Mother’s Day 2022

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   For this day, I was happy to ask to play golf without any objections.  Logan had some strong hits; he seemed to be able to get more milage than I could now with the same club. Logan also managed to get on green in one in a few holes.  Connor had some good hits, and a few went to water and sand.  The great thing was that he did not give up and was willing to continue to hit.  He hit out of the sand for the first time and was able to get it out in one.  On the last hole, 9th, both boys made to the green in one while Stuart and I were only surrounding the greens; thus the boys were thrilled with that.  All of us have to get better with our putting to improve our game.  I messed up the scorecard, but likely Stuart was 1st, Logan 2nd, and Connor and I were probably close to each other.  The thing I was most happy with was that we were in good mood and it was a good golf day.


P.S. I was surprised that Connor’s class had the kids made a mother’s day writing.  I was happy to receive this from Connor.image

Tracks and Fields

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    The boys are trying out tracks and fields for this last part of the year. The coach this year let the kids trying out many different T&F events which is a great experience, however our boys did not care to try too much.  Connor chose shotput from the get-go and later Logan followed his lead since shotput seemed to have less pressure.  We wanted the boys to try another event but we could not change their minds.  The first meet was on a Sat, so Stuart and I both went with them.  Connor somehow got signed up for 4X100 as well as shotput.  When it was time for that race, we watched Connor closely; he was assigned to the last leg so it was even more exciting.  Somehow though the race finished and we still did not see Connor.  Later we found out that his team did not get assigned to a lane which we did not understand how, so all four of the teammates just waited and did not get to race.  This was very upsetting for everyone!  Then we went to watch the boys do shotputs.  They both were very conservative out there and did not push themselves very much.  Overall this was not a good meet for the boys.


    The 2nd meet was last Wednesday.  Connor did not want to run 4X100 this time, so he and Logan both did shotput only.  I watched the other Broncos doing relays and other track events; and they all did well.  Then it was time for shotputs; this time the boys did put in more effort.  Connor ended up #3 of the 6th graders, so he was very happy with it.


    The 3rd meet is tomorrow, but unfortunately both Stuart and I have a busy Monday and hard to coordinate the transportation; the boys were happy to skip out this time.  They will have one more meet next week.

Stuart’s BD 2022

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    Stuart does not have many days off from work, so he did not take his birthday off, thus I returned to work as well.  So his birthday seemed like an ordinary day with school and work.  We did enjoy a dinner of Stuart’s choice and had a cake of our choice.  He received some presents from us, and hope he liked them.  It was a low key pleasant birthday for Stuart.

   Buddy is now with us for 3 years.  He received a small gift of treats from us in honor of his adoption day.


Easter 2022 (late post)

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    Connor remembered that we did not do an egg hunt last year, so he kept reminding us to have one in April.  We prepared for it and the boys had fun looking for the eggs in the yard.  Connor unfortunately got very disappointed that he picked up most of the “rotten eggs”, the one with chores messages.  Logan was lucky and found most of the good messages.  Wonder if Connor would want another egg hunt next year.


Yosemite 2022

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     I have been trying to get the family to Yosemite for over a year; once it was cancelled due to pandemic and then we cancelled for a major fire in Yosemite.  We finally prepared to go in spring break this year.  The weather forecast there was very nice in March / April, but suddenly the temperature would drop drastically in the midst of our trip. We hesitated a bit and we decided to keep the trip anyway and enjoy a snow day.  We arrived the Tenaya Lodge on Sunday afternoon.  Since we could not check in yet, we drove to Wawona to visit the Heritage Park.  There was a beautiful creek and cool structures, so it was a good start.

    The lodge was a nice place. We got a room in a cottage, so we could have our car parked outside the building and we were only 3 mins walk to the main lodge.  The hotel had a nice deli and a good restaurant, and they were where we had most of our meals.  The place also had an awesome playroom, so the boys and I had spent some good time inside.  I was able to play quite a bit of pool which I loved, and I taught the boys some basics as well.  The only drawback was that Stuart had to be with Buddy, thus we could not all go play in there together.

     We had a big snow day on Monday, but since we had planned to spend a day in, it was beautiful to hang out and watch the snow.  The only thing we had forgotten was snow gears for Buddy.  This was the first time Buddy saw snow; and he was quite excited to touch or walk on them.  But without the snow gears, we had to keep him out only up to 30 mins at a time, so we could not go for a snow hike.

   The next day the sky was all cleared and we had a sunny day, so we planned to drive inside to the Yosemite Park.  We were given a worry as the traffic was super slow and it took us 30 minutes just to get to the gate and the ranger warned us about ice during the drive.  Fortunately there was no snow and the drive was uneventful.  We immediately came to the must see “Tunnel View” and captured some good pictures.  Then we headed to Bridalveil falls which had plenty of water and was breathtaking.  The area was closed for construction but we were able to walk around it to check it out.  Then we went to the village, did a bit of shopping and had a picnic lunch.  Afterward, we managed to find parking and took a stroll at the Yosemite Falls.  Again, the fall was beautiful and the pave hike was very nice.  There were a couple more hiking spots that I had marked down that allowed doggies, but by then in late afternoon, we decided to head back to the lodge and said goodbye to Yosemite park.  We were happy to have a smooth visit and easy drive for this day trip.

    After another nice evening and a good morning at the lodge, I signed us up for a session with archery after lunch.  The archery was quite fun; all four of us had some good practice, and Buddy was keeping himself content just watching us too.  With that, we hopped on our car and had another nice drive home to end our spring break trip.


Here are the photos from our trip.

Backyard Project

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    Our plan was to make the unused corner of the backyard into a practical area.  We started by removing the old kids’ climbing structure.  Then over the many weeks, we removed old rubber mulch, replaced with pea pebbles, leveled the ground and added deck tiles.  I then placed some planters and planted some Blue Agaves.  We decided to use the area for the grill and dining table set.  Stuart and I are quite happy with the outcoming of our DIY project, and we found ourselves using the dining table much more than we did in the previous spot.  With this move, we also have a bigger play area for basketball too.


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