Thanksgiving Feast

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image    The rest of the day we hung out in the house.  We watched some TV, played games and hit some table tennis.  Connor and Logan were happy that they could beat the aunties at table tennis.  The dinner was ready at 5pm.  We had quite a spread of food, turkey, ham, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, roasted potatoes, Brussels sprouts and green beans; we were happy with how everything turned out.  During dinner, Connor suggested that we go around the table to say what we were thankful for, and he was happy to start us off.  At the end of the meal, we were stuffed and satisfied.  We played some more ping pong to make room for our desserts later.


Turkey Trot

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    Gloria and Dora arrived on Wednesday night, so they could join us in our local Run Turkey Run on Thanksgiving morning.   We were ready by 8am and got out in the cold to walk to the starting place.  We cheered Dora off for her 10K race first, then we were next in line for the 5K.  Logan was telling us and Gloria to all stay and run together, but as soon as the crowd started moving, he took off running and Gloria ran after him.  Stuart, Connor and I began our speed walking together; sometimes we were even holding hands together to walk.  We saw Dora in her returning loop; she was running her full speed.  Stuart decided to start running in hope to catch up with Logan and Gloria which he did in the last mile of the run.  Connor and I were in good walking speed for the entire race; Connor never really complained of being too tired, so I did not have to find ways to distract him like the previous two years.  During the last 1/2 mile, Connor wondered if Dora would find us as she had last year; lo and behold there was Dora walking back from finish line.  She mentioned that she had seen Stuart, Logan and Gloria finishing the race together and waiting for us at the end.  Dora convinced Connor to race with her, so the two of them dashed toward the finish line and Connor was pleased that he beat auntie Dora.  We saw Stuart, Logan and Gloria waiting and cheering for us to finish, and Logan was happy to come tell us that he finished the race 20 minutes before we did.  We reviewed our times.  Dora beat her last year’s time and finished 2nd for her female age group.  The rest of us did similar to our last year’s times.  We all then walked home afterward, and the boys did not complain about being tired all the way.


Classmate’s Birthday Party

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    Connor attended another classmate’s party on Sunday.  Initially he did not want to go as Logan was not invited, then after some reasoning with Connor, he changed his mind.  The party was at Pump it Up and Connor had a good time with his classmates for two hours.  At the end of the party, the kids received a lightsaber as a party favor.  As soon as Connor received his, he immediately told me that he wanted to give that to Logan for Christmas.  We had to hide the lightsaber as soon as we returned home.


Table Tennis

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    It was a rainy weekend, so we set up the ping pong table to play.  It had been a long time since we last played, and surprisingly the boys did quite well.  Especially Connor, he was all over with his hits previously, but this time he was more controlled.  Logan was able to return many of the faster hits from Stuart.  The two of them really enjoyed themselves playing us, and later they were able to carry a short rally against each other too.  They liked it so much that they requested to play again on Sunday.


Adult Dinner Out

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     It was Guy’s birthday, so Revital suggested a dinner out while the babysitter watched all the kids.  On Saturday morning, Logan and Connor were very excited when they heard the plan; they were counting down until we left the house just before 6pm.  We arrived at the Merons at the same time as Opi and Tony did, then after we settled the kids in with the babysitter, all six of us left to drive to Santana Row.  Shortly after we got seated at the restaurant, Vrinda and Nanda arrived to join in.  The eight of us had a good time chatting, laughing and drinking.  We had wine and cocktails, appetizers, entree and desserts, and it was a nice two and a half hour evening there.  When we returned to their house, the kids were enjoying their party too and they were not ready to go home even though it was past 10pm.  We received some update from the babysitter, then we all parted our way to go home.  During the drive, we learned that Logan mostly played with Rohan on their Tablets while Connor played with other kids too.  Connor said he had fun playing “family” with Ashley and Bar; later he also played music on his Tablet for them to dance together.


Class Pictures

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    Every year the school takes individual and class pictures in the fall.  But somehow they made an error this year, and only individual ones were done.


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