Happy at school again

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     Initially, we were worried about taking Connor back to school yesterday since we were not sure if he was well enough yet.  But Connor was definitely ready.  Both mornings as soon we arrived at Logan’s classroom, Connor wanted to come down and walk on his own.  He also wanted to hold his own lunch bag, so we both walked hand in hand to his classroom after saying bye to Logan.  After putting his lunch bag away, Connor became a bit clingy to me initially.  Yesterday I put him down to eat cheerios with his friends, and today I walked him to his teacher; then he was fine to let me go, and no crying at all.  I guess he must have missed his teachers and friends last week, and was ready to stay.  I was so relieved to say bye to him then.


     His cough is still lingering as it had in the past with other colds.  His appetite appears back to normal since he ate all the foods I prepared for him for school yesterday.  Also as an update, Connor’s bottom incisors are coming out, so as a total, he has 12 teeth now.

Happy Anniversary

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     Today was our 6th anniversary.  We have previously considered going to Monterey to celebrate, but having a sick child, we decided to hang out nearby.  Connor woke up a few times last night, and at 5am, he was very warm.  He had a fever again and it was 101.3.  I gave him a imagedose of ibuprofen with another feeding, and we slept until 7:30am.  I was so worried about this rebound on fever, hopefully he is not having a secondary infection.  Fortunately, he did not have any more fever the rest of the day.

     It was a warm and beautiful day, just like 6 years ago, so we thought it would be nice to take Connor out for some fresh air.  So we went for a quick visit at Happy Hollow in the morning.  Both Logan and Connor had a good time walking around and Logan enjoyed playing at the structure; we headed home shortly after lunch.  We all had a nice nap, then Stuart took Logan to the library while I took Connor for a quick grocery runimage.  Afterward Stuart decided to give both cars a wash and Logan was happy to help out.  Connor had fun just walking around them to check out the action.  Both boys got to try out their new wellies too and they seemed to like them after some adjusting to them.  We then took a long walk around the neighborhood; we passed by many dogs, and even saw some emergency vehicles down the street, which Logan enjoyed.  Connor was quite content looking around. 

     Right before dinner tonight, Connor suddenly changed his mood and started crying almost non-stop.  He did not want the dinner I made specifically for him; he only stopped crying for a quick moment to eat a few bites of plum.  He did not want any toys, any other fruits or yogurt that I tried to offer him.  We figured he must have been tired, so decided to take him for an earlier bath and bedtime.  Basically he cried through the entire quick bath, and almost fell asleep while I was putting his pajama on.  Poor guy!  We must have done too much for a sick boy!

     Connor’s appetite is still poor, for the 4th day in a row.  Today he had a banana, 1/4 slice of bread, 2oz of milk, some apples slices, 1/2 of a yogurt, 1/4 of a cheese stick, few bites of sweet potatoes, a few teething biscuits and some plum at dinner.  This amount of foods is a lot less than his usual.  He is probably losing some of his baby fats now.  His coughing is a bit less and his breathing sounded better, so we only gave him one dose of albuterol this morning.  His nose is still leaky.  His illness is going on for one week soon.  We can’t wait for him to get better, and we hope that we don’t have to miss any more work days next week as well.

    By the way, Happy Anniversary Stuart! 

Sicky Connor Update

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     Stuart and I have been taking turns taking care of Connor at home the past few days.  Connor’s fever finally resolved yesterday afternoon; it lasted almost 48 hours.  Runny nose has improved a bit, coughing still continues but not as frequent, however, his breathing appeared more noisey now.  His appetite has not returned to nimageormal; he prefers eating only fruits, occasionally some yogurt, and he finally had some noodle soup last night that I made for him.  He is also quite whiny.  We had made a doctor appointment yesterday for today, we decided to take him in anyway for check up.  It turns out that Connor is wheezing now.  The doctor gave him a duo neb (albuterol/ipratropium) treatment in the office.  Connor was fine with the mask for 30 seconds, then he had enough of it.  He cried and struggled so much to get it off.  He was so strong that I had to use my whole body to keep him restrained.  Poor little guy was exhausted after 10 minutes of fighting and finally gave up.  After the treatment, his lungs sounded better, and the doctor was able to rule out pneumonia then.  Now we will have to continue albuterol treatment at home every 4 to 6 hours for the next few days.  Hope that he will continue to improve!  Poor Connor is so exhausted that he is still sleeping in the car.

