Christmas Stroll (pictures)

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Christmas Stroll

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   This year we decided not to go to the Christmas in the Park but instead we went to Santana Row.  We knew it would be busy there, but we were lucky to find parking relatively quickly.  The street was nicely decorated with lots of lights, beautiful trees and huge reindeers.  We headed to the restaurant first before the crowds did, and had a nice dinner.  Afterward we took our time to look around the stores.  As we were heading to the Amazon store, we found a Netgear shop.  They had the coolest gadgets and it was very interesting browsing around.  The boys later found a game room in the back and thrilled to play games inside; they both wished to have such a nice game room in our house.  We strolled around more on this beautiful street and took some more pictures.  There were many people there and some even dancing to the Christmas music.  This was a definitely a nice spot to get into the holiday spirits.

The Warriors Game

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     I had been interested to watch one of the Warriors games live as I figured the boys and I would enjoy the experience there.  Stuart is not a huge fan to watch a live game, but he gave in eventually.  We bought tickets to the game on 12/22; we were excited.  We arrived at the Oracle early, waited in line for a bit, and we were finally able to get inside 90 minutes prior to tipoff.  As soon as we were inside, the boys wanted to know where we would be sitting even before we looked for snacks.  We had purchased the seats up on the upper level, but actually where we were was not bad, and we brought a pair of binoculars just in case.  We also liked the angle to the court and we were happy to be next to the aisle for convenience.  Next we walked around the arena to check out the food offerings available; the boys decided to start with popcorn and Stuart chose a beer, and we returned to our seats. 


    We enjoyed watching the stars warming up, a kid game and other pregame activities. It was then the national anthem, the introduction of the player, and the game began.  It was so much fun cheering for the Warriors with the crowds.  Initially Connor was complaining that the noise was too loud, so I was a bit worried how he could last the entire game.  Fortunately he seemed to get used to it and enjoyed cheering later.  At half time, we were looking forward to watching the halftime show.  We were jokingly hoping for the Red Panda lady, but the show was a huge group of youths dancing and they did great.  The entire time we were there, the boys were quite engaged and they definitely enjoyed having snacks too.  We had some fish/chips and pretzels later.  Connor was waiting for ice cream guy to return, but he never did again.  Toward the end of the game, we cheered even louder.  We cheered hardest when the opponent missed their free throws; the entire arena eventually got a free burger coupon as one player missed both once.  The game was very exciting especially down to the last two minutes, and our team eventually won.  My voice was getting harsh after all the cheering.  This was a fun outing and we did not even mind that it took us awhile to get out of the parking afterward.


Connor’s Holiday Party

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     I volunteered at Connor’s class party on Thursday.  I worked at the station helping kids making an ice cream snowman and they could enjoy the treat afterward.  The kids who came through my station enjoyed decorating and loved having ice cream for breakfast.  Some of them shared with me what they liked for Christmas and what they would do for their break.  Connor was happy to come join me finally with his group.   The rest of the class were scattered among other stations where they played some games and did some coloring.  The hour and an half of fun time went by fast, and I had to say bye to Connor and headed back to work.


Last Holiday Meals/Parties

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    The supervisors at work hosted a lunch on Thursday for everyone; we were served lots of food and bobba drinks afterward.  We were encouraged to wear ugly sweaters and there was a winner too.  On Friday night, I attended the last holiday department party.  It was a dinner at an Italian restaurant with the nephrology group; it was a smaller group and only 11 of us.  We had a nice chat and a good meal together.  We also played a White Elephant gift exchange; I ended up with a lame gift but the game was still fun.  This wrapped up all the work gatherings.


Another Super STEM Workshop

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    Over a week ago on Sunday was Connor’s another STEM workshop hosted by the two parents.  This time they chose to introduce the kids to the Lego Robotic as one parent’s older kid went through it and they still had the table at their house.  I dropped Connor off that rainy Sunday and I got talked in to staying and having teas with the moms.  For the two hours, the kids learned the basics of coding for computer/robots, and played a fun team game.  Then the dad showed them the Lego robots and did some challenges together.


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