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     Connor finally gained enough confidence to start walking on his own.  Yesterday, he would just walk short distances from one area to another instead of crawling to find things to play.  He was even walking around in the front yard today after school.  He did not just walk, he actually walked so fast that he made me nervous, especially when he was on the concrete.  He is definitely very proud of what he is able to do now.  After dinner each night, we are still doing our walk-in-circles inside the house.  Logan has also been joining us the past few nights.  It was very cute that the three of us walking hand in hand together.  I now wonder how much longer we will be doing that since Connor may want to start doing this on his own soon.

     Also, Connor’s 3rd and 4th molars are finally surfacing.  I could see a small white spot on both sides on the bottom.  Connor seems to drool more in the evenings and his shirt is usually quite wet by bath time.  I am so happy to see these 2 last first set of molars coming out.  Maybe I will get to sleep through the night again soon.


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     Today we had Julie, Robert and Ashlyn over to hang out.  Before they arrived in the morning, Logan, Connor and I decided to take a walk while Stuart worked on the yard.  Logan suggested that he pushed Connor in the stroller while I used the water gun to shoot any spiders that I would find.  I was ok with that idea, so we started our walk.  Logan was pushing the stroller quite well, I just had to occasionally remind him to stay on the track.  He kept asking me if I found any spiders as he walked and pushed.  He would stop sometimes to come forward to check on Connor, and sometimes he would use Teddy to tickle Connor to entertain him.  Once when he had to push up a slightly sloped sidewalk, I heard Logan mumbling “I am strong.  He is a big boy!”.  We walked around the blocks twice, and Logan pushed the stroller almost the entire way.  He was very good!!

     We had a nice time hanging out with the Changs.  Ashlyn warmed up to us quickly, aimagend started playing with the boys.  She played with the cars and the blocks, and she seemed to have the most fun with the push carts, running around the house.  After playing for awhile, Stuart and Robert went out to pick up KFC for lunch.  As we were eating our lunch, Connor became very tired, his eyes were closing as he was eating his cantaloupe.  So we decided to excuse him to take his nap while the rest of us finished up.  I offered some cantaloupe to Ashlyn, and since then, she started calling me auntie in Chinese.  It was very cute!  Logan and Ashlyn resumed playing for a bit longer, then the Changs decided to take off as it was naptime for the remaining two kids.  Logan had a great time having visitors in the house.  It took a bit of time before he calmed down to go down.  Both boys slept for 2+ hours.

     Another breakthrough this weekend was Connor’s milk drinking.  He was still not drinking any whole milk with either sippy cup or straw cup at school or at home.  I had already discarded all the BornFree bottles, so basically Connor has not had any whole milk for almost a month now.  But this weekend (both Sat and Sun), he was willing to drink a little bit of cold milk with a straw cup.  He was making goofy smiley faces while sucking gently, and he did not let the milk back out like he used to.  He only drank around one ounce both days, but I was very pleased with that progress.

     Finally a big event happened at dinnertime tonight.  We were having turkey pasta and veggie for dinner.  Stuart and I had baby broccoli and Logan had carrots as that was the only veggie he would willingly eat.  Out of the blue, Logan asked Stuart to try his “tree”.  He was happily munching on it while playing with it.  Stuart and I were so surprised; we both did not dare to make any comments as we did not want to ruin the good thing.  Logan even took and ate another one that I offered to him.  This was the first broccoli that Logan ate on his own in his entire life!

