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    Logan had a plan to attend his classmate’s birthday party at the Golfland on Sunday and I invited Rohan to come over to play with the boys afterward.  That Golfland place was so packed on weekends; Logan and I had to park down the the street while I dropped him off.  This party planned to have the kids go through the entire park, ie water slides, miniature golf and then video games.  I knew Logan would not be interested in the slide, but he did not mind going with his friends to watch them.  I dropped him off and came home.  I hung out with Connor for awhile while Stuart went out to buy something, then Connor and I decided to walk to the tea place for some drinks.  Unfortunately the service was very slow and I realized I was getting too tight to pick Logan back up from party.  So Stuart went for Logan instead while Connor and I walked back home to get ready for our guests.  The Golfland was still crowded  according to Stuart; he had to park very far away and the kids were barely halfway through the golf by the time Stuart picked Logan up.  However Logan did not mind to leave as he wanted to come home to play with Rohan.

    Our guests arrived and the three boys were off to play.  Stuart and I hung out with Vrinda and Nanda in the backyard, and later we barbequed our dinner.  The adults enjoyed the dinner first, then the kids had theirs afterward.  The kids quickly ate and returned to play.  Our neighbor Cole came over to ask the boys to play outside, but instead we asked him to get permission to play in our backyard with the three boys.  Shortly later the Gopals had to go home, and Cole and the boys ended up having desserts together and returning to the street to play some more before the day ended.



Heat Wave (late post)

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     it was a very hot week last week and thanks goodness that we have the neighborhooimaged pool to go to.  We went three days in a roll to cool down.  Stuart picked up the boys from camp earlier and I also rushed to leave on time from work to join them.  Our neighbors were there as well on those days, so our boys and Cole had a blast playing in the water together.  The boys seem more comfortable in the water now.  I even saw Logan jumping into the water and swimming the short side of the pool while playing a Silent Tag game.

Logan’s Birthday

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   Logan turned 9 years old.  He was excited to “fire 8” as he called it and looked forward to become a big boy.  He did not want a party as he said he gets embarrassed with everyone looking at and singing to him.  He decided that he wanted to see a movie to celebrate and later requested to go with daddy.  Stuart took the day off and chose to take Logan to see a bigger kid movie Wonder Woman.  But unfortunately Logan thought it was too scary and Stuart ended up not enjoying the movie as much either.  For part of the day, the two of them played with one of Logan’s presents, a Chromebook, which they both enjoyed.  By 3pm, Stuart kept the promise and they picked Connor up earlier from camp, so he could hang with the bigger boys.  I came back from work earlier as well.  We let Logan open the rest of the presents; he got a FitBit from us too and a metal detector from grandparents, and a lot of cash from PoiPoi, Dora and Andrew and Julie.  Afterward we went out for pizza as requested by Logan.  It was a beautiful evening, and when we arrived home, the neighbor kids were just coming out to play “kick the can”.  Logan and Connor were happy to see that and thrilled to join in.  This was the kind of day Logan asked for to celebrate his birthday.


Father’s Day Weekend

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    It was a hot hot weekend, and basically we did not really want to go do much other than swimming.  We went to the pool on Saturday and it was nice in the water.  The boys were so looking forward to the “Kick the can” on Saturday evening, and their wish came true.  They had fun playing with a bunch of kids on the street while Stuart and I got our steps in the neighborhood.  For Father’s Day, Stuart preferred low key and so we played some board games.  By lunchtime, Connor had a birthday party to attend at the cabana club, and I accompanied him.  Connor played with his friends in the pool, but he wanted me there near him.  I was happy to be in the water as it was so hot.  Next all the kids came out of the water and we had lunch.  By then, Stuart and Logan arrived to swim too.  Connor and I ended up hanging with them in the pool instead, and the couple of neighbor kids later joined us.  Connor enjoyed being the monkey in the middle getting the ball (with my help moving him around in the water) from the older boys.  It was fun and good exercise too.  After few hours at the pool, we came home and Stuart barbequed our dinner.  We were exhausted by the end of the day.


Connor with sealants

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     I took Connor to the dental office on Saturday to have sealant placed on his molars.  Connor did well watching a movie while the hygienist worked on first two molars.  He then became a bit more uncomfortable with his mouth opened, and getting more antsy with the remaining two.  Connor did finally manage to let the hygenist finish the job.  Considering Connor did not require nitric oxide for this procedure, he did quite well. 


Math Enrichment

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   We signed the boys up for a six-week summer camp at the local high school, which a couple of Logan’s friends are also attending.  The camp started last Tuesday.  We have been dropping the boys off at the before school and after school program where they play video games.  Within the entire camp, there are supposed to be like close to 1000 students, but either Stuart and I had been there during the camp hours to see if there is any chaos.  However the classes seem quite organized with teachers emailing us regularly with what’s going on at camp.  The children are learning some language art and math in between all the fun times they have there.  They had pizza and ice cream day last Friday, and they will be going to the theater for Cars 3 this Friday.  So far the boys seem to be enjoying the camp, giving it 8 to 9.5 stars the few times we asked them.


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