Happy Halloween!

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halloweenLogan says "oooh oooh eeee eeee ahhh ahhh".   (Pictured here with his yoga buddy Syrus)

We are planning on staying home and handing out candy tonight, but if the weather is clear maybe we can pop over to Scott & Dee’s to see the twins all dressed up.

PS.  If you are looking for things to do this weekend?  You could:

– Recover from Halloween candy gluttony
– Clean out your Gutters
– Get a Flu Shot
– Set Clocks back
– Check your Smoke alarms
– Vote Early, Vote Often

Oakland Catch-Up & Flu Shots

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      Bonnie and Logan had a fun day out this afternoon.  She drove them out to oakfriends Castro Valley to meet some friends she hadn’t seen since back in her Oakland Children’s Hospital days.  They went out to lunch, hung out and caught up on recent happenings. I heard that Logan was a good boy the whole time.  He slept on the drive up…and also the drive back.  Hopefully it’s a sign of things to come for our trip to LA on Thanksgiving.

     Tonight we went to get our flu shots at Kaiser.  6:30pm turned out to be a good time as there was no line.   Since, Logan’s too young for this vaccine he just watched patiently as Mommy and Daddy were brave and hardly whimpered when the big needle stuck them.  I never had to do this stuff when I was single.

Julie C. hits Thirty

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Julie30 We had a big night out on Saturday.  It was Julie’s 30th birthday and was being hosted at a nice restaurant in Los Gatos.  This was a chance for us to get semi-dressed up and act like adults (which we don’t do much).  We arrived on time and got a great parking spot, which means I didn’t need to lug him in the car seat too far. (Logan+CarSeat = strained arms).  We didn’t quite time Logan’s schedule exactly as we wanted it (ie right after a feeding is usually the good time), but he was still on his almost-best behavior.

     The party having it’s own room in the restaurant made us really comfortable with Logan being present.  After we arrived Logan was still awake so he was able to meet some people for the first time.  He had a bit of a cry when a few folks held him, but that was understandable as he was a bit tired, he’s not used to others holding him yet, and Robert is scary looking.  After Logan’s meet-and-greet round, Bonnie put him down to sleep in his car seat.  Luckily Theresa had snagged us a good table in the corner of the room, so we had a cool sleeping corner for Logan and Mckayla.

     The food was great, and the Changs must have done a lot of preparation to setup the activities (ie "Julie Jeopardy" and the kids gift bags).  Logan (and us) had a great time and he even got to stay up past his normal bedtime.

So Happy Birthday Julie! "Old School" is now officially old.

ps.  Some pics of the event are available in our October Gallery.

pps.  Looks like I got the blogging scoop on this story as the other Blogs react slowly to this big event.

From B’s to A’s (mostly)

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Logan’s new report card from his doctor visit today showed some big changes..

(% based on Stats from Babies Logan’s age) DoctorOffice

Height = 92 percentile (Previously 82%)
Head = 96 percentile (Previously 88%)
Weight = 79 percentile (previously 83%)

Ok..so we saw a drop in the weight percentile, but that was just due to his head growth sucking up all the calories.

Logan also had to have THREE more shots today, poor little baby, but he was a trooper and got over it quickly.  However, he was a bit groggy the rest of the day.

Look what I’m doing now

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       Logan seems to pick up new things each week…and I really should start writing about them so we remember when they first happened. 
Two weeks ago he started doing something which Bonnie really appreciates….sleeping through the night.  We put him to bed before 10pm and he sleeps all the way ’till griparound 5am.  When he did this twice in a row we thought it was the new routine.  But then he had a set back for a couple nights…however since then he’s pretty much kept to it.   Hopefully it sticks.

  Grasping objects is another new amazing feat.  Stick a cuddly toy on his chest..he’ll give it a good hug, and probably a bit of a chew.  Put a pacifier near his face, he’ll grab your hand and bring it closer.  And his favorite…in his rocker swing he likes to hold the hanging grip and pretend he’s steering his vessel through the Atlantic ocean.  Quite an imagination our Logan has.
   Ticklish little boy too.  When Bonnie gives Logan his bath and cleans under his chin, it sets him into a bit of a giggling fit.  We’ve got to try to capture that event on video too. 

So many moments to remember.

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