A Day at the Merons

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     We were invited to the Merons for BBQ today.  They had remodeled their house recently and now their backyard is being done, but the deck was ready to entertain.  We were the first to arrive.  Without Rohan there, the boys decided to take a snack first.  Once Rohan’s family and the other couple arrived, the kids were off to play.  The adults helped set up a bouncy house for the kids, then we sat down to enjoy the food in the backyard.  The weather was strange; it was hot in the sun but a bit chilly in the shade.  But we managed to situate quite comfortable out there.  The kids went between playing at the bouncy house and watching TV all afternoon.  Connor cried once claiming that Raz stepped on him but he was fine.  Later Logan cried which I was more worried since it was unlike him.  He fell on his back inside the bouncy house; he claimed that it really hurt but he recovered.  While we took a break to eat, he told me that he would never return to the bouncy house.  Later everyone was back in it including Logan.  By 3pm or so, Rohan’s family decided to go home.  The rest of us stayed behind longer.  Connor wanted to go into the trampoline to jump with Bar.  I am always a bit nervous with trampoline so I watched Connor closely.  Later Logan wanted to join in.  They jumped for awhile and had fun.  Finally Raz wanted in too, by then it was a bit too crowded.  Raz just got a bit close to Connor, and there was another crying time from Connor.  Later they returned inside the house for another movie.  After hanging out for six hours, we finally packed up to go home.  Connor did not look tired while we were there but he did join Logan for a power nap during the last 5 minutes of the drive.  We took an early bath and a quick dinner, then the kids were down early.  We all were feeling quite tired after this long outing.


Stuart’s Birthday

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     It was Stuart’s birthday yesterday and we had a mellow celebration just the way he likes it.  For days preceding the birthday, the boys were excited for daddy and they had been debating the type of cakes they wanted to get for him.  On Friday, while Logan and Stuart were at the basketball practice, Connor and I went to pick up the cake.  Connor always wants to help, so he helped me wrap the presents when we got home.  I asked him to keep the presents a secret, but he was so giggly and shared the secret with Stuart at dinner time.  On Saturday, the boys were happy to say happy birthday to daddy, loved singing the song and enjoyed the cake afterward.


Sport Saturday

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    We started Saturday early as Logan had picture day for the basketball league before his usual morning game, so Stuart and Logan left first.  Connor and I then met them at the gym just at the start of the game.  Logan seemed to have fun and was running back and forth.  Every time after each break, he appeared wanting the wrist band again to stay in the game.  He however was too polite to get hold of the ball; he stayed in his position but never really attempted to rebound.  The coach was fair and made sure that each kid had opportunities to have the ball.  Logan just dribbled the ball for a little bit and passed on to a teammate.  He did not attempt any baskets this time.  During breaks, Logan had fun with his teammate too while they waited.

     It was Connor’s turn in the afternoon.  Connor was a bit hesitant to go to his soccer class initially and complained about the shin guards, but once the class started, he was totally excited.  He followed the instructors’ advice very well and trying his best doing what he was told.  He as usual looked up to me to wave hi every now and then.  He was happy to tell us about what he did during class afterward.


Logan’s Drawings

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    Logan’s drawing changes often; lately he enjoys drawing pirates.  One day last week, he drew multiple pirate drawings, one at school (with colors), one quick scribble at home and later another one for Gloria.  All three had things in common, ie. boats, island on the left side with a palm tree, a flag on the boat and a sinking boat on the right.  Even Connor recognized the similarities in each drawing.  We really like them!


Photos from Grandma

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Grandma made us this cute video clip from our beach outing.


Unhappy Scottie

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     When we came home from the trip, Scottie was happy to see us.  He had been drinking water, however, he did not eat any of the food I left for him at all.  I immediately brought out some wet food for him, but he refused.  I kept trying with his other favorites then I went out to buy white chicken breast on Saturday morning, but we himagead no success with any of them.  Stuart rubbed the chicken to his lips and I tried putting pieces in his mouth, but he was still not interested to eat.  Other than not eating, Scottie seemed ok and not in distress.  However Scottie is already so skinny and we did not think he could last long with no foods.  So we started to prepare ourselves mentally.  We tried to have Scottie doing things he likes, like drinking from a dripping facet, sunbathing aimaget the doorstep and sitting on our laps.  We also wanted the boys to spend some times with Scottie.  Both boys volunteered their laps for Scottie eagerly.  Logan even tried to play string with him. 

    I had to wait to the vet re-opened this morning to call for an appointment.  We made the appointment at noon so I could hang out with Scottie this morning.  Stuart and I took Scottie in for the exam and to talk with the vet.  After discussing the options, we decided to try some IV fluids to help with his dehydration and in hope that he would perk back up.  As soon as we came home, Scottie actually took a couple of bites which made us quite happy.  The rest of the afternoon, I continued to hang out with Scottie while blogging.  We will see how he will do in the days to come.

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