Volleyball summer camps 2023

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     We thought Connor is quite decent with volleyball and Stuart often has good rally playing Connor in the backyard.  So when I heard about volleyball half day camp in July, we talked Connor into signing up.  But right before the camp began, Connor changed his mind and was upset about needing to go.  Fortunately after the first day, Connor did not seem to mind it probably because he had some friends going there too.  After first week, Connor did not mind continuing onto the 2nd week.  It was definitely great exercise for 2 weeks,, 3 hours each day.

Arcadia campaigns 2023

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  image   After school and the busyness ended, we thought we would restart our weekly family board game night and and night we picked Arcadia.  Once we started the first game, it reminded us why it was our favorite game.  Since then, we played one game after the other through the campaign until we had a winner.  Then Connor took out the Arcadia extension Beyond the Grave, and we continued onto the next campaign.  We often played 1-2 hours each night, and sometimes a few nights in a roll.  Connor was happy to set up the next games whenever we ended each game.  We all really enjoyed these games, and had such a good time in the span of few weeks.   All four of us had some winning moments too.  I am feeling withdrawal now that we had completed the extension campaign as well.



July 3rd 2023 golfing

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    Both Stuart and I had the day off so i booked us a tee time to take the boys out to a full course so we could drive the golf cart with them.  It was a hot day, high 80s, thus we did not anticipate finishing all 18 holes.  We also had prepared that we would play the best ball as the boys and I were not used to the full length.  However the boys surprised us on how great they were able to keep up and carried themselves quite well out there.  Logan’s hits were much stronger than he anticipated especially when he used Stuart’s club; he had some great hits and could totally outdrive me now.  He also did well with his short game.  Connor also was quite consistent; he managed to get like a 6 for many of the holes, he was quite proud of that. They both were doing much better than me until I finally warmed up after a few holes.  Stuart was not happy with how he did the whole day; he felt that his virtual golfing had messed him up on his precision.

    After the top 9, despite having the water fans that we brought with us, it was hot out there.  Logan started sitting out on a few holes and Connor eventually did skip out for a couple of them too.  After hole 15, the wait seemed longer at the tee off and we were out of water, we decided to call it and wrapped up our outing.

     Logan did have some chance to drive the golf cart; he did quite well except once drove slightly up the curb which got him nervous.  Connor tried driving only once, but he was driving so fast that I told him off, then he decided not to drive again.  All in all, this was a fun outing and tiring 4-5 hot hours as well.


Java Coding Week (June 2023)

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    We had signed Logan up for a week of coding class which was held at Stanford.  It was a busy week as Stuart had to leave early to drop Logan off at Stanford every morning, and then to work.  At the end of the day, he picked Logan up and survived the commute home together.  Logan was somewhat excited for this week since he did not know much about Java, and he seemed to enjoy learning some of this new language everyday.  He also enjoyed meeting a few people and experienced eating out at the cafeteria there with others.  On Friday, Stuart represented the whole family to see what Logan had learned during the week and saw him receiving a participation certificate.image

Father’s Day (late post)

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Logan is 15!

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image     We can’t believe that Logan is now 15.  For his birthday,he received a PC.  He and Stuart had researched together on the one that he wanted, and picked it up at Best Buy.  They set it up and Logan seems quite happy with it.  On his actual birthday, Logan wanted to watch the Spiderman  movie again, so I went with him.  We decided to try the D-Box experience which was quite interesting. He then spent the rest of the day on games, and the boys had Kick the Can with the neighborhood kids at night.  Logan had an easy day that he asked for and now he is our big 15 in the house.


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