Happy Birthday to Daddy!

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Stick in the mud

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Stuart called Logan a “stick in the mud” yesterday.  Logan has been having a cough on and off these days, the last couple of days were worse again, especially overnight and in the morning.  He may be dealing with a mild cold or having some teething problem (his last 2 molars are due to be out).  Due to the cough, we decided to cancel some fun outings and just do something more local.  We went to the local library and ended up making the “Storytelling Time”.  Logan was more reserved in participating with sound making or singing/dancing, but he did dance with the song “Turn Around”; it was a fun one.  In the afternoon, we went to the park.  He usually loves the park; but again he was less interested.  He would  rather play with his ball instead of playing in the structure.  He also got huffy easily.  If he tripped, he would get mad at the ground or grass and just stayed down with a puffy face.  For dinner, he was also more picky, rejecting his usual favorite foods.  Will see how he is today.


15 Year Old Scottie

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Scottie has been a Cheung for 15 years now.  He had gone through a couple of hair cuts, some weight changes, and has lived in a few different homes.  He changed from a feisty little kitty to a lazy content old cat.  As usual, he loves drinking tap water, having weekly tuna treats, playing string with daddy, hanging out in the yard with us and napping on our laps.  Happy 15th Birthday to Scottie!  We love you!

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