Logan’s New Favorite Game

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Logan is so addicted to Mario Kart (Wii game) these days.  He asks to play the game all day every day.  We restrict him to play it only on non-school days, so we haimageve to deny his requests often.  He will talk about it a lot during our drive home from school.  And he will wake up after only one hour of nap the past 2 days so he can play.  Logan loves to play the game with Stuart driving with him (holding the wheel together), but he loves to play by himself too.  He is actually quite good at it.  He makes the turns smoothly and does some jumps too.  He is certainly much better than me at it already.  I have seen him getting 1st place several times too, but Stuart thinks the computer does compensate for their levels.  Logan always calls for my attention after each game, and raises his arm and says “Mommy, I won!”.  He can play the game for a long time until we drag him out of the house.  Hopefully this addiction will ease up soon.


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  Time is going by so fast or we have been too busy to notice, Connor has been learning many things on his own.  Last week, I realized that he had learned how to hold and tilt his sippy cup to drink water.  He loves drinking water like his mommy does.  However, he does have a bad habit of tossing the cup to the side as soon as he is done.  Connor is so fast with the discard action that I can not catch the cup most of the times.  Yeimagesterday Connor also showed us how he could stand himself up by pushing on the couch.  Stuart even saw him cruise down the couch a little this morning to go see Logan. 

  He is also crawling quite fast now.  He can go from one side of the room to the other in no time.  He moves his legs well too when we walk him by holding his arms.  As a result of this new mobility, he already had 2 owies at school while trying to stand up and reaching for things.  Last night after Connors bath while I was combing his head, he was very interested in what I was doing.  When I gave him the comb to play, he was attempting to comb his hair too, but he was able to bring it up against his forehead only.  He had so much fun and laughs as he did it multiple times. 

  On a side note, Connor is quiet baby.  He does not talk much.  He has made lots of sound close to mama and dada, but we don’t think he really meant it yet.  So far, he has not said any real words.

Gilroy Garden

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     We had a fun trip to Gilroy Garden today.  We, along with the Changs and the Kaos decided to visit this theme park for the first time and since the weather imagewas beautiful it made the visit even better.  The theme park was nicely designed and was full of little kiddle rides.  We did some family rides together, like Logan’s all time favorite train ride, a boat ride in the Rainbow Garden and the ferris wheel.  And the kids, Mckayla, Marcimageus, Ashlyn and even Logan all enjoyed many different individual kid rides.  Logan had some hesitation at the beginning, but toward the end of the visit, he became quite comfortable with them.  Connor also rode his first solo ride today.  Stuart was initially concerned that Connor might be too young, but he understood that he is often over protective.  Connor had a great time riding the fire engine along with Ashlyn while he ate his cracker.  See the video here.

     We spent the rest of the time hanging out together, eating a yummy fried food lunch, and playing at the carnival booths. After 5 hours at the park, we decided to be the first family to take off.  The boys took their naps during the ride home, so they were rejuvenated while Stuart and I missed our opportunity for taking a break.  But the trip today was worth it.  We will post the rest of today’s photos in our album later.

Scottie’s Annual Visit

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Scottie went to seeimage his vet for annual check up today.  His weight is finally stable, not losing anymore.  He is at 9lb 2oz.  He received 2 vaccines and got a little grooming too.  He also brought home some canned foods.  Scottie has been trying a dry food formula for his kidney disease, but he is not too fond of that.  So hopefully he will like these specialized canned foods.  His next visit will be in December to do blood test again to follow up on his kidneys.

Finally crawling

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Just when I wrote about Connor not crawling, today he started crawling.  He got into the perfect crawling position, and shuffled his legs just a few mini steps to reach for toys.  He did that a few times, very short distance for now.  Hope that we will be able to capture a video of that soon.

Getting Mobile

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Connor is not crawling yet, but he is still able to get around.  Nowadays we have to keep an eye on him before he gets into trouble.  He just shuffles his butt to get closer to things previously unreachable.  He loses interests with his own toys quickly and would rather reach for Logan’s games or our remotes.  Connor is still not strong enough to push himself to a standing position yet.  But when we hold his arms to stand him up, he will now start to take some steps. 

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