Baby Shower (Stuart’s Friends Edition)

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cake Scott and DeeDee were the great hosts with decor and food abound.  We even had out-of-towners come in for the event: The Tashiro’s from San Diego…and The Acostas from Sacramento.
Eventhough Stuart had thought Baby Showers should be a non-male event, he had a great time hanging out with friends, drinking beer and winning at Table Tennis.  
At one point we had to judge a Bubble-Gum baby contest..which basically involved the contestants trying to fashion baby models out of a stick of chewed gum.  Some were surprisingly complex and, of course, Bonnie had regrets the next day that she couldn’t have given more awards. Thanks to all that came to help us celebrate the rapidly approaching arrival date, and thanks again to the Hashiguchi’s for putting it all together for a fun evening.

Shower Pics Here

Logan’s starting to put on a bit more weight during the homestretch, and we are looking forward to seeing him tomorrow at the ultrasound..been 18 weeks since the last one.

Last Day of Work…Less than a Month to go

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Bonnie’s last day of work for several months was today…actually she’s still in the office, Hourglass as of this writing, finishing up all the last bits and pieces before her co-workers take over the case load.   I’m sure she’ll miss seeing her coworkers/friends every day, but hopefully she’ll still be able to see them frequently outside of work.

The stork countdown shows less than a month to go !  Yikes. 

On the positive side Bonnie has been quite the little organizer and Logan’s room is just about ready……it just needs a couple wall hangings here and there.  We’ve been trying to keep all the stuff he’s been given in his room, but we’ll see how long that lasts before kid things fill the entire house.  Bonnie’s quite sure this won’t happen (it’s called denial).  On the negative side, I have a feeling my ‘To Do’ list is going to get longer as she now has the chance to see all the things I’ve been slacking on. 

Sad Day

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A loss in our circle of Pet friends this week.

In Memory of Fluffy

A sad day for all that knew Fluffy.

Baby Shower Fun

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babyshower2 Bonnie had a Baby Shower yesterday….either that or she broke into a Babies R US and filled up her car with goodies. Must have been fun as she came back with a big smile and many stories to tell. Thanks go to Julie and Karen for hosting the shower, as well as everyone that attended. As the sole Adult Male attendee, Robert played his normal press photog role and captured many great memories . You’ll find some of them in our Photo Album.

Direct link:  Bonnie’s Baby Shower

Birthing Class Helps Set Expectations

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Bonnie and I agreed that the Birthing class was much better than the Parenting class.   imageIt was quite an eye-opener on the length of time the labor process takes (sometimes over 12 hrs) and it sure didn’t look like the Mom’s in the videos were having too much fun building up to the main event.  

The class was a mix of lecture, discussion groups, videos, and labor position practice.   I, Stuart, enjoyed the lay-on-the-floor-mats and practice breathing positions.   Ahhh the soft music and dimmed lights. I took the opportunity to have a quick little refresher nap.  I hope that the real labor is like that…looking forward to having a little snooze.

Bonnie’s having her Yoga class tonight…then just one more.  I think she enjoyed them in general, but a bit too “talksie” for her.  I’m sure it will be nice to get her Monday evenings back to relax while she can.

Things we learned from Parenting Class

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So here’s some highlights of what we learned in the 3 hr parenting class last night: waa

– Don’t let anyone hold your baby.
– If people want to come over to visit…they can do your need for them to actually see the child.
– It’s not necessary to wash the crib sheets.  Example: if your baby is sick on the sheets, you should “fix that problem” and somehow that means no cleaning necessary.
– No need for a bassinet.  Just put the baby in the dresser drawer filled with socks.
– Don’t use a stroller. You should be holding the baby at all times…In fact why go outside?  The baby would be just as happy underneath a chair looking straight up.

Needless to say, it was a pretty bad class.  The instructor had no time-management skills and didn’t even complete 3/4’s of the agenda.  Her views were somewhat outdated and the occasional good nugget of info she did state was overridden by some personal story of her childhood.  Bonnie thought that by the end of the class we knew more about her personal life than how to take care of a baby. 

I don’t think we’ll be going to the second part in this series next week. 

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