Second Set of Molars

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    I have not checked Connor’s teeth for awhile, and yesterday I finally saw that all four of the second molars have surfaced and are more than halfway grown.  Hopefully this is the reason that he has been drooling so much again lately.


Logan’s Update

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     Yesterday Logan had to stay home again, so he missed out on the last field trip of the year.  It was a trip to Hidden Villa.  When I was dropping off Connor in the morning, I saw all the older kids wearing the school T-shirts, excited while getting rimageeady for the outing.  I heard that the kids had a chance to see many farm animals and tried eating the edible parts of some plants.  I bet Logan would have liked this field trip.  However, Logan ended up having a great day off with daddy; they spent all day playing together at home and in the yard.

    Fortunately, Logan was well enough to go to school today.  I was so relieved as I drove both kids to school.  Logan did not fuss at all at drop off, and he started playing with one of his buddies. 

Nap Routine

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   I forgot to write about this.  Connor knew that I have softened up and let him sleep with me during naptime now, so he has had a great time with that this past long weekend.  It was funny that he is the one suggesting naptime each of the three days.  After lunch, we usually hang out a bit before telling the kids to go nap. image However, shortly before we announced naptime, Connor suddenly looked at me and said “night-night?”  Once I agreed, he had the biggest smile and started his fast one-arm swinging run all the way to the doorway of our bedroom.  The first day he tried to recruit daddy to go too, but after daddy denied him, he was fine as long as I was following him.  He was so giggling all the way until being placed onto the bed.  He tried to lay down, but kept popping up so much to kiss me that my face got all droolly from him.  It took a few minutes for him to finally calm down before he could fall asleep.  Both of us enjoyed our 2 hour rest every day of this long weekend.

Scottie’s Doctor Visit

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    Logan woke up in very good mood, but unfortunately, he had to stay home today as he had fever yesterday.  After dropping off Connor, I came home to spend time with Logan.  We did some worksheets, mazes, and some cutting and gluing.  Logan was doing well, so we decided to go shopping at Target too.  Besides shopping for essentials, Logan and I were looking for a bigger backpack for the upcoming trip.  Logan did not like the kid backpacks as he claimed that they were too big.  But he fell in love with a kid rolling luggage.  He followed me while pulling the luggage the remaining trip at Target; he only parted from it briefly when the cashier scanned the product.  Logan kept telling me that we had to be gentle with the luggage to prevent it from breaking.

    After lunch, Logan went down for a nap.  Unfortunately he woke up with a fever again.  He was sad and needy again, and wanted only daddy.  After some convincing, he finally took the medicine, and another 30 minutes later, he was finally ok to hang with me instead of daddy.  We played for awhile, then it was time for Scottie’s doctor visit.

    I thought it would be interesting for Logan, so I took him along to the visit.  Scottie always cries during the drive, so Logan said “Scottie needs his mommy and where is his mommy?”.  While the doctor took Scottie in for a vaccine and a blood draw, I was explaining to Logan that Scottie is older now and we need to take him to the doctor regularly for check up.  Then Logan said “we should get a new one”.  One minute he was so sensitive, then the next, not so much.


   Updates about poor Scottie, he has lost another 5oz the past year, now down to only 8lb 13oz.  The doctor was worried that his kidney function might be worse now, so suggested doing another blood test panel.  She also felt that Scottie was dehydrated and recommended routine IV replacement.  The nurse came in to show me how to give him a 150cc IV fluid; Scottie tolerated it very well.  The doctor will call me tomorrow with the lab result and with the recommendation for the frequency of IV fluid.  Will keep finger crossed for good result tomorrow.

Sicky Monday

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     We had initially planned to go to Gilroy Garden today, but after Logan woke up today, he seemed slightly under the weather.  He was flushed at times, having a slight leaky nose and asked to sit on our laps often which was unusual too, so we decided against a long outing.  However we did go to a local park for some fresh air; we went for the train ride and played at the structures.  Both boys were excited for the train ride while we waited in line; Connor kept looking far away for any sights of the train and would be thrilled to tell me when he saw it.  At one point, he suddenly said something like “grandma” and kept pointing to someone; it turned out that he saw a woman with short white hair that reminded him of grandma, cute! imageimageimage

    During the ride, Logan was calmly riding and waving to people while holding Daddy’s hand.  Connor seemed more reserved, so he was leaning on me, but enjoyed looking around.  But after the ride was over, he asked for “more”.  We took a snack and played at the structures for a bit before going home for lunch.  Then we went down for a nap. 

    The sad thing was that after the nap, Logan woke up with a fever.  Stuart said that Logan came out of the room in tears and said “I don’t feel good”.  He was burning hot; it took lots of convincing and tears before he was wiling to take the liquid medicine.  He was acting fine the rest of the day after the medicine kicked in.  We planned on giving him another dose of medicine after dinner.  At one point, I asked him if he preferred the “tablet” medicine instead, Logan said “Yea, I want to play with the Tablet”….so we used the term ‘pill’ from then on. 

   I initially planned to work tomorrow on Tuesday, but now will take it off to be with Logan.  Hopefully he will be well tomorrow and be able to return to school on Wed as he will have a field trip that day too.

Sunday Playdate

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     Logan has been asking to have his friend Rohan over to play lately, so today we invited his, along with another classmate Bar’s, family over.  As soon as the girls arrived, Connor immediately followed them and watched them play.  Logan however was looking sad until Rohan arrived, then the two of them started running around and playing as well.  Connor eventually ended up shifting over to hang with the boys.  The boys and the girls more often than not played separately.  Whenever the girls entered the room where the boys were, the boys would run away to another room.  imageimageThe parents all had a chance to relax, eat and chat while the kids played on their own.  Connor often took breaks and ran to me to say hi and give me hugs.  Logan had a good time with Rohan and imageeveryone else, but Stuart had heard him twice having a spat and telling Rohan that it was time for him to go home.  However they would soon get passed it and play together again.  After lunch, the kids all enjoyed the Oreo chocolate cupcakes I made, but most of them were able to eat only half of the serving, but Connor almost ate the entire cupcake, and even asked for more when he saw more of them in the kitchen later.  A little over 3 hours of play, there was no crying at all which was quite amazing.  As soon as everyone left, we all went down to take a good nap.

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