Memorial Day

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    I suggested to go hiking on Monday morning.  We meant to leave the house earlier because of the weather, but Stuart and I woke up late and we dilly-dallied a bit too long.  We arrived and started the hike at 10am.  I was hoping to take a different trail this time; we climbed up a small hill but then we took the wrong route that led us back down.  We hiked 0.5 mile thus far.  Then Stuart decided to take the lead and returned to the one we did last time.  This was a tough uphill hike; the first part was quite bare, so we were already in the heat.  As soon as we started, the boys told us that they were tired.  Stuart and Logan were usually the ones leading, but somehow a quarter into our hike, Connor got a burst of energy and decided to lead.  He was so determined that he stayed ahead of us the remaining of the time and would not let Logan pass him when Logan tried.  The hike was tough; I had to pause multiple times during the uphill, and I was often the one trailing behind.  I remembered that the first time we went on this hike, the boys took a few snack breaks, but this time, either of them asked for a snack or a real break.  Logan had complained a few times, but he did restart and kept on going.  We finished this 3 mile steep trail in 1hour 15mins, and we were exhausted.  Connor was so proud to be the first to finish.


    In the afternoon Rohan came over to play with the boys.  While they played some video game, I took a nice nap in the backyard.  Then we headed over to the swimming pool and it was a perfect hot day to go into the water.  Stuart did not feel like swimming, so I got in the water to play with the 3 boys.  After a couple of hours at the cabana, we returned home to prepare for the Warriors game.  Stuart barbequed for us and we enjoyed the dinner while watching the Warriors.  It was a stressful first half, but we could finally relax a bit with the 2nd.  We were happy that the Warriors is going to the final.


Memorial Day Weekend

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    We started out the 3 day weekend thinking that we did not have tennis lessons.  We decided to go play on our own on Saturday morning anyway, but when we walked to the courts, we saw the coach with the class.  It turned out that there was a misprint on the website, but anyway, we sent Connor into the class.  Stuart and I managed to have 1.5 hours of good tennis and exercise for the day while the boys took turns for their lessons.  I am glad that we did not miss this lesson and now the boys have one more day of lesson next week, and it will be an extended (2 hours per kid) lesson.

    On Sunday while Connor had a classmate’s birthday party to attend, Logan was asked to play at Maxim’s.  Connor was initially jealous about the playdate, but he was excited the party at Rocking Jump again.  When I picked Connor back up after the party, he told me that he had a great time.  He totally did not remember about Logan’s playdate at all.


    This was a big weekend for Warriors and so we spent a lot of time on TV.  It was great that they won Game 6 on Saturday night, and even better that we won Game 7 tonight.  We are on to the Final now!

     The pool was open this weekend for the holiday, so when the weather warmed up on Sunday, we headed over to swim.  The water was actually quite warm and even Stuart and I enjoyed it.  Then the boys swam some more while playing with Cole, and later they moved on to 4-square.  They were there for a long time, and finally Logan was ready to go home but Connor was not.  Connor stayed with Cole and 3 other boys to swim; next they played Silence in the pool.  I was worried if Connor could do ok while being “it”, but he did good and was able to swim across the short side of the pool to tag someone.


Open House 2018

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    The school’s Open House was last Tuesday.  We rushed over after Martial Arts, and we first went to Logan’s class.  We looked at his works that were displayed, and the teacher also reminded Logan to show us later his slide decks on some of the projects.  They had their Ecosystem project and the science project to finish up before the end of the year.  This year the class seemed to have done many group projects.  Mrs. Medlin is definitely a good teacher for Logan; she is calm, direct and encouraging.  We can’t believe Logan will be a 5th grader very soon.


   Next we headed over to Connor’s class.  It was quieter there; we went around to look at Connor’s work.  For some reason, Connor was worried that we would not like them, but of course, we were impressed with many of the things he did.  From what we understand from Connor is that there will be no more homework from now on until the end of the year.  Connor really likes his teacher Mrs. Fenn as she is very relaxed with the class and easy going.


   Lastly, we stopped by the art show in the Superdome.  This year I was not involved with Art Vista, so it was a little bittersweet looking at the artwork.  We found Connor’s abstract art and Logan’s mask on display. 


Logan is Blogging Again

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   Suddenly Logan is interested to blog again.  He wanted a new start, so he had Stuart archived his old posts.  His new blog is about games only, and he is giving short reviews on different games.  Logan asks for tips from Stuart periodically and he is making his site so animated and cool looking.  Tonight while Stuart and Connor putting together some Lego, Logan is blogging and making changes to his site.  He has changed the title of his site multiple times and we will see what his final title will be soon.  Logan has also discovered our friend’s sites and he was reading about McKayla has been doing lately.

Check out his website.  Logan is hoping for many Likes.


Arcadia Quest

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    The boys really like the new game Arcadia Quest Grandma gave Stuart.  It is quite a complicated game; every now and then we are still learning new rules even though we had played a few rounds already.  The boys however picked up quite fast and remember the rules well.  We play the campaign mode and so we continue to build up to higher levels every time we play it.  Logan had a great start and earned himself many special tools, and now he is quite powerful.  The three of us don’t usually bother attacking him as Logan also has very strong defense.  Even though this game is meant for 13+, Connor has good understanding of it and he often was the one getting to the quests first.  One very cute thing about Connor was that if his hero got attacked and killed, he did get sad.  But he would just become quiet, sometimes he would tear up and he even walked away once, but he would quickly return and continue to play with us.  It is so good to see how well he handles himself with the board games now.


Martial Arts Seminar

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   On Friday, there was a martial art seminar in the evening, but neither of the boys were interested.  We did try to encourage them to go to that to get extra credit especially for Connor who had fewer class credits than Logan, and I even tried to bribe Connor with T4U afterward.  After dinner when the boys found out that Cole was not available to play, Connor changed his mind and wanted to go to the seminar.  Logan however was still not interested and rather hung with us for a walk after dropping Connor off.  We walked down to the high school and ended up staying there to play with a football.  The three of us competed punting and throwing football, and it was fun.  Then we had to quickly walk back to pick Connor up.  Now Connor is all jealous and want to go play football with us.


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