An Easy Weekend

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    We did not have any plans for this weekend initially, so we took our time on Saturday morning and later did some shopping.  In the afternoon, Rohan and Vrinda wanted to come hang out with us.  When Connor and I were getting ready for nap, Connor was excited and wanted to talk about Rohan.  But then he was sad and said “Rohan always wants to play with Gau Gau and not me “.  So we had to talk about the age and the classmate thing before we fell asleep for the nap.  Then he was up less than an hour and a half later and asked if Rohan was here yet.

   Both boys kept coming to ask me about their friend’s arrival until the bell finally rang, then they both went upstairs to hide.  The three boys took just a minute to warm up, and they were off to play.  They did come back every now and then to ask us to chase them which we declined.  They all took turns playing Wii for awhile.  Connor and Logan did ok taking turns and letting their guest played at all times.  While they were chasing and playing, Connor had a little accident, falling off the bed and had a bloody nose.  He was fine but just wanted a little time playing Uno with me before returning to play with the boys.  We had homemade Tacos for dinner which they all enjoyed.  After few hours of fun playing, Vrinda and Rohan finally called it a night.

    It was not raining today so we packed up our sport gears to play at a local school.   Stuart and Logan started with tennis while Connor biked around the school with me chasing after him.  We then joined them at the courts as Connor was looking forward to play tennis.  He hit some balls with me, then he wanted to play the number game where he earned points if he made contact with the ball.  Afterward, Stuart and I switched as Connor wanted to play with daddy, so I took Logan out to play with basketball.  I tried to have Logan do the drills he learned at practice, then Logan wanted to dribble and try stealing balls.  Connor then came out to play with us too.  Stuart had us all doing drills together, and Connor was quite interested in it.  Logan was doing ok with the activities; he was goofy at times and we had to remind him to focus.  Connor, on the other hand, was very determined to learn the sports.  He listened to the advice we gave him and he kept practicing until he got them.  We think that he will be catching up to Logan in many things quite soon.


First Basketball Practice

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     We signed Logan up for mini-tennis in spring, but once again, it got cancelled before it started.  We decided to switch gears and signed him up for a basketball league with YMCA.  Today was the first day of practice.  Stuart picked Logan up and arrived at the gym 15 minutes early, so they got to dribble and shoot some baskets.  According to Stuart, Logan did not hesitate and just followed the lead when the instruction started.  He even asked Stuart to go sit down on the sideline with the other parents.  I picked Connor up from school after work and arrived the gym 1/2 way into the practice.  I was excited to watch Logan practice.  He was trying his best doing what he was told.  Logan somehow got paired up with a coach who seemed quite good and organized.  The kids in the team appeared to be more experienced than Logan.  While I was there, they did a few drills, i.e. passing, shuffling and pass/shoot.  Logan was not able to shoot the baskets properly; the coach was patient showing him how.  During the last 15 minutes, we saw Logan asking the coach three times if it was time to leave.  But he seemed fine returning to the drills when he was declined.  After the practice was over, Logan was pleased walking back to us and we were happy to see Logan trying his best on this first day.  Connor made it through sitting with us until the end too.









Logan’s 2nd Term Report Card

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    I had run into Logan’s teacher a couple of weeks ago and she asked me to stop by for a chat.  I was quite nervous walking into her room and anticipating something bad that she would shaimagere.  But she just wanted to discuss about Logan’s spelling skills.  She reported that Logan had been missing spelling words often recently and she feels that he was just going too fast without thoroughly listening to the sounds.  She wanted us to remind Logan to slow down his brain and hear the words out.  Stuart and I have noticed that about Logan too.  The boys often enjoy being asked questions while they have their after-dinner snacks.  I often ask him to spell some words and sometimes the ones I noticed he had missed in spelling tests.  Logan seems quite good sounding words out but would rush out the letters.  If we help him out by repeating the words slowly, he often can spell them correctly.  Other than spelling, the teacher feels that Logan is doing great.

    His report card has just arrived by mail.  Based on the report, Logan is doing fine, receiving “excellent” and “satisfactory” in all categories.  Basically he received the same grade as the first term for everything except penmanship and the teacher also commented “greatly improved”.  We have to say that Logan writes very nicely when he does take his time.  The teacher has one more additional note: “working to improve listening skills”.  We probably agree with that.

Connor’s Winter Report Card

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 image     We received Connor’s report card a couple of weeks ago.  We finally studied and compared it to his Fall one to check his progress.  Connor has made a big improvement in numbers and phonics.  He has learned to read and earned six little books from school.  Connor is always very proud to read those to us.  From the report card, it also showed that his motor skills has advanced, ie. catching balls and using scissors.  Connor also improves in “singing”, “art”, “communicates with peers”, “takes responsibility” and “concentrates well”. 

     We are pleased with Connor’s progress.  He is definitely very happy at his current school and he is learning a lot. 

First Fall Out Tooth

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     Logan finally lost his first tooth.  This tooth had been quite wiggly for awhile, and we had been encouraging Logan to wiggle it too.  Tonight while I was brushing his teeth in bath, I suddenly noticed some blood then I realized the tooth had fallen out.  Logan seemed quite excited and was trying to look for the tooth in water.  I was relieved that neither of the boys were scared by the blood in his mouth; I quickly had Logan bit on paper towel to stop the bleeding.  After bath, Logan took a look at himself in the mirror and the first thing he said was “Oh no, I don’t look like Logan anymore!”.  Later as we were about to sit down on his bed to read, Logan tried to stop me “Mommy, if we sit here, how can Fairy look under our bottoms?”  Stuart was working tonight, so I had the opportunity to tug Logan in.  Since I thought we would not be able to find the tooth, I decided to place a dollar under his pillow as I kissed him goodnight.  After the boys went to bed, I actually found his little tooth in the tub.  I guess we will have Logan placed the tooth for the Fairy later.


Growth Percentiles

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image    It has been awhile since we measure the boy’s height and weight.  We finally got the stats tonight.  I guess Logan must have had a growth spurt recently as the gap between Logan and Connor is larger now.  However, Connor remains a big boy.


At 5 years and 9 months:

your child is 48.5 pounds, and that is at the 72nd percentile for weight.

your child is 48 inches, and that is at the 94th percentile for height.


At 3 years and 8 months:

your child is 43 pounds, and that is at the 95th percentile for weight.

your child is 41 inches, and that is at the 83rd percentile for height.

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