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Connor with his Scooter

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    Connor wanted a scooter for his birthday and he got one.  He tried it one day and got the hang of it quickly.  He was so happy that he used it the next time again while Logan and I rode our bikes.  Connor did well, but he said he was tired from kicking his leg.


This was when Connor first figured out how to ride the scooter.

Biking and a fall

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   The boys finally got back on their bikes recently after being away from it for more than a year.  They both were nervous but became more comfortable the second time.  One Saturday night when the Kick the Can did not happen, I took the boys to ride the bikes to school.  They did well, but then Connor got too comfortable and went down the slope too fast.  He fell and scraped his knee.  The scrapes were just two quarter-sized circles, but unfortunately on day 3, some yellowish cloudy pus was oozing from them.  Now Connor is on cephalexin, an antibiotic, which tasted quite bad.  Fortunately Connor is good about taking medication; tomorrow will finally be the last day of it.


Connor Turns 8!

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   Unlike any weekdays where Connor could not get out of bed in the morning, on his birthday he came to our bedroom right at 7am with the biggest smile.  Connor had decided not to go to camp that day and wanted a day with daddy just like Logan did.  Before I went to work, we were going to have Connor open just one present, but he ended up opening all of our presents and the birthday cards.  Connor really scored huge this year from his friends and family.


   After they took Logan to basketball camp, Stuart took Connor to Golfland for his request.  They played a game of miniature golf and a lot of arcade games.  The two of them had fun playing together and won many tickets.  Connor was so happy to earn all kinds of little toys especially a stuffed animal.  I left work early and picked Logan up from camp.  Connor had started playing video game, and Logan was ready to join him.  Stuart and I ended up taking a nap before dinner which was like a bonus on a weekday.  After contemplating where to go for dinner, Connor decided that he wanted to go to the Cabana as they were serving pizza for dinner.


    Connor was also thrilled that it was Kick the Can night on the street.  Knowing Connor, he had told some older kids that it was his birthday; while they were taking a break out there, we heard the group singing birthday song to Connor.

    We wrapped up the night with the final song to Connor and an ice cream cake.  Before his birthday day came to an end, Connor wanted to sleep in our bed with us.  He was one happy boy that day.


Connor’s Birthday Party

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    Connor loves birthday parties.  He was so excited about his that he woke up early on Sunday and came to tell us Happy Birthday Party Day.  We arrived at Rockin Jump early as told and it was easy since we did not need to do any setup.  The guests started arriving and everyone was able to began jumping at 11am.  Connor had not seen his two school buddies for a long time; when they were the last to finally arrive, Connor was happy to see everyone.  We had asked to have a private game of dodgeball just among our own party, so we gathered for that.  It was cute that the kids naturally divided into the 10 years old vs 8 years old, and they battled against each other.  Afterward, the kids just all dispersed around the different trampoline areas, but often they stayed together in small groups.  They played basketball and dived into the foam pool.  Other than the dodgeball as their favorite, Logan and the older boys also liked the jousting game.  They played there several times.  Stuart and I were also prepared so we could jump and played as well.  Stuart played basketball with Connor and Marcus, and he was happy that he could dunk the ball again Smile .  I also had fun jumping around a bit, but sadly my old bones were not use to the jumping and I have a bit of neck pain now.

    After an hour of jumping, we all gathered in the party room for pizza, fruits and cake.  Connor happily listened to the friends singing birthday song to him.  Afterward the kids were hoping to go back out to play; since the playground was actually relatively quiet, the host gave the kids another wristband and allowed them some extra time.  This extra time made the party even better and all the kids enjoyed the additional jumping, more jousting and more dodgeball. 

   When the party ended, we had made plan to take Rohan and Maxim back to our house.  Maxim could not stay long, but Rohan stayed to play with the boys.  Cole also came over, so Connor was happy to have this additional playdate.  We later took Rohan with us for a little swimming on this hot day before the parents came to pick him up.  Connor had a blast on his Birthday Party Day. 


Orange 1 Belts

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   Logan had to do a couple of make up classes, then he earned enough credits to join Connor for testing last week.  They are both now Orange 1.


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