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    After cutting Connor’s hair, the next project was timageaking care of the grays in my hair.  I bought the supplies for awhile now and finally did it this weekend.  I was prepared and planned the steps, thus it went smoothly without much of a mess at all.  I am happy how the touch-up turned out as well.  Hope the color lasts well and I will definitely be doing this on my own periodically.

Easter 2020

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    Our neighbors Frank and Linda are always nice to the boys.  Despite the situation we are in this year, they still remembered and kept their tradition of bringing the boys an Easter chocolate treat this year.  With that, the boys remembered about egg hunt, thus we had to come up one for them.  This year the hunt involved mainly messages inside the eggs, and some required a scavenger hunt.  The boys had fun looking for the eggs in the yard and later in the house with the clues.  Then they revealed the good eggs as well as the rotten ones afterward.


    In the evening, the boys also hid a few eggs with treats for Buddy too; Buddy was more than happy to find the eggs.


Connor’s hair cut

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 image    Connor’s hair was getting long and bushy on the sides too.  Since we can’t go for a cut now, we had to resort to do it at home.  I had trimmed Connor’s hair in the past, but this time I had to cut short on all sides.  We offered Connor to play game on his phone so he woulimaged not rush me.  I took 30 minutes and later Connor offered extra minutes for me to fine tune the cut.  I took off 1/2 inch and I think I did an okay job as it looked less heavy on the sides and the back now.  I will see if I dare to consider trimming the bangs one day.

Writing Sample

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   When I was off Wed last week, I had the boys write something just for practice.  I gave them a few topics and they both picked the same.  I liked the sense of humor they both have.


Is having internet access good or bad?

I never really thought about having no internet for one month. If I had to choose to have the internet or not it would 100% be a yes. In this essay I will be telling you why I would rather have the internet than having no access to the internet.

One reason why I think that people should have the internet is that you can do online learning. Online learning can help kids learn online rather than learning at school ( Because of Corona ) . Online learning can also help kids learn if they are stuck at home because they are sick. Online learning can help thousands of people learn and take on the next generation of learning.

Another reason why I believe that having the internet is a good thing for me is that you can have fun playing online. Doing this tough time for people you aren’t allowed to go outside in the open because of the chance of getting sick. That’s why people at home should be allowed to have online playing so you can play games with your friends and call them by your device to ask them how they are doing during this tough time and maybe play with them in online games like minecraft , fortnite and roblox.

One last reason why having access to the internet is a good thing and not a bad thing for people is that if you didn’t have the internet you would not be able access resources that teachers assign to help us kids be big brains. Without our big brains, in the future we would not be able to make the next generation and not able to get good jobs.

Those are the reasons why everyone should have access to the internet. First it will help us learn , second it will make us entertained and third… WE NEED OUR BIG BRAINS! That is why making your kid have no internet is a bad idea and all you can do is blame yourself for your actions.

  • Logan Brown

First Month of Shelter in Place

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    It has been one month already since the start of Shelter in Place.  Fortunately Stuart is able to work from home to watch the boys too, and the boys are quite content at home.  Connor has expressed a few times that he misses school, his friends and his teacher, but he is getting used to this new ‘norm” as well.  We have created a schedule for the boys as of Week 1.  The schedule is not very academic, but it helps the kids move between different activities better.  Since a couple of weeks ago, the schools and teachers are starting to provide some guidance for distance learning via Google Classroom.  Connor’s teacher also has set up Zoom meetings with the class twice a weekimage now.  Logan had a couple of Zoom meetings with his math teacher so far.  These are all just some guidance, and it is still hard for the boys be accountable learning the materials.  Stuart tries to remind and work with the boys on their work, but it becomes difficult on the days when he has more meetings or work. 

     One imageactivity we have started doing during this shelter in place and rainy weather is Just Dance.  The boys and I, sometimes Stuart too, have been doingimage a few dance each day for exercise and for fun.  Logan is good with rhythm and he is almost always the leader among our scores every day.  Other than that, we have also done a few short bike trips to get exercise as well as being more comfortable with this biking outing.  With more time at home, we also play more board games together.  We even agreed to play Monopoly once when Connor often requests it.


    We are keeping any other outings to minimal.  I am basically the only one going out; other than going to work, I also keep our grocery shopping to every 1-2 weeks only.

Buddy’s another injury

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 image    Buddy started limping again on 4/3/20.  This time it is a different leg (front left) compared to the last injury (front right) in February.  The limp suddenly appeared again this time, and it progressed to quite a significant limp by Monday and Tuesday.  We figured Buddy must have hurt himself again by rushing down the stairs.  Thus we had blocked him from going upstairs.  Buddy was quite sad with the restriction and sometimes he even whined when we were all upstairs.  In additional, Buddy appeared to be in more discomfort this time as he occasionally whimpered too.  On Tuesdimageay I finally called the vet; I had a phone consultation with her and she agreed to prescribe the pain med without bringing Buddy in.  Stuart picked up the medication and gave Buddy his first dose.  Shortly after it, Buddy seemed more relaxed and slept well.  Hope the limp will improve quickly.

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