TB Skin Test

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     I had an appointment yesterday to enroll Connor into the Kindergarten Program for Fall.  I brought along all the verification paperwork that Stuart prepared for me, but unfortunately the registration could not proceed.  I was told that Connor needed to have a TB skin test done.  He is considered at high risk because I have a history of a positive TB skin test.  I picked Connor up from school slightly earlier than usual and arrived to Campbell before the Pedi clinic closed.  The receptionist and the nurse talked with Connor for a little bit, and he answered them nicely with short answers.  When it was time to get the injection in, I sat Connor on my lap and held his arm still as instructed.  Both Connor and I stared down at the needle while thimagee nurse barely punctured his skin and injected the fluid.  Connor did not make any noise or even flinch; he just sat very still and waited for further instruction.  The nurse then offered him some stickers to choose and Connor was happy to do so.  Since he was so brave, he was told he could get as many as he liked, and he stopped after four stickers.  As we were walking away from Pedi, Connor kept his arm very still and told me “Mommy, it starts to hurt”.  His voice was a bit shaky and I thought he was going to cry.  I appraised him how brave he was and distracted him by suggesting to go to the bathroom, and it worked.  When we saw Stuart later, Connor was so proud to tell him that “Daddy, it did not hurt at all”.  Connor is definitely one little brave boy!

Lego Builder

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    One of the things we did over the weekend was shopping at a toy store to use part of the boys’ red envelope money, and of course, they were thrilled.  Logan was thinking about a Lego set, but he wanted to browse around the store.  Connor did not really have much in mind, but was happily looking and playing with different toys.  We finally migrated to the Lego area.  Logan is still not very good with his monetary values, so he contemplated between many different models.  He finally made a decision and was very happy with a Star War set with Stormtroopers.  Connor suddenly thought about a Transformer; with the help from Stuart, he was pleased to find one to take home.   They both went up to the cashier and paid for the toys with their own money.  They were giggly with the whole process.

    After dinner, Logan was still thinking about the Lego set and opted out of playing King of Tokyo with us to start putting it together.  For the first time, Logan was putting the entire set on his own and he was doing great.  He occasionally came check on us on the game, but otherwise, he was quite focused building the Lego.  We all joined him when our game was finished, and we were proud to see how grown up Logan is now.  In the meantime, Connor and I figured out how to transform his Transformer, and Connor had fun playing with it.  The two boys had a good time with their own purchases.

    One thing Logan brought home from the winter camp was a couple of Rainbow Loom bracelets.  Since I had learned how to put one together from one of Logan’s classmates once, we tried it on our own.  Logan learned it quickly and put together another bracelet and a long rope too.  He enjoyed wearing all of them over the weekend.


Field Trip to SF

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     Logan came back safe today from the longest field trip he had taken thus far.  Honestly Stuart and I were a bit nervous about this field trip.  We worried if Logan would feel motion sickness or if he needed to use the bathroom during the long bus ride up to the San Francisco Exploratorium.  The actual location visit we imagewere not too worried as we know Logan would follow instructions there.  Logan was very excited in the morning; he quickly changed his clothes and put on the camp t-shirt when he woke up.  He then held on dearly to the ten dollars that he was going to bring with him for a possible souvenir purchase.  We arrived at the classroom on time, and he quickly said goodbye to me.

     When we picked Logan up at the end of the day, he looked tired.  The extended care teachers let us know that the kids just barely returned from the field trip.  The bus ride was very slow; it took two hours to return from San Francisco, everyone seemed tired.  After some questioning to Logan later, we found out that his favorite part of the day was buying things at the gift shop.  He showed us the pen and a puzzle stamper that he purchased and the change he brought back.  His second favorite part was the dance floor at the Exploratorium.  He said they ate their lunches outdoors and he saw three ships.  For the drive, they were able to sit anywhere in the bus, and he sat with a staff member.  He took a nap on the way home.  Everyone had a partner to stay with, and he happened to pair with a boy, named Victor, who was in Logan’s soccer team before.  There was one thing Logan made a more personal comment to; “The boy was weird.  He kept wandering off on his own, but he always comes back later”.  Logan did not show too much excitement, but we know that he had fun today.  Tomorrow will be the last day of this winter camp; this week has certainly gone by quite fast.

