Bathroom Remodeling

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    The bathroom remodeling was not easy, from planning and shopping, then waiting for their daily plans on the workers’ arrival and the dust everywhere in the house. Other than some delays and no-shows which frustrated us, I imagine the job actually went well as the end product is beautiful.  Today they will come for a little finishing touch, then our bathroom will be done.  We are thrilled.  We now can clean up the whole house and finally finish decorating for Christmas.





Run Turkey Run “Leftovers”

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    Our local community resumed the Run Turkey Run this year, but they held it on Saturday after Thanksgiving and called it the “Leftovers”.  We signed up and Lisa/Cole joined us.  The turnout this year was not as good as the usual on Thanksgiving day.  Logan and Connor had made a plan to run with Cole, and the rest of us planned to walk.  Logan did well, finished the 5K in 27 mins with Cole.  Connor was a bit disappointed that he could not keep up with them, but he managed to finish the run on his own in 33 mins which was a lot faster than 3 years ago at the last run.  Stuart, Lisa and I were talking and taking our time, then by 2nd half, we decided to try to make up time.  I managed to finish one minute faster than my last time.  We were all exhausted by the time we walked home after the event.


Thanksgiving 2022

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     Suddenly Connor is showing more interests in baking and cooking.  He wanted to make some gingerbread cookies from scratch.  He found a recipe; we made it twice and he was proud of how they turned out.  imageIMG_20221127_155213

      Then for Thanksgiving, he would like to help out.  He made us a pumpkin pie while I made a chocolate pecan pie.  Then I made the turkey and Connor helped me with all the side dishes.  He set up the table and we had a wonderful meal.  We are thankful for a peaceful and lovely holiday together.


Halloween 2022

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    This year, both boys are done with dressing up or trick n treating.  So they were going to help with passing out candies.  Unfortunately the crew did not start on their work early on Monday and ended up staying behind to finish work before the rough inspection on Tuesday.  Thus their tools were outside our house the whole time while the trick n treaters were coming, but we managed to pass out candies.  Connor was helping with the smoke machine, so our trick n treaters liked our decors.  The evening ended early as it was a Monday.  We still have plenty of candies left for us to consume.


Anniversary 2022

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 image  Our anniversary this year lied on a Saturday; thus it was nice to have a day off altogether.  Connor wanted to make us breakfast, so he made pancakes for us.  Logan reluctantly helped him and made us some bacons too.  With a short notice, we managed to find a tee time at Sunken Garden, a short course that Stuart and I had played in long time ago.  It was nice for the boys to try a different course and it was pretty there.  The unfortunate thing was that we were following two very slow 4-somes; we had much better etiquette than they did, and we ended up waiting a lot at every hole.  Overall, the boys had some great hits and some good putts.  Logan scored better than I for sure.  I always enjoyed being out on the course and had a good time.


    In the evening, we chose our usual local place, and really enjoyed a nice meal and drinks.  This was how we celebrated our 17th anniversary.image

Bathroom’s remodeling 2022

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    We have decided to remodel the boys’ bathroom.  We picked the contractor, met with the designer to shop for the materials while the permit was being obtained.  The demolition began on 10/19 and this project will last a few weeks’; the final inspection is scheduled on 11/18.  We can’t wait for this whole thing to wrap up.


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