Scottie’s annual doctor visit

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Scottie went to see the vet today for his annual check up and vaccination.  I was curious to find out if he has continued to lose weight or had leveled off to his new trim self.  As usual, Scottie cried all the way during the drive to the vet.  Once he got there, he was calmer especially after he got a nice tickle from the vet.  His physical exam went well; he did lose a bit more weight, but not significant this time (from 9lbs 8oz to now 9lbs 5.5oz).  Scottie was told to return in a few months for another weight check and some routine blood tests.  We will cross our fingers that he won’t lose more weight after the next baby arrives.

PS. Scottie also got a nice grooming, leaving behind a bundle of fur.


A month of celebration

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There were a lot of celebrations and parties this month.  In addition to Logan’s own Birthday event at home with his friends, he also had a brief birthday party at his daycare where the highlight was some homemade cupcakes. 

This past weekend was a big finale of celebrations.  We started with Ashlyn’s Red Egg and Ginger party banquet, followed by DeMarco’s birthday party at Pump It Up Jr in the afternoon, then we had Alex’s birthday party at a park on Sunday.  Logan did very well with all these events and still managed to take great a few cat naps in between. 

Here are the June Photos containing pictures from this month activities.

Logan’s 2nd Birthday Party

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     Yesterday we had some of our, and Logan’s, friends over to celebrate his 2nd birthday.  We tried to keep the party preparation very simple to avoid any stress on me, and we were happy how everything turned out, especially since this was also the first time we had so many people at our house (40+).  Logan woke up late from his napimage but just in time for our first guests to arrive.  Logan did fine with so many people coming to see him, but he did initially hold on to daddy’s finger quite a bit for security.  Logan was not in his most talkative mood, but he would give high fives on demand to greet friends.  He also did not seem too upset watching friends playing with his toys.   

     The weather was very cooperative, not too hot nor too windy, so the guests could spread out in the house and in the backyard.  The kids seemed well entertained with Logan’s backyard toys/equipments and with the imageparty toys we prepared.  Stuart and I were able to mingle with our friends, and had a great time ourselves.  Before we knew it, it was past Logan’s usual dinner time.  After everyone left he mellowed down and had his late dinner before wrapping up the fun day.

    We stayed home this morning on Father’s Day to let Logan open and play with all his presents.  He is now at the age where he gets very excited by gifts.  He spent a long time playing with each toy before opening the next one.  What a fun filled weekend before his actual birthday tomorrow.


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     The other day a teacher told me that they have been calling Logan the “Second Juli”.  Juli is one of Logan’s older classmates who is full of energy and talks all day long.  The teachers said that Logan has been more talkative and opinionated lately, and they are enjoying his new transition.  Logan is also surely showing this new side at home with us too.  He is copying many of the words we say and stringing them together to tell us what he wants.  One morning when he and I were sitting down in his room we dropped a napkin on the floor.  Logan pointed to it and said “tissue…drop it”.  He then said “down”, climbed down of me, picked it up, and proudly said “I got it”.  I just sat there and enjoyed him narrating and doing the entire act.  He also talks quite a bit on the drive home from school these days while pointing to different things on the road.  Sometimes it is not easy to figure out what he is trying to tell me.

     With people Limageogan does not see often, he is still however quite shy.  Fortunately for the past weekend, Logan warmed up to his grandparents very quickly.  He was happy that  they came up for a visit; he had a great time playing with Grandma and Granddad.  Logan would call “grandma” often to come play with him.  After getting all the attention from grandparents, Logan finally had to say bye to them this morning.  When we drove away from the house to go to school, Logan even whined a bit by calling “Grandma…Grandma”.  And again on the drive home and walking inside the house, Logan was still looking for grandma.  He was finally happy when he could talk with Grandma via webcam after dinner and said “I miss you”.

Two Year Old Doctor Appointment

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     Logan went to see his doctor today.  I got him so excited to see his doctor that he even said “I do” when asked “who would like to see the doctor?”.   He did very well at the office, cooperating with the weight/height check and the physical exam.  During all this Logan was just happy to continue to doodle with a pencil. 

     Everything checked out well for Logan.  His lungs sounded great.  His new statistics are as below.  Logan is gaining more weight now and we’ve been told to switch him to low fat milk and have a more balanced diet with more vegetables and fruits. image His head size percentile is also leveling off, no longer is he on the top of the chart.

Weight = 31 lbs 9.6 oz (88% up from 74% in January)

Height = 2’11’’ (72% down from 92%)

Head Size = 20’’ (94% down from 99%)

     After the doctor’s exam, Logan needed to go to the laboratory for a routine lab blood draw to ensure that he does not have any anemia or high lead level.  Logan certainly did not enjoy this part of the visit.  He started crying once the tourniquet was placed on his arm, and didn’t stop until I could finally remove the taped cotton ball.  Poor LoLo!


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While I was dressing Logan after his bath tonight, he and I had our first meaningful conversation.  He first asked for his “nubbie"” (pacifier).  So I brought over the pacifier and asked “who wants a nubbie?”.  He actually said “I do”.  I was quite impressed with his response.  Then he said “milk?”.  We had recently moved up his bedtime milk to after dinner instead and he had his cup of milk before bath.  Thus I answered him by reminding him that he had his milk already.  Logan stared at me for a few seconds, then said “milk all gone?!”  At that point, I was fully surprised with his understanding and confirmation.  In another few seconds later, he said “night night?!”  My boy has learned his routine and able to tell me about it.  I am so proud of him.

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