Passion toward volleyball

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   Connor is learning volleyball as his first sport in PE and he loves it.  He is so into it that he often asks Stuart to practice with him in the backyard.  Connor tries hard and listens to advice, thus he is improving quite well.  He feels that he is adequate with bumping and not very good with setting, and he loves spiking.  But I feel that he does well with all three hits.  The PE teacher places Connor along with 5 other students as their advance teams within the class, so Connor is happy about that.  I enjoy hitting a volleyball as well, so I am happy that Connor sometimes practice with me too.

Cross Country 2021

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   Both boys chose to sign up for cross country as their school sport activity, and the season began 8/30/21.  They have 2 to 3 one hour practices weekly and they often run around the baseball field or the 2 mile Bronco lap during practices.  Logan seems to be doing fine, no complaints as usual, and he would tell us how fast he runs sometimes.  On the other hand, Connor did not enjoy running, but he seemed to enjoy the social part of being in a team.  Sometimes Connor ended up being one of the last ones finishing the run as he would wait for the last boy and being a good sport.  After the initial two weeks trial, Connor decided that he does not enjoy running very much and dropped out from the team.  Logan will continue the remaining 3 weeks of the season.  More about the meets later.

First day of school 8/18/21

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     The boys were not thrilled that summer was over but thimageey did not seem unhappy to have to return to school.  This year the school’s bell schedule moved back a bit; school day starts at 8:20am.  Logan made plan with Cole to meet up at 7:50am.  The boys woke up and got ready with no issue; they both took off and walked to school with Cole.  At the end of the day, they reported the day went fine.  They both met with their own friends for lunch and the day seemed uneventful.  Connor did not seem to have any issue or complaints being in a new school.  It was strange though for us and Buddy as the house is now quieter than usual.  Stuart and I are very happy that the kids can receive in-person learning again, and we just hope for a safe and healthy year. 


Beach Day

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   In the past friends and I would take the kids to a beach together before school starts.  This year our schools started different days, thus we did not plan one out.  At the last minute, I decided that the boys and I could have our own outing.  I picked a beach with the least windy route and we took off after an early lunch.  Unfortunately we encountered major traffic going to our destination and a minor one on our way home.  That day we spent a lot more time in the car than at the beach.  Somehow the boys were understanding and were not too impatient with the traffic; Logan even told me that we were still spending quality time together in the car.  When we were finally at the beach, it was was pleasant there with the warm temperature.  We played with the water and sand.  Logan made a comment that it was relaxing and easier without Buddy so we did not need to worry how Buddy behaves at the beach.  All in all, it had been a long time I took the boys out on my own; we had a a partially successful beach day.


New Fence (late post)

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     We finally got a new fence up in August which was something we hoped to have done like 2 years ago.  This project took them 5 days with 2 guys and they did a beautiful job.  It was slightly inconvenient during those days when we had to make sure Buddy on a leash even for a potty break, and it felt weird not having the house being enclosed.  Thus it felt even better when the job was completed.  The fence is 1 foot taller on all sides and it looks great.  We do have one final step, ie. stain the wood later, to complete this big project.

Old fence:


New fence:


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