Irresponsible Parent

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     Today was the Kaiser Fall Family Festival.  It was a wellness fair for the employees and families, and we thought it was a well planned out and success fair today.  We planned to get there early to avoid the crowds and to dispose our old TV at the eWaste drop off.  We ranimage into Kathy and her family near the parking lot.  We all went in to register together, then headed over to get our flu shots first.  I had received mine last week at work, so it was just for the 3 boys.  We did not tell Logan anything about the shot that he would get today.  Right before I sat him down on me for the shot, I told him that the lady would give him a little poke and we would then go over to the other side to get an ice cream.  He was still trying to absorb what I said, I coimagevered his eyes so he would not see the needle, the shot was over.  So he was fine.  Then it was Connor’s turn.  The nurse gave it to his thigh while he was sitting in the stroller.  He gave out one loud cry, then stopped as we strolled to the other side of the room to get the popsicles.  While we sat in the courtyard to enjoy the popsicles, all our friends showed up too, the Kaos, the Tsaos and the Changs.  We all headed over to the kids area next.  That is when I unfimageortunately became an irresponsible parent for a moment.

    Logan appeared interested in playing with the parachute, so Stuart and Logan went to join in the play.  The photographer inside me took over, so I set Connor and the stroller next to the parachute for him to watch the action, and I grabbed the parachute to participate and to take pictures.  Awhile later when Stuart asked me the whereabouts of Connor, I pointed over to where he was but Connor was not there.  My heart dropped and I frantically looked around until Kathy told me that Timageed took Connor for a walk.  Ted also wanted to find out how long it would take before I realized missing a child.  After this panic, I resumed my responsibility and we continued enjoying other activities. 

     We took a break to have a soft pretzel and popcorns, then Logan and I went to make a pumpkin cutoutimage.  We then checked out different booths to get some freebies.  Finally we decided to go out to the parking lot where they had set out a dining area for lunch.  We all happened to have our schedules in sync, we went into everyone (the Kaos, the Tsaos and the Changs), so we enjoyed the healthy portion-controlled lunch together.  After lunch, we parted our way again.  There were some obstacle jumpy houses, but this time Logan was not interested.  We checked out the carnival games and some other health booths, then decided to walk back to head home for a nap.  We were quite impressed with the festival today, and the kids seemed to have a good time too.

Daycare Family Picnic

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Forgot to mention about the family picnic we went to on Wednesday at daycare.  I had to leave work earlier in order to meet up on time with Stuart at school.  Stuart bought a large pizza for our picnic dinner.  There were many families there already when we arrived.  We set up our blanket next to Kathy and her family.  Logan was given a peanut butter jelly sandwich from the teacher, and he actually took a few bites from it.  Logan was very excited to have us around as usual.  Before Stuart was able to go get Connor, he had already spotted us through the window from his classroom.  The teacher said that he was so excited, jumping and kept pointing at us.  Once we were all together, we started eating our meal while trying to chat with some teachers and families.  Logan’s friend Alex was hanging out with us for a little bit until his mommy arrived.   Connor was content initially eating some pizza and some grapes that I brought for him.  After awhile, he just wanted to walk.  Stuart and I took turns letting Connor walked us around the school, checking out the courtyard and the people.  Logan took us to the playground and showed us how he played there.  It was nice to have this annual picnic to see how the kids are at the school and have a chance to catch up with the other families.



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     Connor’s walking ability is improving.  He can walk quite fast while holding one of our hands, especially when he thinks he is being chased by Logan.  His balance is getting better.  He can stand for a long time even while playing with something in his hands; he can squat down to pick up something else and stand back up to continue to play.  I think he can walk solo, but he is still a bit reserved and prefers to be hold a hand.  He prefers to walk with me; he will grab my hand and imagetake me everywhere.  He loves to walk between the shrubs in the front yard, and we often walks in big circles around the house every night after dinner.  Tonight, he was braver, he walked on his own toward me half of the family room lengthwise.  Last week, he apparently had a big advancement of walking at school according to one of teachers, but she was stopped by another teacher before she finished telling me the story.  I guess the school does not want to report things like that to the parents in case it makes us feel like we are missing out on the kids’ development. 

