was some mix-up with Connor’s picture, and after a few weeks of inquiry, we finally received his spring pictures. 


   Here are Logan’s pictures, and as a 5th grader, he also had a whole grade picture.  It is really happening….Logan is graduating from elementary school soon.



My Last Science Lab with Connor

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    I took Friday morning to be at school for my science lab for Connor’s class.  Connor guessed that the lab would be about the phases of moon, and he was right.  The science teacher talked with the students all about full moon, crescent, new moon and gibbous.  She also taught them about waning and waxing; I learned so much as well.  At the end, the kids did a hand-on project with Oreo cookies and made all 8 phases of the moon.  They even got to eat all the cookies at the end of the day.


    The cute part of this volunteering was that Connor often wanted me to stay near him.  So during the didactic part of the lesson, I kneeled down next to Connor to listen too.  Connor held my hand and sometimes put his head down on my shoulder too.  I was really enjoying these moments especially since Connor is growing up now.  Lately Connor holds our hands a bit less, and he wants to say goodbye to us in the mornings way before we get to his classroom.  I guess I just have to cherish any sweet moment with Connor whenever it happens.

Spring Concerts 2019

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   The boys had their concerts on Wednesday; Connor was in the morning and Logan was after lunch.  Connor was excited about this performance; he was practicing with the recorder at home prior to this day.  At his concert, however Connor looked less thrilled and only smiled to us when he saw us.  All the classes did great, and they did well with the recorders too. 



    Logan is always a good sport; he was very cheerful on stage.  He was making funny faces with me when he saw me, and he moved side by side so that I could have a good view of him behind some tall kids.  This grade had longer recorder segment, and they did great as well.  This would be Logan’s last performance in elementary school; this was definitely bitter sweet.



Mother’s Day 2019

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image   This year we were busier with our new Buddy, but we managed to sneak out to the driving range in the morning.  With Stuart healing from his sport injury, he was the coach for the three of us.  Stuart had found a couple of drivers that the parents passed on to us, so I was trying them out.  Stuart took turns working with Logan and Connor.  This day seemed to be different than our previous range days; Connor was less patient and Logan was willing to take his time between swings.  We had a good practice day.



   In the afternoon the cabana was opened for Mother’s Day, so we spent a couple of hours there.  Cole was waiting for the boys at the club as we showed up late after what we told him.  The boys immediately went into the pool to join Cole.  We were surprised how comfortable the boys were playing and swimming around in the pool.  They had fun while Stuart and I could catch up with the parents too.  It was very pleasant being out in the sun.

     For dinner, we tried new things for Stuart to barbeque.  We enjoyed the shrimp and short ribs very much.


Dental Appointments

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  image The boys had their appointments on Saturday.  Logan apparently had lost all of his baby teeth already, and now more adult teeth are coming in.  Connor had lost six of his baby teeth, so he will have many more visits from the fairy to come.

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