Back To School Night

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    It was Logan’s school Back To School Night tonight.  Since we don’t have a babysitter, it was decided that only one of us would be attending.  Stuart unfortunately had a work after-hour project scheduled today plus I am always the more curious parent, I was the chosen one to attend.  We had dinner early, then I was on my walk to school.  The first half hour was a general meeting with the principle.  The topics covered were similar to the the new parent orientation during the first week, but it was good to see a brief introduction of all the teachers in the entire school.  Then I himageeaded over to Logan’s classroom and sat down in his seat after signing in.  There was a letter from each student to their parents on the desktop.  I was happy to see this great personal touch and surprise.  The parents were told to write a letter back to the child so they will see it tomorrow.  The teacher then spent the next 15 minutes quickly going through the curriculum, class rules and the homework guideline.  She also showed us the assigned volunteer list and I saw my name under my first preference, the Art Vista.  We were given a folder of information to take home too.  Parents were then free to browse around.  There were photos of each child with their drawings on the wall; it was good putting a face to a few names Logan had mentioned.

    When I returned home, the kids were already showered.  I tagged in to do the bedtime routine with the boys while Stuart tagged out to start his long hours of work.


Connor’s First Day of School

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     Connor was quite excited for school today.  He packed his backpack with a pencil box, Ellie (elephant) and the three Thank You cards he wrote for his summer school teachers.  When we arrived at school, Connor half-walked and half-ran into this classroom.  There were a couple of morning teachers who we have not met previously and a room of children already.  We put Connor’s things away and I tried to get him interested in some toys to play.  Then Connor suddenly put up a sad face and started crying.  One of the teachers came over to ask him to play with her, and he slowly calmed down as I said my goodbye.

     At the end of the day, Logan and I went to pick up Connor slightly earlier than a usual work day.  Connor was happily doing craftwork with the class.  He was pleased to see us but he also wanted to finish his work; fortunately he was close to being done.  He then came over to me and quietly pointed out the three or four friends who were in his previous summer class.  Afterward, he held onto the newly finished craft piece and we left to go home.  At dinner, when we asked Connor about his day, he was definitely more descriptive than Logan ever would and shared what he remembered.  He also added “Want to hear something bad? A boy does not like me!”, then he told us that the boy went away when he ran over to him, then when Connor ran toward him again and he ran away again.  Poor Connor!


Sawyer’s 2nd Birthday

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    We attended Sawyer’s party at Safari Run today.  The party didn’t start until 1pm, so we walked to the park to play in the morning.  The boys were tired enough that they fell asleep during the ride to the party location.  I woke them up just 10 minutes before the start time.  After saying hi to the host and few others, we entered the play area. With the first time for the boys in this place plus just woken up, they were a bit hesitant initially.  But before long, they were familiar with the play area.  Logan quickly decided that he did not care to climb in the structure, and he made friend with a staff member, and started kicking the soft soccer with her.  Connor explored the structure a bit, then played soccer with them too.  After awhile, the soccer game turned into a friendly ball tag and chase.  The staff climbed around the structure so the boys did the same following after her.  They had such a good fun that they wished that they did not have to leave the play area when it was time.  We cleaned up and moved to a room for pizza.  Connor was a good follower; he waited for us and followed Logan’s lead to sit down.  They enjoyed the food and Connor enjoyed the cake too.  We then moved again to another room to hang out.  Logan was playing with an 8 year old boy while Connor and I watched Sawyer opening the presents.  Then it was time for us to leave and go home.


New Interest…Hockey

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    Since we watched the hockey game at Logan’s basketball celebration party two weeks ago, Logan has become interested in hockey.  He has been using different things in the house or yard to pretend to be playing hockey, ie the floating noodle for swimming or building a hockey stick with Tinker Toys.  So we finally decided to buy a couple of sticks on Saturday, and we have been playing in the backyard and Logan is loving it.  Surprisingly Logan is handling the stick quite well and has good aim.  He even asked once how much it costs to take ice skating lessons. 


Where’s Waldo

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    The boys always love finding Waldo.  After Grandma bought them three “Where’s Waldo?” books for Connor’s birthday, we have been looking for Waldo every night.  The Waldo book has been one of the three books we read every bedtime.  We have finally found all the Waldos in the three books; one of them was quite challenging.  We now have moved on to finding his friends too, Wenda, Wizard Whitebeard, Odlaw and his dog Woof.  The past two nights, the boys finally took a break and found me three reading books to read.  I am certainly happy for a break.

Logan’s First Soccer Practice

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      Other than the slight scratchy voice, Logan is back to his usual self and returned to school today.  While lining up for the class in the morning, a boy came to the line and asked Logan where he was yesterday.  Logan told him that he was sick and informed that he is not sick anymore.  Then I saw them talk and play a little.  It was cute to see Logan meeting a new friend.

     This evening Logan had his first soccer practice.  We signed Logan up with this soccer league a few months back when Kathy told me about it.  But like a week or two ago, we received an email that they were short with coaches and they might had to turn some kids away.  However just on Sunday, we received an email from a coach that the first practice was today.  Fortunately we were available tonight and so were the other six boys in this team.  Logan was excited about playing soccer and got geared up with the equipment we purchased on Monday.  He was performing what the coach asked of them, however Logan did not always go to the huddles with the coach for instruction but he appeared still knowing what he had to do.  The drills they did were good, and the kids seemed to enjoy them.  The last thing they did was play 3 on 3 with a goalie and Logan must have volunteered to be the goalie.  Logan seemed to be engaged and cleared the ball when it got near.  Hope the season will go well.


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