Preschool Parent Workshop

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     There was a workshop for the parents at Logan’s school tonight, so I left to attend after having dinner with the boys.  The headmaster along with the preschool and kindergarten teachers were there to welcome the parents.  The purpose of the workshop was to share with us how they teach the kids at school.  They use fun activities to incorporate materials for teaching, and they especially sing a lot of educational songs.  The teachers shared the things the kids will learn in preschool, and the things they will learn in kindergarten as well.  I guess since I was not taught English the proper way, I was a bit overwhelmed with all the phonic rules they talked about, however I did like their teaching methods.  One of the things they brought up was how they count by stacking up bears to ten, then I remembered how Logan has been asking for 10 teddy bears cookies after dinner, so he can stack them up.  I guess the learning has begun.

    When I got home, the boys had just finished the bath, so I made it just in time to say goodnight to Logan and put Connor to bed.


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      After a few weeks of dealing with switching schools, we are now returning to a regular routine and I was able to attend my gym class today.  Stuart told the kids where I was after he picked them up from school.  When I returned home, Connor was so excited to seimagee me, and he kept flopping his arms and saying a word that I did not recognize.  Then he said “Gym?”; I finally realized that he was imitating how he thinks I exercise and asking if I was at the gym.  I was surprised that he remembered what daddy told him.  During our bedtime reading, we went across a book showing some animals exercising.  Connor pointed to the page and said “Momma”, then he looked up to me and said “Gym!”.  I was again impressed how much he understands.

Show and Tell

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     Logan’s class has a show and tell on Mondays.  We were told to bring a book this week for Logan to talk about in front of his class.  So on Monday, Logan chose one of his recent favorite books, Ninjago, to bring to school.  At the end of the day, the imageteacher reported that Logan was happy to talk about the ninjas in the front of his class.  Logan was excited carrying the book home; when we arrived at Connor’s school to pick him up, he wanted to show the book to Connor’s teacher as well.  Later when we returned home, Logan brought the book over to our neighbor to also show them.  We tried to ask Logan specifics about what he shared in class, but all he told us was the first sentence “My name is Logi Brown”.

More Imagination

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     The last few days, Logan started using the phrase “When I grow up”.  One night when we were reading, Logan pointed to one of the characters in the book and said “Mommy, I want to be him when I grow up”.  This morning he looked at a couple of paintings in the spare bathroom, and he asked where the paintings were and how do we get there.  After I answered the questions, Logan said “Let’s go there when I grow up”.  While we saimagew a fireman in the cartoon, Logan said “I want to be a fireman when I grow up”.

   Logan also now likes role playing.  He loves Ninjago and knows the ninjas’ names.  He will call himself as one of them, and will name all of us as their other ninjas.  We will then start our mission going around the house to fight the bad guys.

     Logan now seems to scare more easily from reading books too.  Stuart has come out with a book or two from Logan’s room at the end of reading time.  Basically, Logan was interested in reading those books, but afterward, he will tell daddy that they are too scary and ask him to take them out of his room.

Last Visit to Happy Hollow

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     Our passes to Happy Hollow will be expiring at the end of the month, so we paid our last visit there today.  Logan’s favorite areas are the puppet castle and the huge climbing structure, but today Logan suggested to see the animals first.  They both were curious to see the animals, but not enough to want to touch them.  After the zoo, we picked up lunch and headed over to watch the puppet show while we ate.  The kids enjoyed watching “Three Little Pigs” especially since they were familiar with the story.  imageAfter the show, we moved on to the big structure per Logan’s request.  By then, I told Logan that Rohan was coming to join us; Logan was quite excited, he called out to daddy to share the news.  The two big boys immediately ran off together toward the big structure while Connor stayed with me and asked for snack again.  We attempted to convince all the boys to try some amusement park rides, but they were not interested.  We finally were able to encourage them trying a type of manual peddling carts.  Both Logan and Rohan were not coordinated with their legs well enough to peddle very well, so Nanda and I ended up doing a lot of coaching to get them through the circle track.  When we finished, we realized that Connor was on the only toddler cart (with Stuarts assistance) which used his arms to move.  He seemed to have gotten the hang of it and he looked so proud as we all cheered him on to the finish line. 


     Afterward, the boys suggested riding Danny the Dragon ride when we walked by it.  We had not ridden this ride for a long time as the ride was a bit slow, but we fulfilled the kids’ request and got in line.  We ended up waiting a long time before our turn, and on top of that, there was a boy possibly 5 or 6 year old, trying to board the ride without any parents.  It took awhile before the operator found another employee to take the boy away imagebefore we could take off.  By then, poor Connor was getting tired and kept rubbing his eyes.  So after the ride, we said our goodbyes to Rohan and his daddy before we went home for a nap. 

      It was nice that Rohan and Logan could see each other again, since the preschool change and we were told that Rohan doesn’t seem to be enjoying school as much since Logan is no longer there.

Work Summer Picnic

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     We went to the Santa Clara summer picnic today; this was the first year that we were invited to this work party.  It was being held at a country club in Boulder Creek, and it took a very long and windy road to get there.  Fortunately the kids were sleeping and Stuart drove slowly, so we arrived at the party right at the start without any motion sickness.  imageRobyn and family were there just before us.  We were able to check out the facility and all it had to offer; this was a nice secluded place in the woods.  We played with foosball and ping pong for a bit, and we had the chance to get first dip on the barbeque food.  The kids were not too into eating as they wanted to go around to play.  Shortly after, we migrated to the nice pool area to enjoy the beautiful weather.  imageThe water however was quite cold, so we did not push the kids to go into the pool with Stuart.  Later when Michelle and family arrived, we all just hung out together.  The boys and I enjoyed sitting around the pool side and playing with some pool toys while watching Brandon, Peyton, Mckayla and later Marcus in the water.  Later on Logan taught Connor how to play with the round floaties which Logan called them “donuts”, imageimageand the two of them walked around with one “donut” each for awhile.  Stuart, along with Ted and Dave, played with basketball for awhile, and then moved on to tennis afterward.  But they actually were teaching Brandon and Logan how to play instead.  This was the first time Logan ever tried tennis, and Stuart said Logan was a bit frustrated not able to hit the ball.  Connor liked walking around the facility, and we just stopped to talk with other people at times.  Connor occasionally asked to “eat”, but unfortunately, there were not much Connor was interested to eat there, so he ended up having some portions of fruits a few times.  After hanging out for several hours, Logan suggested going home, but he changed his mind and wanted to dip our feet in the pool for a bit longer.  We then packed up, said our goodbyes, and made the windy drive home without any problems either.

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