New Tennis Lesson

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    Coach Bob had agreed previously to take the boys in for a semi private lesson but unfortunately he had not found a time slot.  We decided to sign up for another intermediate group class, so we all could spend one hour a week to play.  When we showed up to the first class two weeks ago, coach approached me and offered me an hour on Sunday late afternoon.  He felt that it would be more beneficial for him to work more closely with the boys and told me to cancel the group class.  I was excited that he finally offered us a time, but of course the first Sunday was raining.  Finally we had a nice Sunday last weekend.  While the boys hit with the coach, Stuart and I played a nice match together.  Watching the boys periodically, they did fine and trying their best.  Glad that they did not tell us afterward that they did not like the class.



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     We took a short bike ride on Saturday to get exercise and fresh air.  We had not used our bikes for awhile.  We took the trail to a different direction and headed to the creek for a quick visit.  Fortunately Connor did not have any falls especially since we had forgotten his knee pads.


Google Slides

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    Logan had a big project around the holidays.  He was assigned with North Dakota to write about and to make a presentation.  He used Google Slides to make his slides.  He was dragging his feet to work on the project during the holidays, but once he was almost finished, he got more into it and enjoyed perfecting his slides.  Then he was nervous about the presentation.  He prepared his speaker notes and finally he was willing to present to us.  At the end, he did fine in front of the class and he was relieved.

   After this project, Logan was inspired and wanted to make more slides.  Last weekend, he asked us to all do a presentation; we agreed and we decided to present on a planet.  Connor was very excited and Logan was willing to teach him to get started.  We spent less than an hour together to work on our projects, and presented to each other.  Connor did a great job with simple information and good pictures.  Logan’s slides were more sophisticated, and we were impressed how much he could do in the short time.  Stuart and I also presented ours which seemed less exciting after watching the boys’.  Even now, the boys asked to work on making more slides after dinner sometimes. 


My Birthday

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    I had taken my birthday off on Wednesday and Stuart took it off as well.  After we dropped the boys off to school, we went for some home remodeling shopping first, then headed over to Santana Row next.  The storm had not arrived yet, thus we were able to walk around the stores for a bit.  Then I chose one of the restaurants for us to have lunch.  We enjoyed some oysters, spicy tuna rolls, grilled fish tacos and crispy Brussel sprouts along with a cocktail and a beer.  After lunch, the rain had started and we headed home to relax for awhile.  That day happened to be a fundraising Diner’s night for school.  By the evening the rain was really coming down, we rather stayed home so we picked up a pizza from that restaurant to enjoy at home while watching the Warriors instead.  We were happy with a win from the Warriors, and we also wrapped up the night with our family favorite ice cream cake for me.


   The Sunday before that, the girls and I had gone out for dinner to celebrate Kathy’s and my birthdays.  We chose a Korean barbeque and hotpot place for dinner. It was nice to see the girls and catch up with them.



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    I finally decided that it was time to cut my hair short.


New Year Recess (Part 2)

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   For the last three days of the boys’ long break, they had playdates plan out for them.  Cole and family were away for most of the break, so Cole came over to play on Saturday afternoon, and timagehe three of them had fun catching up for the lost time.  On Sunday, Rohan had requested the boys over to play.  They enjoyed playing together; Stuart and I caught up with Vrinda and Nanda, and we could also go out to run an errand too.

   That night, the boys wanted a sleepover in the game room.  They both brought over a mattress and their stuffed animals to set up their sleeping areas.  They had a good night sleep.


    Maxim wanted a play date, so I invited him over on Monday as I had the day off.  I decided to also take the boys to a movie.  I let the three boys play video game first, then I gathered them for a quick lunch before we headed out to the theater.  We watched the movie we all voted for, Wreck It Ralph, and all four of us enjoyed it. 


    After dropping off Maxim, we prepared ourselves back to routines by starting back to a martial arts class.  We all went for an early bedtime that night.


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