Small World Day

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     Logan has been learning about countries at school lately, and they had a "Small World Day" celebration today to wrap up what they have learned.  We received a flyer suggesting that kids may wear their traditional ethnic outfits for their celebration.  Yesterday when Logan and I were walking into school, I mentioned about the special day and how the kids could wear their special outfits.  Logan was concerned and said "I don’t haveimage any special outfits".  I explained that he actually has a couple of Chinese clothing that he could wear.  Logan immediately replied "But I am not Chinese!".

     Logan was interested in wearing the Chinese jacket today.  According to the teacher, he liked it so much that he refused to take it off even after being warm from running around in the playground.  Stuart saw few other kids wearing their traditional clothing too.  Other than dressing up, we have no idea what other activities took place today as Logan did not offer any information.

Smarty Pants Connor

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     Connor had returned to school since Tuesday, and is doing fine.  He has learned the joy of staying home, and he had pretended to cough and then told us “no school, stay home!” in the mornings.  He now often says “No baby, I’m big boy!”, and has a proud smile on his face.  Just a couple of days ago, he starts to say “why?”.  He asks that a lot and sometimes multiple times, like last night he asked 7-8 times in a row.  When we agree with what he tells us these days, he would say “Told you!”.  When he wants us to help him with something or he does not want to do something, he will say “No how” and put out a sad look.  Tonight when we asked him what he did in school, he said “Nothing!”.  He must have learned that from Logan.

     It was funny tonight when Connor and I were reading one of Logan’s Star Wars books.  There were three poses of each Jedi on every page.  When I mentioned the first Jedi named Yoda.  Connor wanted to repeat after me; he pointed to each of the three poses, and repeated “Yoda, Yoda, Yoda”.  The next Jedi was Obi-wan, and Connor pointed to each of the poses and said “Obi-one”, “Obi-two”, “Obi-three”.

Another Day with Daddy

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    Connor woke up around 11pm last night with some coughs.  Since then he seemed quite alert that he was having a hard time returning to sleep.  He was very cooperative and he really tried to sleep.  He tried a few times in his bed then we decided to bring him in to our bed.  He tossed and turned for a long time but was very good about not making too much noise.  Because of that, neither Stuart nor I could sleep, so Stuart suggested taking Connor back to bed and Connor agreed.  Not until after Stuart offered Connor some warm milk later, Connor eventually fell asleep.  This morning Connor looked tired and coughed a lot.  So Stuart decided to keep him from school yet another day.  Throughout the day, Connor’s cough improved.  Stuart was able to attend to urgent work stuff while Connor watched some TV.  Then they played with different things in the house and took a walk.  When I came home, Connor was hiding for me to find him, and he was in such a happy mood.  Tonight he was so energized and presented many “puppet shows” for us to watch.

Connor’s Recovery / Outdoor Time

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     Connor is feeling better today.  We went to Toys R Us this morning to exchange one of Logan’s Christmas presents for another Xbox game.  Logan had tried the Legos Pirate demo, and loved it.  So he was so excited to get this pirate game at the store.  We also purchased a new bigger helmet for Connor.  This afternoon we spent quite a bit of time outside the house.  We had the boys ride their bikes (I pushed Connor on a bike) around the block, then we played with T-ball and soccer.  We also used chalk to draw all over our driveway.  Up until that time, the boys were a handful.  Logan was actually fine, but Connor was very whiny.  He would start crying for any little things.  But after being out in the fresh air for awhile, we all felt happier.  Logan spent even longer time out there drawing while Connor and I returned home to make dinner.











     Today Stuart put together a desk we purchased for Logan.  Logan loves it, and he spent his quiet time today playing with his Legos on it. 


Daddy Boy

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    Logan has been giving some attitude lately, and the fact that he is such a daddy boy is adding to it too.  The day when I took Logan to the musical, I recalled that Logan actually changed his mind before we left the house as he wanted to stay home with daddy instead.  On Friday when Connor had to stay home, I was trying to take Logan to school in the morning.  He was reluctant to follow me out as he wanted daddy to take him instead (as in every morning).  He whimpered almost the entire way to school.  While we were leaving the house tonight for dinner, Logan was excited initially as I told him that he would see Brandon there and they could play game together.  But when we climbed inside the car, Logan wanted daddy.  I told him that Daddy had to stay home for Connor, then Logan asked that I switched place with daddy.  I explained that we were going out with my friends, so I should go, but Logan argued back “They are his friends tooimage”.  He happened to have tripped right before we got into the car.  So the whole way driving there, Logan was whining on and off about the owie.

    Once we arrived and sat down at the restaurant (we were the first to arrive), Logan immediately asked to play with my phone.  I explained that we had to wait for everyone especially Brandon before he could start playing.  I offered him to do some drawing which he usually likes.  But Logan continued to whine and he purposely scribbled with crayon all over the page instead of drawing to spike me.  He was happy when the bread arrived, but Logan continued to give me some attitude.  Brandon finally saved me by offering his Lego catalog for Logan to see.  Logan was very interested in it and helped himself out of the bad mood.

    These days it is also difficult to talk with Logan about his bad behavior as he gets grumpy immediately when he is being told off.  Stuart and I will be working with him on some attitude adjustment in the coming days

My Birthday Dinner

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     Connor had a bad night last night.  At 9 something PM, he woke up from his coughing; we went to his room and offered water a few times, but the cough just would not stop.  I then remembered Robyn’s advice, honey, so I offered and Connor agreed to try it.  But once I brought in the honey, he did not want to take it.  After some convincing, he took a teaspoonful of it.  I held him in my arm for awhile and the cough finally became more tolerable.  He put him back down and returned to sleep.

    At some point after midnight, Connor woke us up with coughing again.  We paid him a few visits, and we at last decided to take Connor to the bathroom for some hot steam.  We were in the hot steam for several minutes, and then returned to his room for a bit.  The cough finally improved, and Connor went back to sleep in his crib for hours this time.

     At 6:11, Connor woke up again, but I brought him to our bed as I was not ready.  Connor was comfortable there and fell back to sleep.  But then, Logan called me, so I had to get up to quiet him down.  Once I returned to bed for a few minutes, Logan came out to use the bathroom for #2 which required some help.  I instructed him afterward to stay quiet in his room until the bunny was up (his clock).  However, this just meant a few more minutes in bed for me.

    During the day, Connor’s cold improved.  His runny nose stopped and his cough finally became slightly less intense.  His appetite was better today too.  We had previously planned to have a belated birthday dinner for me with friends tonight, but as we did not want to bring a sick boy out, so it was just me and Logan going out tonight.  Poorimage Peyton had come down with a cold too, so Dave stayed home with her.  I had initiaimagelly chose a Chinese restaurant for a set dinner, but since the group became smaller, I suggested changing to a Persian restaurant instead.  Logan and I met up with the Changs, the Kaos and Robyn / Brandon at the restaurant.  Mckayla was so sweet and made a get well card for Connor.  We had a nice time chatting and had a great meal.  Logan had fun playing games on my phone and sharing it with Brandon too.  Thank you to all of them for a wonderful dinner!


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