Lego Camp

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    I forgot to blog about Logan’s Lego Camp last week.  We signed him up for two half day camps to make up for a full day.  It was Space Explorer in the morning and Simple Bots in the afternoon.  Logan told us that everyone learned to build the projects on their own from a diagram instruction, and if they got stuck, they could get help from the instructors or from the other campmates.  He seemed to enjoy going daily and he had learned a few of the other kids names from the class.  We barely got to see his work as he was not one who likes to show off or he was too lazy to find them for us to see at the end of the day.  We did get to see some remote controlled devices he created.  He also received a little Lego souvenir on the last day.

    When the week was over, I asked Logan which one he prefers, Galileo or Lego Camp.  He said he liked both, but he chose Galileo over Lego camp.  The reason was that he especially enjoyed the skits being played during lunch time at Galileo.


A Day Off with Logan

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      We did not sign Logan up for summer camp this week as Stuart wants to spend some solo time with him.  Since I have Mondays off, I had a chance to have one on one with Logan too.  We decided to not to share this plan with Connor to avoid any jealousy, so we started the day as usual with me and Logan dropping off of at school.  Then I decided to take Logan to a coffee shop so we both could do some work.  I brought a math and a reading workbook for him to do while I could try to do some readings.  I set the timer for an hour, and I paused it whenever Logan take any breaks.  Logan was quite intrigued by the time and checked my phone often.  Logan had taken a long break from worksheets thus far during the summer, but it did not take him long to get back on track.  After our hour of work, we went to pick up some grocery together before going home. 

     After a break in the house and lunch, I decided to take Logan to watch an IMAX film as there were no good choices of movies for us.  I had never been to an IMAX, so I thought it would be interesting for both of us.  It was quite cool as soon as we walked into the theater; both Logan and I were impressed.  Once we settled in our seats and looked around, I started to get a little worried.  I worried how the two of us with motion sickness wimageould do with this big screen.  I had brought a small blanket for us as we always do for movies, and I was prepared to sacrifice if needed.  The film “Island of Lemurs” started relatively quickly and the picture was quite moving.  At times I almost felt like we were on a roller coaster, but I managed to keep myself from being sick.  I focused on Logan’s reaction; he was sitting up and watching intensely at the beginning.  I saw Logan smiled a couple of times and he looked fascinated.  After awhile, he relaxed down onto the chair. The film was 40 minutes long; during the latter part of the film, Logan turned to tell me “I don’t like this show”, but he did return his attention to it.  Few minutes later, he asked me a question “Where do the animals go potty?”.  Toward the end, he asked for a snack, so I was relieved that Logan must not have any issue with the motion.  We left the theater and Logan claimed that he liked the film.  We had a snack in the park near the Tech while watching some kids playing with water fountains. 

    I was going to take Logan swimming later as it was a hot day, but we decided to pick Connor up first to come with us.  By the time we arrived at the club, we found out that it was closing soon as they were hosting a lifeguard party.  We then changed our plan to biking to a nearby park, so we all had some exercise to wrap up the day.

Connor’s Birthday Party

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     Connor was so excited with his birthday that we finally decided to have a small gathering to celebrate for him.  We turned in the reservation request to the cabana club a week before the big date and we did not receive confirmation until after my multiple calls on Friday.  It was frustrating; fortunately beside that, everything else went well.

    As soon as his birthday was over, Connor concentrated talking about his party.  He wanted to make sure we got everything we needed.  He kept reminding me during Logan’s basketball game on Sat morning that we needed to pick up the cupcakes afterward.  He wanted to make sure we remembered to bring the balloons and the goodies bags to the party.  We meant to walk over the cabana club 15 minutes before the start time, but we were a few minutes behind schedule and the first family had already arrived, the Merons.  We quickly walked over, and the Kaos were getting out of their car.  Once we walked into the club, we realized that our reserved site was not reserved as they should be, but since our party was small, we were fine just using the the few opened tables to get set up.  Connor seemed a bit taken back by the attention from friends, so he just sat on the bench watching us setting up.  Logan and Mckayla were hanging out together, and I was told that Logan gave Mckayla a tour to show her around.  At first all the kids were spread out in different areas, but somehow they all gathered playing in the wading pool not long later.  Connor warmed up and joined the crowd too.  The Gopals then arrived; Rohan then jumped in to the pool and played with everyone.  We were lucky that the club was quiet and basically our kids had the wadding pool to themselves almost the entire time.  It was a hot day yesterday, but the kids were fine in water while the adults stayed in shade whenever we could.  The daddies got to hung out on their own for awhile and the mommies and I chatted while watching the kids. 

     The kids stopped playing a couple of times for food.  The kids seemed to have fun moving around the tables and the bench while they ate, and the others tried to follow.  Connor was doing that too, and poor Raz kept following him but was not very successful.  Connor finally settled in in the middle of the adults and so Raz could finally sit down and eat her food too.  Later we gathered the kids again for the cupcakes.  Connor was distracted by a little owie on his thumb but he managed to enjoy the birthday song and blowing the candle.  While we enjoyed the cupcakes, Kathy, Chris, Ian, Kira and Kaia came to join us after Kira’s recital.  Logan and Connor were happy to see Ian and kept rushing him to finish eating to go play with them.  The kids ran around playing tag with each other on the grass then returned to the playground to play some more.  After a few hours of playing, our guests slowly left to go home.  We then packed up to wrap up the fun party too.

