Trick Or Treat

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    The boys were so excited about trick or treating that they actually ate dinnerimage relatively fast.  We tried to go outside as soon as it got dark and before the rain started.  But once we stepped outside, we realized the weather had changed and it was no longer as cold or gloomy.  The boys were walking slowly initially as they were not sure what to expect and they were sad that daddy had to stay home to pass out candies.  Our street was not too decorated and some houses were dark.  We walked to the first house, and both boys stayed far away from the doorway.  Logan asked me to ring the doorbell while they both waited a bit anxiously.  When the neighbor opened the door, Logan said “trick or treat” nicely and went up to imagereceive the treat.  Connor followed the lead, and they both thanked the person on their own.  After the excitement of the first candy in their buckets, they both became energized, starting to walk faster and asking for more trick or treating.  I rang the doorbell at a couple more houses until Logan felt comfortable and be the first one to do that the rest of the times.  They both learned the etiquette of trick or treating by then, and Logan would occasionally add “Happy Halloween” and Connor would add a smile along with a loud “Bye” after thanking the neighbors.  Logan was quite chatty; a couple of times he was saying “We will get more candies at this house, then we will stop and eat one.  Hmm..they smell so good!”  Both of them were so into the fun that they kept wanting to walk furtimageher down the street as we saw more Halloween lightings down that way.  We had walked a block and a half before I finally turned us around.  We trick or treated at a few more houses, then the boys started to show some tiredness.  They complained that the buckets were heavy, but I was surprised that Connor did not ask for me to carry him at all.  We finally made it home after an hour or at least 15 houses.  The boys were proud to show their treats to daddy, and were happy to pick out the one to eat with some milk.  They also enjoyed passing out candy to a couple groups of trick or treaters as well.

Halloween Fun

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Halloween Dress-Up Day

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      It was Logan’s turn today to have the school parade.  It was scheduled at 2:45pm; Stuart and I both arrived separately before the scheduled time.  All the parents waited outside the classrooms imageuntil the teachers led the children out in a single file.  Logan was walking in line wearing his batman outfit minus his mask and cape.  As soon as Logan saw us, he started showing his clingy look and having his arm reaching out for us.  I gave him a hand squeeze, and had him stay in line with his classmates, and his teacher reminded him that he was still part of the class so had to simagetay with them.  However, we were happy that he then followed the class during everything.  They walked into the cafeteria, taking a group picture and walked through a couple of displays, then they returned to their classroom.  The teacher passed out a pumpkin to each student, and at that point, the parents were able to be excused.  Stuart was prepared to take Logan home if he showed much clinginess.  However, Logan surprised us that he chose to stay for the rest of the festivities, so we said bye to him and returned to work. 


Sicky Sunday

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    Logan started to have a runny nose yesterday afternoon.  Today, he basically needed a tissue for his nose every 5 minutes.  His eyes were teary, and he seemed a bit less energized.  Because of that, Stuart stayed home with him all day.  They made a few trips to the front and back yards to play to get some sunlight.  Connor and I did errands on our own.  We went grocery shopping in the morning, then picked up lunch.  After nap, we went to Costco to pick up my eyeglasses animaged photos.  We then went for more shopping at Target.  Connor was happy helper all day.  He loved shopping with me, but after awhile, he would ask to go home to see Daddy. 

    When we returned home this afternoon, Logan told me that he wanted to carve a pumpkin.  So we started the process in the yard.  Logan went through the carving book and decided on the witch.  He was curious watching, looking inside the pumpkin and touching the innards, but within five minutes, Logan said “It is taking a long time!”.  We moved the project inside the house half way through, I managed to finish it while making dinner.  We enjoyed watching the candle-lit pumpkin during dinner.


Pumpkin Patch

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    imageSince the weather was very nice today, I wanted to go visit a pumpkin patch.  We decided to go to this nice one that we visited a couple of years ago with Michelle’s family.  The patch was quite popular today but not too crowded.  We walked along the different pumpkins, took some pictures at the pumpkin house, and played at the kiddie hay maze.  Connor was pre-occupied with watching the train and the hayride tractor; he kept staring at them.  He finally asked to ride the train and Logan agreed too.  So we got the tickets and hopped on to the caboose.  The boys were eating their popcorn snack at the time while we rode and they were dancing to the music the train made.  We then took a walk around the perimeter of the patch, checking out the surrounding and looking at the variety of pumpkins.  We even saw a couple of ponies there, but the boys showed no interest in riding them.  When we finished the walk, they decided they would like to try the hayride too, so we waited for our turn.  The ride was slightly bumpy, so both boys held my hands, and we had fun going through the huge field of sunflower plants.  After that, Logan wanted to play at the huge garden chair again before leaving the patch to go home.  During the ride home, we sang songs together to keep the boys from falling asleep.  They both had fun singing “I like to eat apples and bananas” and “the five little monkeys”.


Harvest Parade

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     After dropping the boys at school and being at work barely an hour, I rushed back out to observe Connor’s school parade.  Unfortunately I made it there 10 minutes after the start time, and I missed the toddler’s parade.  The bigger kids were still making their parade, and I finally found my fireman Connor in the midst of the big crowd.  His class apparently just finished making their walk and now standing on the side watching the rest of the kids.  Connor did not notice me initially as he was paying attention to the activities.  Until the teacher told him about my arrival, he gave him a huge smile but he stayed in place with his class.  We watched the rest of the parade together, then he and I took a walk to visit the scarecrows.  He enjoyed walking around the school campus holding my hand.  We finally returned to his classroom.  Connor immediately took off his costume and returned all his belonging to the bag.  He was so excited to say goodbye to the teacher while holding my hand again.  I had to disappoint him by telling him that I would return to pick him up later instead.  Poor Connor, his eyes immediately filled with tears, his face turned red, and he sadly whispered “no, no”.  Then the big cry began as I left the room. 


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