     Speaking of walking, we did a lot of that this weekend.  We went to Gilroy Garden aimagegain on Saturday as we have a season pass.  It was a mild weather day which was perfect since the park is in Gilroy.  We did our favorite train ride, then tried to do things that we did not do last time.  Logan’s new favorite now is the Backroad driving.  We went on that ride twice, first riding the 1920 car with all 4 of us together, then the 1950 car separately (2 and 2).  They were very cool rides and Logan was giggling the whole way through.  We finally left the park after being there for four hours.  Connor immediately fell asleep as soon as we started driving, and Logan followed soon after while he was eating his snack.  They both became energized after the 40 minute drive, so we went for some grocery shopping, and afterward we took a walk to get some frozen yogurt. 

     Today we had a lunch gathering with the Tsaos, the Kaos and the Changs to celebrate Robyn’s BD.  After the yummy dimsum, we imagehung out for a bit outside the restaurant for the kids to run around.  Then we went home for a nap.  Afterward, we remembered that there was the Almaden Lake Art and Wine Festival, so we went to check it out.  We had to walk around the lake to get the festival.  It was quite a large sized festival with many variety of booths.  There was also an area designated for kids.  They had several jumpy houses and some art booths, and also some unusual activities, like bull-riding, rock climbing and a small scale bungee jumping.  Logan was excited for jumpy houses, but after some contemplation, he did not want to go into the usual jumping ones since I told him that I could not go in with him.  He decided to go into an obstacle jumpy house which seemed to be made for slightly older kiimageds.  He did well crawling and climbing through the obstacles, but when it came to climbing up the steep stairs before the big slide, he got nervous.  With the help of the girl who was guarding the area, he finally decided to quit half way up the stairs.  He was still quite happy and proud of how far he went.  After that, we played at the playground for a long while before going home.  It turned out to be a very hot day today, so we all were tired from playing in the sun. 

     Now that we are sitting and relaxing, we are realizing how sore our legs are from all the walking.  I have signed up for a walking program at work which starts tomorrow, it would have been nice to count the hours of walking from this weekend.

Gong Gong’s Visit

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     This past weekend my dad came to visit us and to continue on traveling to Hong Kong.  Logan was quite excited to go to the airport and to pick up grandpa “Gong Gong” and warmed up to him quickly.  He was happy to be carried by him, and wanted Gong Gong to help him into the car too.  However Logan was disappointed that we were not going to go flying in the airplane ourselves.   

     My dad’s visit did not happen during a very good time since Stuart, Logan and I were at our peak of coughing.  It sounded quite bad sometimes when we were all in the car.  Our goals were to avoid getting Gong Gong sick too, and I think we did manage to accomplish that. 

     Sunday, we went to Happy Hollow together.  imageConnor was very clingy to me, usually would not go to Gong Gong, but he would not mind being taken out from the carseat by Gong Gong.  Lately my dad has been feeling weaker, not used to carrying heavy things.  Even though my dad loved to hold Connor, but after carrying Connor for a few minutes while walking in the park, my dad had to return him to me due to exhaustion.  Connor is quite heavy these days.  After the park, we just hung out at home.  Both boys were good while Gong Gong was around; Logan was very chatty and Connor was very smiley.  My dad was very happy that the kids were glad to be around him.  The sad thing was that they could not really communicate with my dad so I had to do all the translation.  Logan did pronounce many Chinese words quite well when I asked him to say them, and Gong Gong was proud of him.image

    On Monday we had work and school, so my dad just stayed home while Stuart worked in the office.  I was off on Tuesday; I took my dad to run some errands and did some shopping and eating together.  My dad was flying out on Tuesday after midnight, so he said goodbyes to the boys before their bedtime.  Then I took him to the airport in the evening.  It was a good visit by my dad; the boys enjoyed it.  There was an unfortunate but funny moment during this visit.  My dad’s denture has been bothering him a lot.  Once Logan actually saw him taking out the denture.  Logan’s eyes were wide open and he was speechless for at least 1/2 of minute.  Then he said in shock that “Gong Gong’s teeth came out!!!”.  He was quite overwhelmed by that scene afterward for quite awhile.  But at least now we can have him brush his teeth more willingly so his teeth won’t fall out like Gong’ Gong’s.

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