Sicky Connor

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     Connor is sick again; he started coughing during Sunday night.  On Monday, his cough had become so bad that he had rough time eating at school and at dinner.  His appetite was still well, but eating kept being interrupted by the horrible coughs.  Last night he was finally sounding better, but he developed a fever today.  Stuart took the day off today for us to go shopping at the Gilroy outlets.  After few hours of shopping, we were both tired and abimageout to go home, and that when we received the call from school to report a fever of 101.5 (3:30pm).  We headed straight to school to pick Connor up, and Logan too.  Connor was still happy and playful today according to the teacher.  But when I picked him up, he was a bit tired, bruised and had a slight leaky nose; he looked like a sad little one!  The bruise was from a head bump with another kid yesterday.  Connor apparently picks fights, doing head bumping and taking toys from other kids.  He is definitely more assertive compared to how Logan was.

    When we got home, Connor was 101.6 and so I gave him a dose of Tylenol.  He was doing fine in the evening, but he did not have as good appetite as usual at dinner.  I gave him another dose of ibuprofen with the night milk.  Hopefully he will have a restful sleep and a good day with daddy tomorrow.

Pissy Logan

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     Hopefully this is just a phase that Logan is going through and will end soon.  Logan gets mad very easily these days.  Sometimes just not getting the toy that he wants is enough to set him off, and he will get mad for a short time.  He will say things likimagee "I don’t like you (or Mommy or Daddy)", "I am not playing!", or "I am not going to eat!" with his angry tone.  The other day he said a funny one; he told me that "You are not my best friend anymore".  Most of the time Logan would be mad for just a few minutes, we could distract him with something else and he would just move on.  Occasionally we had to give him a talk, mostly from Stuart.  Tonight right before bath, Logan was playing with a flashlight and we warned him not to shine it at anyone, but he did it at Connor.  Connor, being tired and sick, started to cry.  Logan knew that he got in trouble, so before we could even act on it, Logan got mad first.  He started saying something and kept saying "No".  Stuart had to take him to his room so he did not get to play anymore; later they had to have another talk.  These little spells are just tiring to deal with, but I guess this is just part of growing up too.

Weekend Update

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     On Saturday, we decided to visit CDM as we had no other plans.  It has been a few months since our last visit there, and Logan enjoyed playing with most of the things as usual.  Since Connor is able to walk on his own now, it was convenient not to have to bring along the stroller.  He was a bit reserved initially until he warmed up.  He enjoyed the freedom of walking around on his own, and he was participating in everything Logan was playing with.  Connor loved holding the pieces from any of the activity tables, and walked around with them, then eventually returning them to where he found them.  He also enjoyed walking up and down the stairs in the toddler room, either holding my hand or by himself.  Later when we were playing in the pizza market room, he was really content carrying a plate of pretend food back and forth from the table multiple times.  At one point, he went around picking up the pieces other kids left behind on the ground and returning them to their designated baskets. 


     Today was Mckayla’s Big 4th princess party.  The Kaos were kind to invite us too even though we don’t have any little princesses.  In order to stay with the theme, we decided to dress Logan up as a knight.  We told him that his job for today was to protect the princesses against any dragons; Logan was trying to fulfill his responsibility.  All the girls look really cute, and there were many fun princess activities; one of the main attractions was having an adult dressed up princess telling stories, singing and doing some face painting.  Logan, as usual as in most events, did not want to participate too much.  Instead, he just wanted to walk around and doing his own things.  Stuart was on call this weekend and actually had to deal with an issue, so he had to be on a teleconference during part of the party.  Fortunately, he was still able to walk around with the kids or hang with us while having the phone head piece on.  Logan was very interested in the birthday cupcakes, and he even participated in singing birthday song to Mckayla.  Happy Birthday Mckayla!


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