Logan Giggling on Camera

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I guess he thinks his name’s pretty funny.

Sis Invasion: part deux

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 thesisters     Bonnie’s sisters were here for a few days last week…they all came to say hi to Logan for the first time.  Logan was on his best behavior and even allowed them to have the honor of being sat on.  Bonnie, Logan, Gloria and I went to play tennis at our local park.  Logan slept thru most of the event with his stroller shields up and at full strength.  Bonnie and Gloria hit well, but I didn’t seem to get into my stride until the last 10 minutes (isn’t that always the case!).  I was sore for the next 2 day…boy I am out of shape.  Hopefully I can talk some friends into playing tennis more often.  And since Logan seemed agreeable to it, maybe Bonnie and I will try to sneak out occasionally too.
     Dora celebrated the BIG 3-0 with us. The pictures we posted of her during this time she’s all smiles….but we have others.  We went to Outback for dinner which was nice since I haven’t had a steak in a while.  Bonnie had to forgo the birthday ice-cream cake for the sake of Logan, but the rest of us enjoyed it.
     After all the sisters left on Sunday, Logan seemed a little upset the rest of they day.  Bonnie thought it was because he missed them….I thought it was due to the noise level dropping  back down to normal. 
     We are very honored they took the time and long flight to come out…I guess the ball is in our court for the next visit.

Sis Invasion

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  Yesterday Dora, Bonnie’s youngest sister, arrived.  She got in some early ‘Logan-Time’   before the rest of the clan arrive, but I think her loyalties still primarily lay with Scottie. Gloria, Yvonne and possibly her youngest kid Kevin will be flying in on Wednesday.  I have a feeling I will be implementing some ‘timeouts’ this week…maybe for myself

Wells Fargo Makes Sure I’m OK

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magglass You ever see that episode of Friends where the Credit Card company calls Rachel to make sure she’s ok because she hasn’t been using her card?   No?   I watch too much TV.

Anyways, I received an automated message on our phone from Wells Fargo stating that they noticed that I haven’t been using my ATM card.  Don’t I realize all the places I can use it?

What exactly do they expect the outcome of me listening to that message to be?  Am I supposed to say…..”Oh yeah, I have been completely ignoring my ATM card….let me get that baby out and go to town”.     I think it would be more like….”Why are they bothering me at home about my ATM usage and why they snooping on me?”    Dumb.  Dumb.  Dumb.

Now I’m off to fill up my car with Premium Unleaded.

Yoga Time

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Post from Assistant Editor: Bonnie

    Logan and I went to try out Postnatal Yoga today. The class was focused on giving Yoga Mommies some toning exercises and teaching us some fun interactions with our little-ones.  There were babies in the class ranging from 8 weeks to 8 months of age.  Logan behaved very well there, watching Mommy doing some funny poses, making funny noises and faces at him, and attempting to sing along with the lullabies. 

     After 30mins of fun time, Logan became very exhausted and fell asleep after his feeding.  I had to finish up the remaining stretches and dancing without him.  Logan slept quite well the entire ride back home, and I will definitely have a good nap tonight with my sore body.

PS.  Tomorrow Logan and I have another adventure:  Movie Day !

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