Potty Training

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     Over a month ago, the teacher told me that Logan’s classmates had all been potty trained or were being trained, and we should consider starting to train Logan too.  To me, Logan did not seem to be ready as he would never admit that he needed a diaper change and did not mind being dirty.  However, after a couple more reminders imageby the teachers and a request to have a meeting with the director at the school, I felt quite pressured.  Stuart had actually been able to get Logan to stand up to pee in the potty before the bath sometimes, therefore, we decided to go for it.

     We placed Logan in pullups Sunday before his birthday.  We have been reminding him to go pee every hour or so.  Logan was able to pee on demand in the potty 2/3rd of the time last week which was more successful than I anticipated.  Yesterday, being the beginning of the second week, the teacher said that Logan is doing very well, going every time when asked.  He actually takes off this pants and pullups on his own, and attempts to put them back on afterward.  Logan is quite happy and proud of himself each time too.  Now we need to wait for him to try No.2. in potty. 

Happy 3rd Birthday to Logan!!

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     It was one of the record hot days today, just as three years ago when Logan was born.  His birthday celebration started yesterday with a mini party at daycare for which I brought in cupcakes for their 3pm snack.  Logan was very happy to see me there.  imageHe was showing a very cute shy smile the entire time for being the center of attention.  All the kids behaved so well sitting and eating the cupcakes.  The only kid that did not eat my cupcakes was Logan once again (same as last year).  Logan surprised me by how well he behaved and not being clingy when I left after the quick party.

     His big day today happened to be on a Tuesday (my day off), so I decided to keep him with me.  We started the day with a trip to Target to pick up some pull-ups (potty training update to come later).  Then it was the highlight of the day, the movie.  We went to watch Kung Fu Panda 2.  He had been quite excited about it for a few daysimage.  He was so mesmerized for the big screen as soon as we walked in.  We even went all out with popcorn too.  Logan really enjoyed watching the movie, eating popcorn and cuddling with mommy.  He had looked up a couple of times to give me a big smile.  He appeared to be paying attention to the entire movie.  He was quietly watching, and made a few comments, like “scary!”, “it is dark”.  Once, after an emotional part of the movie, he suddenly said in a sad tone “where is daddy?”.  Finally when the movie about to end, he said “go home soon?”.  So he made it through the whole thing.  After we walked out of the theater, Logan said “it was a good movie”.

     imageAfter his favorite lunch, we took a nap together.  Then it was time for his annual doctor visit.  Stuart and I were looking forward to this appointment to find out if Logan was too skinny.  Everything checked out well and he is actually above average on his stats.  It turned out that he needed a vaccine today too (Pneumovax), so I did feel bad scheduling this appointment on his birthday.  Logan however did ok with the shot, just a big whine rather than cry.  His stats are:  35lbs 4.8oz (83%), 3’3” (79%), and BMI (59%).  I think his BP was 106/80 which might be on high end, but the doctor said it was not a problem given that he was nervous

image     We then spent an hour at the library, finding books, reading on our own and sometimes together.  Logan really likes the library these days.  When we got home, Logan checked out his new birthday bike that Stuart just finished assembling.  After dinner, Logan enjoyed having a birthday cake and blowing out the candle.  He especially loved this cake with the Mario Kart pullcarts that we got for him.  He had more fun afterward playing with the pullcarts. 

     I think Logan had a great time today celebrating his birthday.  I still can’t believe that he is three year old now!  Happy Birthday to our LoLo!

Things that Logan said and did

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     There was one thing Robyn reminded me today that I should have blogged.  Last week when I dropped off Logan at his class, he asked the teacher to let him play with the animal figures.  As he was busy taking them out of the basket, his younger schoolmate Caitlin walked into the lower level of the structure, and called “Logan, Logan”.  I saw Logan get up and walk to her without any hesitation.  I don’t think he responds to me as fast as that.  The teacher, Robyn and I all saw that reaction, and the teacher told me that the two of them often play together.  As we were laughing at Logan’s quick response, he realized that we were looking at him, so he gave us the shy and embarrassed smile.  Then he told me “mommy, take Connor to the baby room”.  I guess he did not want me to watch him playing with a girl.  image

     This morning as we were running late, we did not wait until Logan’s waffle was fully toasted before giving them to him to eat in the car.  Logan immediately told me that “mommy, they are squishy and I don’t like them”.  I explained the reason and I told him “I apologize for that”.  He then said “mommy, say sorry”.  It was cute that he reversed our roles.

     We were in the living room playing tonight after dinner as usual.  Connor was content playing with the ball machine while Logan and I were bouncing with the exercise ball.  Logan and I were having fun doing crazy moves with it for awhile, but suddenly, he grabbed my hand and said “mommy’, come”.  He gestured me to sit next to Connor, then said “Let’s play with Connor together”.  It was so sweet of him to decide that we should play with Connor.  Logan suddenly seems to be growing up these few weeks, more loving to Connor and trying to include him in everything we do.  Connor was very happy to play with the ball machine together.

Tooth # 5 and #6

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I finally saw two more Connor’s teeth coming out yesterday.  He has bimageeen drooling the past few days and putting his fingers in his mouth often.  Last night, he woke up at 11pm and 4:30pm, but he returned to sleep after feeding easily.  He is also more antsy today at home.  Connor always loves being outside of the house, especially today.  While Logan and I went to a birthday party this afternoon, Stuart ended up taking Connor out to the yard and the neighborhood several times for walks to keep him entertained.

Logan’s Sleeping Routine

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I totally forgot to blog about this major change in Logan’s sleeping habit.  Back when Logan was weaned from the pacifier, Stuart had to fall asleep with Logan.  But a couple of months ago (or longer, can’t remember for sure), Stuart was able to convince him imageto drink another small cup of milk, brush his teeth again, and he would then go to sleep on his own.  Stuart was the one doing that initially, then I started helping out when I became more free after Connor was sleep-trained.  I would tell Logan a story while he drank his milk, so Logan started to prefer me bringing him the milk after the bedtime reading with Stuart.  Logan referred to this as “Mac and Milk”, his short for mommy and milk.  Every night, we would cuddle for a few minutes while he drank his milk and I made up different stories to tell him.  His favorite was the car race story from the movie “Cars”.  He also liked the story of the rabbit and the turtle.  The last few nights, however, after Stuart finished reading to him, he just sort of ignore and distract Logan when he asked for “Mac and Milk”.  We watched Logan over the monitor; he just falls asleep on his own.  So, this may be the end of “Mac and Milk”, and our little bonding time.

Our Strong Kids

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Connor is stronger now and just learned how to walk with a walker.


Logan is not too shabby either.

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