Chinese New Year

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      I had yesterday off to do some studying but it also gave me an opportunity to clean up the house to prepare for New Year.  I also made the vegetarian dish that I put together every year for the special day.  After the chores were all done, Stuart and I picked up the boys to head out for a Chinese dinner for the New Year Eve tradition.  We decided to try a relatively local restaurant this time.  It was not that busy there as its clients were mainly non-Asian, but the food was tasty.  All of us had a good appetite and ate a lot; the boys enjoyed some chocolate coins I brought for them afterward too.  We had overheard the neighboring table was celebrating a lady’s 98th birthday there, and so on our way out, we said Happy Birthday to her.  She was so thrilled that she gave the boys both a kiss on their hands.  It was funny that the boys were giggly wondering who this lady was and why they got a kiss from her.

    When we were home, we decided to let the boys try out the Chinese outfits I purchased.  They loved wearing them as they felt like they were doing Kung Fu.  They were even happier when Stuart and I gave them each a red envelope for New Year!  Logan was glad to take part of the money for his field trip today, and Connor is keeping the money for latter use.

    This morning as I was giving new tops for the boys to wear for the day, Connor requested to wear his Chinese top again.  He said he wanted to be Kung Fu Panda.  After he changed, he became slightly worried that he would be out of place at school.  However, Connor ended up wearing the top all day and enjoyed getting attention from all the teachers. 



Winter Camp

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     Logan has this week off from school, so we put him in the local community center for the winter camp.  He was not too thrilled initially and stated that he would rather stay home to play games.  He was slightly grumpy on the first morning getting ready, but once we were on our way there, he was fine.  When we arrived at the room, Logan and I walked around to check out the toys on the table.  He settled with a Guess Who game; while the camp instructor showed him how to play the game, another boy joined in.  Logan seemed to be engaged, and so I said goodbye and excused myself.  When Stuart picked him up at the end of the day, it appeared that Logan had a good day.  He even complained that Stuart picked himageim up too soon as he did not get to go down to the gym with the remaining kids.  He also told us that he made an alien with 4 arms with clay.

    Today we got to the community center a bit later, so there were more kids there by then.  Logan looked around, found a good place for his backpack among the many other ones, then he said bye to me and settled down to play Lego.  He however did come out to me twice to say some random things before he finally stayed in the room.  This afternoon when we all went to pick Logan up at the gym, he was in a huff which was very unusual.  The extended care instructors came to tell us that he was fine playing with Lego until they came down to the gym.  He decided that he did not want to join the few kids to play and stayed on his own by the side.  Later we finally got some words from him that he wanted to continue to play Lego.  But we are still not quite certain why he felt so strongly about what he played today.

    Tomorrow they will be going to a field trip to San Francisco Exploratorium, and Logan is quite excited about it.  He has already reminded me that I have to get their breakfast ready early so I can drop him off on time as instructed. 

Favorite Sports

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     We all had President’s Day off today, so we went for some exercise, tennis, in the morning.  After some warm up, Logan was hitting quite well, making contact most of the time.  He has been using a two handed swing lately which made him slightly stronger.  We have been asking him to stand further back from the net.  Connor is quite patient at the court.  He would stand nicely waiting for balls to come his way or for us to drop balls for him to swing.  His swings were big and quite smooth.  When he actually had a good contact and a good hit, he would hold his pose there for at least 10 seconds with a proud smile.  He was funny.  Later he told me that he had good hits because he is a Power Ranger.

   Tonight Logan had basketball practice as usual despite it being a holiday which was fine with us.  Connor was interested to go, so we supported Logan there as a family.  But most of the time Connor was out in the playground with either Stuart and I playing with a basketball.  He is doing better withimage dribbling; the longest run was 53.  He tried to steal the ball from me and vice versa.  He made up some crazy games to play at the playground with the basketball.  He also showed me his hopscotch skill too.

    Tonight at dinner, we asked the boys their current favorite sports to play.  Logan and Connor both came up with the same sports in the same order.  1) Tennis, 2) basketball, 3) soccer.

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