     Connor had a great time.  He enjoyed playing in the water and at the playground with his friends as well as passing out the goodies bags to them too.  He was telling everyone that he is now four years old, but once he told Auntie Michelle that he is “one million two thousands years old”.  Today while we went back to swim in the afternoon, he looked over the party area and said to me “It was a good idea to have my birthday party there”.  So mature sounding… I guess Connor is growing up!

    Here are all the photos from Connor’s birthday festivities.


Connor Turns 4

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    Connor enjoyed his birthday very much.  He has such a good memory that he remembered every request he had placed for his big day.  He woke up earlier than usual as he was so excited.  He was looking for the banner upstairs and was thrilled to see that it was being hung downstairs with the balloons.  But the little greedy boy added "Mommy, but I want 10 balloons".  He also wanted to bring many pictures and books to school, but he later agreed to bring the photo poster that we had made for Logan in the past along with one of his favorite books.   
    After working half day and a dental visit, I arrived at Connor’s school after their nap for Connor’s "Spotlight".  Connor was a bit shy to receive all the attention, but he agreed to sit on timagehe teacher’s lap.  Ms. Julie talked to Connor and the class about Connor’s favorite things, then she read his book to the class.  They looked at Connor’s picture poster together and lastly they sang a birthday song to him.  Connor ran to me periodically and was enjoying the special attention.  Afterward, the kids all sat down for a snack, then Connor and I wrapped up to go home.
Connor always loves to help out, and he looked forward to helping me prepare for his get-together tomorrow.  First I recruited his help to try a new recipe of Oreo cupcakes.  He lined the pans, opened up the cookies and stirred in the cookies in the mixture.  Later while he was helping with the fruits and vegetables, he sang and he snacked on them with my permission.  He was one little cheerful helper!
When Logan came home too, Logan reminded Connor to open the presents.  We first directed Connor to go upstairs to see the little surprise we had for him.  Stuart had put together a new desk for him in the morning; Connor was thrilled to see it and quickly sat by it.  Connor was appreciative and spent time opening and looking at each card and gift he received.  He told us that he would use the money from Pou Pou and Auntie Julie & Uncle Andrew to buy "Pirate Booties" to eat.  He played with the stickers from Auntie Dora, and was happily surprised to see the cool Waldo books from grandparents.  He played quietly with the art and craft toy from the Changs on his new desk and he was proud to show me his "project" later.  Logan was excited for Connor to open the gift that was from him to Connor, the Beyblade stadium.  All of us ended up spending quite a bit of time playing with that the evening.
Connor really enjoyed his birthday.  I felt like we did quite a bit as I was exhausted by end of the day.  While I was resting my legs on the couch, Connor came over to hug me and said "Mommy, I am always going to be your baby. Forever!"  He made the day of busy work all worth it.


Excited about his Birthday

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Due to a technological issue, this is a blog post from 7/22:image

    Connor is way too excited about his birthday.  He has been talking about it since the beginning of July, and the talks are getting more intense the past couple of weeks.  The things he is saying:
"I am excited!!!"
"Mommy, can we have pancakes on my birthday?"
"Can we have the banner and many balloons for my birthday?"
"I love all different colors balloons, just no white and no brown."
"I like to have a cake, cupcakes and ice cream for my birthday".
"I like vanila cake, with chocolate and ice cream."
"Can we watch TV while we eat on my birthday?"
   Connor can go on and on about what he wants for his birthday.  Everything that happens is related to his birthday in his mind.  He talks about which pictures we should bring to his "Spotlight" at school.  He talks about the friends he would like to invite and where he likes to have his celebration.  He now had asked Stuart to print out a calendar, and every day he is crossing out and counting down to his big date. 

End of Galileo Camp

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imageDue to technology issue, this was a blog from 7/21:

   Logan ended the 4th week of Galileo Camp last Friday.  Logan had become quite comfortable there, and had learned a handful of names from his team.  He brought home various projects made of paper, sticks, cardboard and he was proud to show them to us.  While he had fun at Galileo, Logan was more excited with the prospect Lego Camp this week, although he showed it in his normal subdued manner.

   Logan seemed interested when we talked about what he would be doing in the new camp this morning.  Once we walked into the school, Logan was drawn to the boxes of Lego pieces at the tables.  At the end of the day when Stuart and I arrived, he had several built cars around him.  Logan went to pick up his things to go home when one of the boys came over to ask if he was going home and he told Logan that he would finish building on his own.  The boy was very friendly while Logan only said “Ok”, but it was good to see that they seemed to work well together.  They built cool cruiser cars with remote control.  Logan seems interested to return the next few days to build more things.


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