Scottie’s Freedom

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     Scottie had bimageeen so persistently asking to go outside that we had decided supervised outings is not going to cut it.  My sisters suggested we buy a tracking system for Scottie in case he got lost again, so we purchased one and Scottie was all set.  On the first day out, Scottie was gone for a long time.  Stuart decided to use the tracking system and finally found him sitting in the front yard four houses down from us.  Since then, Scottie has been enjoying his outing everyday, returning to the backyard and asking to come home.  He is definitely happier and not crying as much inside the house now.

Pou Pou’s Visit

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    My mom arrived yesterday.  In preparation of her arrival, we had informed the boys about it.  Both Logan and Connor had asked about the reasons why Gong Gong was not coming too, so we had to re-visit the difficult topic again and again as the boys kept bringing it up.

   Yesterday, the boys, especially Connor, were excited to go to the airport to pick Pou Pou up, so we purposely got to the airport a bit earlier to walk around.  But unfortunately these days there were no good places to view the airplanes.  At last we were able to see a purple tail of an airplane which Connor has been talking about even today.  The boys were nice to Pou Pou when they saw her and they tried to use their very limited Chinese to say hello. 

    So far, the boys have learned a couple more phrases of Chinese today.  Maybe they will become slightly less limited in Chinese one day.

The Number Game

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    Shortly after we moved into the house, somehow Stuart invented a game with the boys called The Number Game.  Since then, the boys are obsessed with it and want to play it eimagevery night after dinner.  Basically Stuart would ask an addition question (ie.8+8), and if the boys answer correctly, he would try to catch them.  Logan tries to answer well so he can be chased.  Connor also actively participates by saying random numbers in hope to answer one right.  The boys get so excited and giggle through the entire game.  They also definitely get plenty of exercise from running around the house.  I tried to play the game with them once or twice, but catching them was not easy and was quite tiring.

Housewarming Party

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     We still have some more boxes to unpack and many projects to do, but we are sort of settled in and ready to have guests.  So yesterday, Stuart and I hosted a house party to invite all of our local friends to pay us a visit.  We started preparing food and drinks on Saturday.  The boys were quite excited to have their friends over to play, and they started naming the people they know. 

     On Sunday while Connor was napping, I did some more food preparation and Stuart picked up the entrees.  Our friends slowly started coming in after 3pm, and within an hour, our house was full of people.  Logan and Connor helped showing our house to some aunties initially, then they started playing when more friends arrived.  Logan spent majority of the time playing with Colton, Rohan and Riley, later with Brandon too.  They ran up and down the stairs between their bedrooms and the living room playing with the inflatable swords.  At one point, I think I saw 5-6 swords fighting but fortunately no injury at all.  Logan had a blast; he got so warm and flushed that he asked Michelle once to wipe the sweat off his head.  Connor played with the boys with sword fighting sometimes; he also spent sometime with the girls, Bar, Raz and Mia.  He later told me that they were playing “night-night, baby, mommy and daddy”.  Once I saw him following Bar, he happily told me that “Bar is my friend”.  Connor was running around a lot and rolling on the ground too.  One time I was checking on him while he was playing with Mia, he said to me quietly “Momma, go away”.  Sad!  Connor also took a couple of breaks for food; since I was busy hosting, Connor enjoyed getting help from Michelle and Revital.

      Both Logan and Connor’s gangs hung out most of the times in their bedrooms, but for the rest of the kids, the game room was the place to be.  They all played very nicely in there with some parents supervising.  The rest of adults were all scattered in the kitchen, family room and the living room.  Stuart and I tried our best to go around the house to check on our guests and chat with them.  Shortly before 6pm, most of our friends began to leave.  By then, Logan came up to tell me that he forgot to eat.  So Rohan, Logan and Connor sat down to have some food and Riley and Mia joined them too.  Stuart and I finally sat down to have our dinner as well.  We all had a great time and this was a nice way to totally feel settling in into our new home.


Two School Calls

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    I usually don’t like to receive calls from school, but today I received two OK ones.  During lunchtime, the administration called me to inform that Connor’s class is getting larger, therefore they had to re-structure it.  Connor, along with all the full time students, will be moving to another classroom next week and they will gain a couple of new classmates too.  One of his current teachers will move with them and they will get a new regular teacher.  This change should not be much of an impact to Connor, other than a march in the mimageornings from the drop off room to their actual classroom and an slightly new environment. 

    In the afternoon, a teacher of Logan called.  She stated that she is the drama teacher for Logan and she sees him twice a week for 30 minutes.  She wanted to make sure that we are available on 12/18 to watch a skit they are preparing.  We had no idea that Logan is in drama as Logan never mentioned anything about it.  I recalled filling out a paper for Logan back in September, and one of the questions was if we would like Logan to participate in drama in the after school program; of course I answered yes to expose Logan to different things.  It will be very interesting to watch how Logan will perform that day.

Birthday Parties

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     After Connor and I woke up from nap yesterday, we went to Tyler and Tyson’s 4th birthday party briefly.  Connor was excited to attend a party, so he did not mind just jumping out of bed and straight to the car ride.  After we arrived, Connor hung out with me, and did not want to try the bouncy house or face painting.  We shared a few bites of food together and he played at the small slide in between.  When it was group photo time, Connor was willing to stay with the group only because Mckayla held his hand and with the motivation to have cake afterward.  Connor chose to have a chocolate cupcake and he enjoyed the entire mini one.  Afterward, it was the pinata time.  Connor was content just watching the other kids participating, but at the end, he changed his mind.  He went up to the pinata but he was too shy to hit it.  So I had to help him made his three swings.  When the candies came out later, he grabbed two candies for himself and one for Logan.  Connor had been crazy about candies since Halloween, so he was so fascinated to see candies again.  He even tried to take one away from the pile that Mckayla asked us to take home for Logan.  When the Kaos and the Tsaos were leaving, we decided to take off to go home too.

    Early this morning we attended Hunter’s 2nd birthday party.  Both boys were excited and sat down nicely to listen to the instruction before entering the bouncy area.  Logan started playing at the ball shooting with Stuart while Connor just hung with me as he did not want to try anything.  Finally Stuart convinced Connor to go into the basketball one with him, then both boys were finally warmed up.  They played at the basketball one, the boxing one, and the barricade one.  Logan even went on the super slide one a few times on his own too.  He did fall on his foot at the barricade bouncy one and hurt his toe.  Overall, the two boys liked hanging out with each other and had fun.  They built up a great appetite for pizza/snack afterward.  Connor of course loved the chocolate cake while Logan only wanted a couple of bites as he was filled with pizza.  They received balloons and their gift bags, then we left the party to go home.


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