Camping 2021

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    It was great to finally be out camping again after skipping last year.   We had a small group this time, only 3 families, but it was also nice to be small and cozy with everyone.  This year we were able to reserve the Coyota Lake camp site and had the primal spots Theresa picked for us.  It was awesome to have our drinks and eating right next to the beautiful scenic lake.  Buddy was calmer this year; he hung out with the adults or the kids nicely, and sometimes he just slept under the picnic table while we talked.  There were a couple of not as pleasant events though.  We woke up the first night at 3am with scary footsteps and chomping noises.  We made a mistake leaving our cooler out despite knowing about wild pigs in the areas.  All my marinade steaks and cut out vegetables were gone.  Stuart had considered getting outside the tent to check on the situation.  Logan was woken up by the commotion too, and he did not want Stuart to go outside as he reminded us that our valuables were inside the tent.  Eventually the wild pigs left our site and we could finally return to sleep. 

     There was a large open field near our campsite.  Mckayla, Marcus, Logan and Connor had a great time running around playing hide and seek all day long.  It was a very warm day, thus it must have been hot and tiring running around.  Logan woke up feeling dizzy the next morning.  He started feeling worse after breakfast.  Everything came back out later and he spent most morning just sitting in the car being miserable.  We managed to take a group picture and waited til Logan a bit better before we headed home. It must have been a horrible 45 minutes drive; Logan went straight to the backyard as soon as we arrived home.  He was sick the rest of the day being nauseated and dizzy.  He was able to drink only very small amount of water.  I ended up talking with the advice nurse and an ED doc over the phone too.  It was not until late afternoon after he took a long nap that he felt a bit better.  He did not eat much the rest of the day; some dizziness lingered for another day or two as well.  We now learn that it is very important to make sure the kids hydrate themselves to prevent heat exhaustion next time.

    This was definitely another memorable and somewhat fun camping trip and we had learned some lessons too.   Here are the photos from this trip.


Connor, our 11 year old!

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     Connor turned 11 and he was most excited about getting a real phone and a phone line.  He was also happy to be the boss of the day, spending time in what he wanted to do and eating what he wanted to eat.  Now he is another year wiser!


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