Thanksgiving 2021

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    This year we had no turkey run again; since the weather was so nice, we decided to take the boys out for a short game of golf.  Logan did not have a good start; he was frustrated and deflated.  Few holes later, Logan turned the corner and had some better hits.  Connor had a good day; he took his time, listened to our advice, and made some nice hits.  I am happy that we were out there getting some practice.


    While the boys played video games, Stuart and I went for some tennis.  Afterward, we also managed to have some board game time.  We played one of my favorites, Terraforming Mars, while dinner was being cooked.  We had a simple but nice ham dinner and followed by some Charlie Brown Thanksgiving episodes. It was a lovely Thanksgiving!


Staining fence

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     I am proud that I finally finished this task.  We got the new fence in August, thus now was a good time to get them stained.  It was a tiring job; it took me few hours on 3 different days to have the job completed.  Having a sprayer did help a lot.  I am glad that I was able to finish the last few panels with the remaining of the stain today, so I could wrap up this whole task.  It felt great to clean up and put everything away.


Finally Connor’s Turn

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  image We have been waiting and finally the vaccines are now available for 5 to 11 years old.  I made the appointment for Connor on Veteran’s day morning since he was off from school.  The wait at the tent there was a bit frustrating, but once it was our turn, it went smoothly.  Connor was very nervous but was surprised how quickly the nurse gave him the shot and how painless it was.  The next 48 hours I had given Connor some pain meds prophylactically.  We were thrilled that Connor did not complain even once after the shot and that now he is on his way to get good protection.

Big storm 10/24/21 (late post)

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     It was a major storm that Sunday.  It was scary watching the big wind and as predicted, the power went out at 2pm.  The boys could not play video games but it was cozy just hanging out together drinking hot cocoa.  In the evening Stuart wanted to watch the Warriors game, so we headed to BJ to have dinner.  We had a good meal; the power was still out when we returned home.  Finally after the boys just went to bed, the power resumed.  We were very thankful that we had our fence replaced in August, otherwise we did not think the fence would have survived this big storm.

Anniversary (late post)

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   I was looking forward to going out to a course on our anniversary, but it rained in the morning, thus we had to scratch the plan. Instead we went to hang out at a mall and had a very nice lunch at a seafood restaurant.  We played a board game in the afternoon.  It was a relaxing day spent together.


Halloween 2021 (late post)

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    We had a beautiful weather on the Halloween night.  It was perfect for trick and treating.  As a result, we had tons of kids coming to the door.  Often, we had lines of 15-20 kids taking turns at a time.  The boys did not want to dress up this year, thus they were in charge of activating the fog machine when we had trick n treaters.  One of our neighbors had made a haunted garage which had attracted lots of visitors to the neighborhood too.  Stuart eventually convinced Connor to put on his Zombie costume to go for a stroll.  Connor made it through the haunted garage on his own and was rewarded to two big bars by the neighbor.

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