Sitting with Buddy

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 imageimage     It used to be just Logan love sitting with Buddy, and now Connor wants cuddling time with Buddy just as much.  During TV or movie time, Connor often calls for the side of the couch where Buddy likes to sit, and he would be extra thrilled if Buddy put his head on his laps too.  Now Logan’s next hope is that Buddy would sleep with him.  It happened twice that Buddy stayed in the room with Logan while we tucked Logan in.  Buddy seemed quite content there until we let him back out of the room before we turned in for the night.


TV shows with me

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      Several months ago, the boys and I started watching some TV shows together; it then became a thing for us and Stuart is happy to have some free time to himself.  The boys watched one season of my favorite reality shows Project Runway and they liked it.  Next we were given a suggestion, and watched the TV series The Series of Unfortunately Events.  We really got into this one but we would only watch one episode a day.  The boys would be excited for me to return from work in the evening to watch it before or after dinner.  We enjoyed the series a lot and I guess the boys liked cuddling with me to watch together.  Then we found an Australian show InBestigators which was awesome and adorable too.  We all loved the characters and got a good laugh at them.image

    We took a break for awhile as they were not too many family shows that I like to watch as well.  Recently the boys were willing to rewatch a cartoon called Dragon Prince that they had watched.  Even though they knew the stories well, the boys were excited to watch our daily one or two episodes with me.  They kept talking about those characters now that they even named the Super Smash Pros fighting guys as Callum, Rayla and Ezran on Friday, and Connor also wanted to build a Minecraft castle after Xadia too.

   Today we found another Australian one season TV show Little Lunch that was very adorable too, and we watched a couple of episodes after lunch today.  I do really enjoy our thing together.

New Routine

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   With the past months of not socializing much with others, we settle into our own family routine.  Other than taking Buddy out altogether for a walk each night, we have a few designated entertainment nights.  Friday night is Super Smash Pro night; with all the weeks of practice, I have learned to use a few characters but I am still managing only to randomly push the buttons to hit and survive. 

     Saturday is family movie night.  The boys had their requests sometimes; Stuart and I also offered some old classics.  Here are a few that we have recently watched, ie. Karate kids, Pirates of Caribbean and Jurassic park.  We watched Over the Moon which was a random find, and the boys really liked it and have been listening to its soundtrack.  There is a series of teenager movies that Logan really wanted to watch, thus we talked Connor into watching something else with me while Logan watched with Stuart.  Fortunately Connor was ok with that; he and I enjoyed one of favorites, Greatest Showman, twice.

    Sunday night is board game night.  Obviously this is not the boys’ most favorite night, but we often have a good time playing games too.  One of their favorites lately is Coup; I am the worst in this game and I am usually the first one out.

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